Day in the life of a president

This is for the 'president for a day' competition. I say what I think I would do if I were president for a day through a random story. There is a poem in this which shows what I would do, even though barely of if would be able to be done. Please read, and enjoy!


3. Keep

"Thank you for the laws you enforced today, Lindsay. You are a great President and hopefully you will be one soon." Obama closes the ceremony ending the day. "But one more thing" he continues, surprisingly. "We are keeping two of your laws; we are keeping the fountain you requested, and the lake swimming area. It's a great idea!" He congratulates me. "Now, to end this ceremony, she will read her entering poem." He says, surprising me again. I step to the podium, and read. As I read, I realize that I have the crowd in awe. That they are absolutely amazed by my writing skills, though being only 13. As I finish, the crowd starts clapping and cheering. I smile a hearty smile, happy about the reaction. As I drive home, mobs of fans chase us, pounding on the windows and waving crazily. I smile and wave back. Carly scowls like a five year old who lost their favourite toy, which bemuses me. That was me, president for the day!

*that is what I would do if I were president; or I would do something like it. Thank you for considering my entry for this competition, I hope you enjoyed it. I sure enjoyed writing it. Look out for me in the December competitions!*
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