I Know You're There

At every single school, there's always an emo that gets bullied. The one at Tori's school is different. He still gets bullied, and he never speaks, and no one ever sees him outside of school. There are rumours. Many of them. The main one, his parents have abandoned him. Tori starts suspecting that he lives in the abandoned house next to hers. As she starts getting close to him, and unveiling the horrific truth, she realised his pure beauty. If only everyone else could too...


5. 'Are you doing anything tonight?'

I never had the chance to call or text Reuben. Teachers were everywhere. I kind of felt bad about it, considering he lied for the sake of my popularity. I'd make it up to him.

After school, I avoided all of my friends, and immediately texted him. It was just a simple 'Hi' and that it was from me. 

He replied almost instantly. I smiled to myself, and replied again. We were just texting each other until I got home.

I didn't know where he was, but I was supposed to be meeting up with my friends.  We were going the local club... I really did not want to go. It was for 13-18 year olds. From what I'd heard, random guys just come up to you and pull you... That did not sound appealing, especially for thirteen year olds! Seriously? Who does that? I was interrupted by the buzzing of my phone.

Are you doing anything tonight? he asked.

Yeah, going to the club. Want to come? I hoped he'd agree, but I knew he wouldn't.

I'm not really the party type. Sorry. I really wanted him to go with me.

I decided to let it go, and just got home. The amount I didn't want to go kind of increased when he said he wouldn't go. 

With reluctance, I got in the shower, and let the heat relax my tense muscles. Soon enough, my hair and body were both washed, and I was stood in front of the mirror, ready to apply make-up.

I wore mascara, eye liner, smoky eye shadow and clear lip gloss. Before I showered, I ate a piece of toast, so I didn't need to worry about dinner. All of my friends were gossiping over how they had hardly eaten anything for the past week, just so they'd look good in tight mini dresses. I didn't see how ribs and poking out hipbones were attractive. 

After a long while thinking, I decided to wear a black pencil skirt, a purple tight tank top, black two inch high heels and my black leather jacket. For jewellery, I wore an array of neon wrist bands, and a silver chain necklace. I didn't want to go too over the top, but judging by what my friends told me they were wearing, I had to put some effort in. If I could, I'd wear jeans and an oversized hoody. It's a shame society is so judgemental... 

"Tori, what are you doing?" Ollie asked, leaning in the door frame of my room.

"Going to the club," I told him, walking around my room and putting grey feather earrings in. 

"Seriously?" Ollie raised an eyebrow, and folded his arms over his chest.

"Yep," I tried ignoring him, but he just stood there.

"Does Mum know?" Damn. That was the question I was trying to avoid.

"What do you want?" I gave in with the answering, and cut to the chase, sighing.

He pretended to be thinking, but it was quite obvious that he'd decided before he asked, "Well, I have this friend who likes you. You have to go out with him," Ollie smiled evilly, stroking his imaginary beard. Seriously, I had more facial hair than him. 

"Who?" I narrowed my eyes at him, becoming wary.

"Uh... Daniel," he cringed away from me.

"No way," I scoffed.

He laughed in a mocking way, "Mum's just downstairs."

"You evil boy," I punched his shoulder in  a 'playful' way, but actually hit him with a lot of force.

"So, it's a date?" he asked. 

"No way," I repeated myself, "I don't want to go anyway. It's peer pressure. I'd rather stay here, and stay away from a date with Daniel." 

Ollie grunted, and stormed off. That was my excuse for Monday morning when I got shouted at for not turning up. No one particularly liked Daniel. Sure, he was good looking, but he was a 'pretty boy'. You know, the ones who only care about what they look like. The vain ones. The really vain ones who have vain personalities. Right, anyway.

I got out of going to the club, want to meet up? I texted Reuben. 

Sure, where? he replied two minutes after. 

Park? 10 mins?

Okay, see you.

Quickly, I dumped my clothes on the floor, and pulled out a more comfortable outfit. I wore some ripped skinny jeans, and my big brothers hoody that he gave to me. Cade was twenty six, and living in Ireland with his girlfriend. I missed him so much, but he was coming over for Christmas, so I'd survive.

If I knew how much the guy I was meeting at the park was going to change my life before Christmas, I probably wouldn't have gone.

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