I Know You're There

At every single school, there's always an emo that gets bullied. The one at Tori's school is different. He still gets bullied, and he never speaks, and no one ever sees him outside of school. There are rumours. Many of them. The main one, his parents have abandoned him. Tori starts suspecting that he lives in the abandoned house next to hers. As she starts getting close to him, and unveiling the horrific truth, she realised his pure beauty. If only everyone else could too...


10. 'I quit!'

Once I was home, I locked myself in my room. I didn't cry. I didn't moan. I didn't find Reuben. I didn't do anything really. I just planned.

Okay, so, I was going to start dating Daniel, if he would accept me. Then with his help, I'd become a 'popular'. Yeah, okay, I was going to become a bitch with a horrible boyfriend basically. Why not? Everyone hates school and homework, so I may as well skip it every now and then. Then we'll see how Reuben reacts... To be honest, I only just realised I was doing this to make him jealous... Oh my God Tori, that's pathetic.

Quickly, I went into Ollie's room, found his phone and took it back into my room. I scrolled through his contacts until I got to Daniel. I tapped the 'message' button.

Sucking in a deep breath, I turned the phone on it's side and began typing.

Hey, it's Tori, wanna meet up? ;) xx I pressed send and breathed out through my mouth. Why was I bothering...

Ollie I'm not stupid. Go away. I actually sighed in relief that he didn't believe it was me, yet I replied.

It's not Ollie. x  Again, I hoped he wouldn't believe me.

I still don't believe you, but I'll meet you at Starbucks in twenty. he replied.

Oh no. Starbucks. What if Reuben was working?! Wait... that was what I wanted, wasn't it? I changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans, a low cut top and grabbed a jacket. I shoved my phone and some money in my pocket.

"I'm going to meet up with someone at Starbucks," I told my Mum downstairs, shrugging my jacket on.

She gave a nod of acknowledgement, clearly annoyed with me. I didn't know what I'd done. She didn't know I was going to meet Daniel, neither did she know about the whole Reuben situation. I hardly knew about it myself. I was going out with two guys within four days. That's what I was doing, except Reuben wouldn't be coming back any time soon.

It was only fourish so it wasn't too cold. I took my time with my pace, I was a bit early anyway. Actually, it was quite cold, so I zipped my jacket up. I finally arrived at Starbucks.

Daniel stood at the counter. A boy with black hair stood on the other side of the counter. They were yelling at each other. Daniel was cowering away from the boy. Neither of them noticed me, and the shouts continued. Other people in the café stared at them, wondering what the hell was going on. I wished I didn't know. The boy's biceps were flexing in strain, and I could see his jugular vein popping out. I bit my bottom lip.

The amount of cussing that went on was actually painful. Insults were thrown directly at each other and I could tell the boy working there was winning. After all, Daniel was practically whimpering. All to quickly, Reuben lifted his fist in the air and brought it across Daniel's right cheek. His head sharply turned the side, and he cried out. Reuben ripped his apron off, slammed it onto the counter and gritted his teeth together.

"I quit!" he shouted, and vaulted himself over the counter. 

He saw me and literally froze. His dark blue eyes turned a shade lighter and my heart skipped a beat.

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