Imagines-I can do them for One Direction, Justin Beiber , or you can say a name and i can do that person.(One Direction would be best for me for JB you would need to help a bit more)

All i need to know if tou want me to make you one is -who ,- friend,boyfriend,husband...ect ect -a few things about you to help a bit - senario and anything else you want to do to help

For other tell me about both people and do as the stated above

If you dont like your i will redo until you do


4. Other Sunny(Jade)

School just ended and you walk up to your car. You reach in your pocket and freeze when you realize your keys are gone. You turn around to go check you locker when you see your crush since 5th grade running up to you with your keys. ''I thought these were your they were on the ground''Sunny said

''They are mine thank you so much How can i repay you i just got this car like a month ago''you say

''a date''Sunny replies

'a date?'

''yeah well uhhh if thats alright with you'

'sure when?'


"ok ' you say while unlocking your car

'wait i need your number'

' oh yeah sorry'' you say while taking his phone and giving him yours

'see ya at 6? and bring swimwear and warm clothing''

'yup see ya at 6'

you wonder why swimwear and warm clothes by now you are home you decide to take a shower and pick out your pink with  lime green polkadot Bikini and a sun dress to wear there then you grab a bag and throw in sweat pants , a sweat shirt , a tee shirt that says PINK across the front, and undergarments just in caseand you throw sunglassess in the bag . you grab your phone to check the time its 5:56 so you watch out your window for is car when he pulls up you walk to his car. he gets out and opens the door for you you thank him .

once you are on your way you ask 'where too?''

''youll see'


about 15mins later you pull up to a cabin and look at sunny with a confused look on your face

''its my uncles there is a lake out back''


Sunny neals down and tells you hop up


'i am going to give you a piggy back ride''

''nah i will walk''

''c'mon i insist''

''ok '' you say and hop on his back

''see not so bad is it''he says with a smirk

''no'' you say with a giggle

''whats so funny''he asks

''oh nuthin'' you say laughing

''oh i will give ya something to laugh at '' he says and bends forward and starts to run

''ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop i will stop laughing'' you say laughing

''no''he says also laughing as he runs into the water with  you on his back

'stop ' you laugh/yell


'i have my phone and change of clothes yet''

''fine but thats te only thing saving you'' he says with a smirk

''where do i set this''

''by that chair''he says pointing to a chair


you set the stuff down and and just look around sunny walks up to you and asks if you are coming in 'yeah ' you reply

with that sunny takes his shirt off and you cannot help but grin when you see is abs and sunkisssed skin

"like the veiw '' sunny asks jokingly

'shut up' you say joking also

'are you wearing the dress in the water'


'then hurry up'he says looking at you waiting for you to take it off

'stop staring and turn around'' you say and take the dress off

'done yet'


he grins when he sees you

'like the veiw'' you ask useing what he said

''as a matter of fact i do'' he says

you turn away so he does not see your blush suddenly you are hanging over his shoulder before you say anything you are trown in the water

'ahhhhh' you scream

'whats the matter' he replies smiling



''revenge'' you say laughing

'whatever you say''

*2 hours later*

"its getting cold out '' you say rubbing your arms to keep warm

sunny walks up to you wraps is arms around you . you look up and he kisses you.

"I have always wanted to have a kiss in the dark at a lake with the moon being the only light with a beautiful girl''sunny says as you walk hand in hand up to your clothes .

'you think i am beautiful ' you ask


''What''you say as you facial expression drops and you pull away

''i do not think you are beautiful i KNOW you are beautiful''

''oh where do i change ''

''uhhh one sec''sunny says looking in is swim trunk pockets(it has zipper pockets)

"crap'' sunny says


''i forgot the keys  to the house to get changed''

''oh i can hust put my dress and sweatshirt on and put my pants on before i get in the car to avoid getting yours seats wet''

''no and come here''


''i just remembered my uncle put a little changing station in by the house ''

''ok ''

''cmon''he says grabbing you hang and leading you to the house


sunny turns the 'stations' lights on

''theres two areas to it you go on the end one cuz you will probly take longer and its got a curtain to close it completely'' sunny says while laughing

''shut up and the other one does not close?'' you say laughing and pucnch his arm playfully then you go in the station which is just curtaians set up

'nah we broke it''


it takes you like five mins to get done then you leave your set up to see sunny only in is boxers

''where are my clothes''he asks

''oh these'' you say holding up his clothes then you run and hide with them

once he finds you you say "i told you revenge''

he gets dressed then you both start to walk up to the car having that its getting late

before you reach the car sunny turns you to face him and says" I had fun today''

''me too'

'will you go out with me''

instead of answering you kiss him

'i take that as a yes''


'What'' he asks

''No as in the kiss was not may answer Yes is my answer ''

'oh''he says confused

''now that i say that aloud i am confused but my answer is yet i will go out with you''

''ya know i have had a crush on you since like 6th grade''he says

''i have had a crush on you since 5th'' you say and he kisses you

''we will have to do this again''

'yes yes we will''














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