I Know You're There

At every single school, there's always an emo that gets bullied. The one at Tori's school is different. He still gets bullied, and he never speaks, and no one ever sees him outside of school. There are rumours. Many of them. The main one, his parents have abandoned him. Tori starts suspecting that he lives in the abandoned house next to hers. As she starts getting close to him, and unveiling the horrific truth, she realised his pure beauty. If only everyone else could too...


16. 'I don't have any parents.'

It was still the night Bella and Cade had arrived. I was going to see Reuben, he had no idea I was coming, but I didn't care. I had to see him, find everything out, leave, cry, get over it. Harsh, but true. The sky was black, a few twinkling stars looking down at me.

A few lines of a poem I briefly read flickered through my mind. It was something like 'Everyone knows a fallen angel, but no one knows who it is'. Sounds awfully familiar. I remembered that for a reason. No I didn't. Coincidence. Wasn't it?

I decided to knock on the door, not that it would make a difference to me walking in. Slowly, it creaked open, and he stood there, looking exhausted. He rubbed his forehead, and pushed his hair back. His face was paler than usual, and his hair seemed quite dead.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Mm. Bit sick, but I'm fine," he stepped to the side so I could come in.

I walked in, not feeling a difference in the temperature. I followed him up to his room, and sat down, avoiding eye contact. I couldn't just ask him what happened to his parents! That's just wrong, rude and weird. He probably wouldn't want to talk about it anyway. I should just go home. 

"Is everything okay?" he asked, when I didn't speak.

"Where are your parents?" I blurted out.

He shook his head, laughing sadly. It was kind of like he was expecting me to ask him that.

"I don't have any parents," he told me directly.

"Well, where are they? Everyone has parents, otherwise, you know," I kind of trailed off, sounding a bit like an idiot.

"You'll understand soon... I think it'll be Christmas day, but I'm not sure," he said, his eyes turning distant.

What was that supposed to mean? Was he going to tell me on Christmas or something? That meant I had eleven days to go. That wasn't too bad. Only eleven days, and only three more of school until we broke up for the holidays. We'd go back on January the sixth, and it would all be fine. I'd know about his parents by then. It would all be fine.

In eleven days, twice as much happened as what happened during that month. Believe me, it's a lot more painful, too.

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