the celebrity dream

Alison is a 18 year old girl who is visting london. She has gone all the way from new york to work for her uncle at a university as a lunch person. At the university she meets celebrity justin beiber.It is any ones dream come true. They start dating. Will there love survive?


5. meeting justin

The next day they got up at 6:00 am. They had to be ready by 7:00 am as part of them working they were giving them to be able to take classes. Before lunch they would have a double music and at 5th lesson english. 

They had to wear quite smart cloths as they didn't want people to wear long dresses and people tripping over them. Alison wore a dark grey skirt that went up to her knees.  She had a top that had to snow white buttons on them. The top was snow white as well. Annie wore a black skirt and a snow white top.

At 6:30 am they went to the breakfast room. They would be cooking breakfast and get to eat some. The breakfast was served at 7:00 am and they eat theirs at 6:45 am. They had to remember to get cakes and some cereal. Breakfast lasted a whole 1 hour and then they went to assembly.

The assembly hall was like a classroom but it had more seats. There was lots of place to sit. Each seat had a computer to write things down. Annie and Alison sat at the front. Alison's uncle, who was the head teacher, started talking

"Wellcome to all new students and wellcome back to the other students. Now I am mister lenard the head teacher for this school and I hope you have met my neice Alison." Said mr lenard

Alison felt very embaressed by her uncle. He went on to give a very boring speach and they had to take notes. It was about how they were going to have lots of new rules. They were they for 1 hour.

Lunch time was a really good time. Alison and Annie had made lunch. They were having pizza and chips. There pizzas for non vegetarians was a chicken, bacon, ham , double cheese, turkey and beef pizza. It had peppers and tomatoes with it. They other option was a delightful pizza with soft baked cheese with chicken , turkey, bacon ,beef , ham , pork , lamb , tomatoes , onions and peppers. Both pizzas came with pasta and motsarella source on top. You could have bacon or chicken on it and it also had ham and cheese. The vegetarian option was a vegetable pizza with cheese , cucumber , tomatoes and peppers. This came with plain cheese pasta. At lunch time , after eating, they started surving it. After 10 minutes Alison saw some one in line who she remembered their face. Then he came up to her to get some food and she saw who it was.It was Justin Beiber! How was he here? Was it the real Justin beiber? It was.

"Hey. Could I have some of that pizza with chips and bacon , ham and cheese pasta. I am Justin Beiber." Said Justin

She gave him the slice of pizza and Alison started talking to him "So why are you here Justin."

"I came to england to do a university study in english literature  and a study in acting plus dancing." said Justin

"So how about me and you could go on a date with my friend Annie. It would be great fun us going out as friends." said Alison

"That would be really nice. I will meet you at 7:00 pm tonight. ok I will see you tonight." said justin leaving the desk with his food

She couldn't believe it she was going to go out with Justin beiber so much fun was to come.


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