I Know You're There

At every single school, there's always an emo that gets bullied. The one at Tori's school is different. He still gets bullied, and he never speaks, and no one ever sees him outside of school. There are rumours. Many of them. The main one, his parents have abandoned him. Tori starts suspecting that he lives in the abandoned house next to hers. As she starts getting close to him, and unveiling the horrific truth, she realised his pure beauty. If only everyone else could too...


8. 'How did you get this picture?'

It was Monday morning, and Ollie had me grounded over the weekend. He didn't get my parents to ground me, he just kept me in my room. Ollie really didn't like Reuben. I managed to get out of the house before Ollie could escort me to school.

Reuben waited for me, leaning on the wall of my front garden. His hair was flicked to the side as always, and I smiled at him.

"Hey," he smiled back, and stood up properly, taking his hands out of his pockets.

"Hey," we hugged, and he took my hand in his.

It was quite cold, so I had a body warmer on, but the chill still got to me, and Reuben could tell. He let go of my hand, and placed his arm around my waist, pulling me against his warm body. 

"Better?" he asked, lightly pressing his lips to my forehead.

"Yep," I popped the 'p' and continued smiling.

I always seemed to be smiling when I was with him. None of my ex's had had that effect... Reuben was different.

Conversation was easy, and I was totally comfortable with whatever I said. He still smelt like cinnamon which was just perfect for autumn. 

"Why won't you let me tell anyone?" I interrupted whatever he was saying, and he fell silent.

"Because I don't want you to become unpopular because of me," he looked into my eyes and we seemed to have stopped walking.

"That's not up to you," I huffed, and looked up through my fringe.

Reuben had to think about it for a minute, "You can tell them after a while. Okay?"

"...Okay," I nodded, and we started walking again.

I lied. I wasn't going to keep quiet. He still had his arm around my waist, and we were getting close to school. Someone would see us, so I wouldn't even have to say anything, other than confirming it. This was too easy. He was up to something. 

"Double science, right?" he asked just outside the gates.

"Yep," I replied.

"I'll wait for you outside of your class," he gave me a crooked smile, and I nodded.

He softly kissed me, but didn't pull away. It lasted for about six seconds, and he still had that crooked smile on his face. It was cute though. We walked in the opposite directions, and I put my phone on silent.

I shoved my phone into the front pocket of my bag, and turned into my form room. I was the first person in there, so I just sat in my place, staring at the pathetic posters our form tutor had plastered the walls with. Some were Shakespearean, some were more modern, some were plain boring. It was an English class.

Somewhat late, students filed into the classroom on cue with the bell. Emily-Rose immediately came over to me, shoving her phone in my face.

She looked extremely peeved, so I took a look at her phone screen to see what was going on.

"What the hell are you doing!?" she hissed.

Squinting, I could make out two people in our school uniforms kissing by the front gates. It was me and Reuben. 

"How did you get this picture?" I asked her, trying to find the delete button.

"Daniel sent it to everyone. And I mean everyone. Not just people in our year. You're in deep trouble," she took her phone back from me, and put it in her bag.

Daniel was seriously the person to do this? Oh my God. That's pathetic. I rolled my eyes at her, and she gave me a dirty look. I really couldn't care less. I felt like shouting 'deal with it' at her, but my form tutor walked in. He was looking at his phone screen, frowning.

"Everyone," Emily whispered behind me. Oh my God.

My form tutor had the picture of Reuben and I kissing on his phone now. How did Daniel have Sir's phone number? Oh my God. Seriously, the only thing coming to my mind was 'Oh my God' in many different tones. Some bored, some annoyed, some shocked. This was just... ugh!

I narrowed my eyes, and stared at the table, so angry with everyone. Just deal with it! I was going out with Reuben, so what? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to bully me too? Wait- I was going to be bullied. 

When I was fourteen I got bullied for being 'fat'. Within weeks, I was anorexic, hanging on by a thread. After a lot of lectures and a sudden appearance of the 'friends' who abandoned me, I pulled through. I still occasionally suffered depression, but I was more or less over it. If it all happened again, it could get worse. I could get into self harm... No, I had Reuben, he'd look after me. 

Wouldn't he?




Sorry it's short. I haven't updated in a few days and I felt bad, so yeah. Sorry if it's bad, but just go with it :D xx

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