Day in the life of a president

This is for the 'president for a day' competition. I say what I think I would do if I were president for a day through a random story. There is a poem in this which shows what I would do, even though barely of if would be able to be done. Please read, and enjoy!


1. Competition

Today is the day.... I entered my president-for-a-day poem two weeks ago, and today is the election. I had to write what I would do if I was president for a day. Here's the poem:

I'm 13 but I'm very mature
People love my kind nature
I wouldn't ban good stuff
I would stand up to hate and be tough
I would remember people's names
I wouldn't take advantage of the fame
I would be very calm and modest
And of course I would be honest
I'd introduce jet packs
And if they're faulty I'd give money-backs
The town would be rainbow just for the day
Purple trees and green railway's
Red tree trunks and blue fairy lights
Rainbows always there in sight
This is why I should be president for a day
Vote for me- have your say

Today I'm going to the Town Square to see who's got the role. My annoying sister Carly has decided to enter too, but she has no chance. She's 16, and her poem was talking about how she would make sure all the popular girls would have boyfriends and all the other girls would never be in a relationship, also about making more malls. Really, she's hoping for too much. I'm practical; except for the rainbow city. But I can make that work.

As my Mum drives me and Carly to the Square, I'm shaking like a baby chihuahua. I am so nervous. As we arrive out the front, I stare out the window. I see a blur of faces that make up the crowd surrounding the large, and strangely ominous, marble building. Placed on the large white balcony petruding outward from the structure are two men in black dinner suits. I recognize them; they are the bodyguards of president Obama. "Mum" Carly says, interrupting my thoughts. "We need to go near the stairs, because that's where all the candidates are" she reminds her. Mum's mouth pops open and she gasps, letting out a quick "oh!" before twisting the car around and speeding to the side of the square. "Get out girls, we're here. I'll park the car" Mum instructs after about literally five seconds of driving. I organize my cue cards with my poem on them and jump out of the car. 'Drat' I think to myself. 'I need to remember to compose myself, I might meet Obama!' I giggle quietly to myself, pleasure running through my nerves at the thought. Next thing I know, President Barack Obama is strolling out to the low balcony, and there are crazed towns-people screaming. Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

"Could the candidates of the first 'President For a Day' contest please come out onto the stage?" The president requests after his never-ending speech. I stroll up the steep steps onto the cold marble stage. In front of me is a tall but lanky boy who looks about my age, with long blonde hair worn back into a ponytail. I personally think he looks more like a beach-bum than a presidential type. As I stop and turn to face the crowd, I see out of the corner of my eye that Carly is leaning over me. She nudges me in the ribs. "Ow" I snap into her close face. "You don't have a chance Lindsay " she snarls. She grins her ugly, evil smile and leans away from me. I realize that she did that because the 'election' is starting. "Second place for President For a Day is..... Carly Jenson!" She strides up to the podium where Obama is standing and starts waving to the crowd. "Thank you, thank you. This is an honor. I have a speech prepared..." She starts. "Sorry, we only have time for a speech from the winner. Congratulations!" The President interrupts. Carly scowls at me and I just smile my biggest stupidest smile back at her. This irritates her a lot. "Now, to announce the winner." He continues. "I am proud to announce that the winner of the President For a Day is...." My heart starts racing as fast as a cheetah can run." Lindsay Jenson!"

He called my name. MY name. I'M the President For a Day? Woah. Just woah. "Come right up here Lindsay!" Obama beams into the microphone. I stagger to the front of the balcony where I notice the crowd's cheering. My parents are standing up, and of course, my Mum is crying. Typical. The President hands me the microphone, and a hush falls across the crowd straight away. "Um..... I just want to say thank you and..... Enjoy my new laws!
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