Day in the life of a president

This is for the 'president for a day' competition. I say what I think I would do if I were president for a day through a random story. There is a poem in this which shows what I would do, even though barely of if would be able to be done. Please read, and enjoy!


2. New laws

"Carmen!" I call out to my secretary.
"Yes, Lindsay?" She asks strolling into the room.
"I need some new laws to be enforced" I remind her.
"And what would they be?" She asks.
"Well," I start,
"I want you to get the other White House helpers to get buckets of different coloured paints and go and splash them on trees. I did promise a colorful place!" I say excitedly.
"I'm sorry but we can't really...." Carmen starts.
"DO.IT.NOW. President's orders!" I demand. Carmen stalks out of the room with a scowl on her face. She has to do it!

As I walk over to the balcony , I notice already that the trees are dripping with colour. Passer-byers are excited; the colour gives off a bright reflection, and it makes the town look family friendly and just amazing. I decide to write down some new laws to get Carmen to enforce;

- block off an area in the lake in the park for swimming
- make a water fountain that can be used as a wishing well
- give out free hugs on today which is now President's Day!

I'm not sure what to write next. I think that's all we can really do today, anyway.

I realize that Carmen is back. I give her the list as she walks into my room. "Lindsay, I will get the best people, the best of the best, who can do these things. They will do it." She reassures me. I will get what I want, what the town wants.
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