Imagines-I can do them for One Direction, Justin Beiber , or you can say a name and i can do that person.(One Direction would be best for me for JB you would need to help a bit more)

All i need to know if tou want me to make you one is -who ,- friend,boyfriend,husband...ect ect -a few things about you to help a bit - senario and anything else you want to do to help

For other tell me about both people and do as the stated above

If you dont like your i will redo until you do


3. One Direction Niall(Katie)

Auther note to Katie- I was unsure of what you meant in your message so i will do as i think you may have meant.


Katie is Nialls sister. They have not saw eachother in a while because of the tour.

"NIALL''Katie screams when niall walks goes to the living room

"KATIE " niall yells back and runs up and picks her up

''guess what katie"niall asks

''what what what' katie asks excidedly

''Would you like to come stay with me for a week at my flat?''

"YES but wait what did mum and dad say ''

''mum is going to see our aunt and dad is on a trip for work they left an hour ago when i came you must not have saw them leave and i am suppost to say I LOVE YOU from the both of them''

''YAY when are we leaving''

''as soon as you pack we have to fly there''



''this place is HUGE''katie says eyes wide open

"oh yeah i forgot you have not been here yet''

''yeah so what should we do''

''wanna just hang out here''niall suggests

''yeah lets watch a movie''

''ok the drawers with the movies are over there'' niall says pointing

''You have Toy Story can we watch it i have not saw this movie in FOREVER''

''If only Liam were here'' Niall laughs while saying

" speaking of Liam am i gonna get to see the boys''

''if you want me to i can call and invite them over''


*Boys Knock on door*'

'' I got it''katie yells running to the door

"hey katie!''the boys say

"HI''while giving each a hug making sure liam is last Liam picks her up and gives her a piggyback ride katie ducks down ans whispers to liam"we are wtching toy story''Liam smiiles

*During movie*

Katie fell asleep on liams lap with her head on Harrys shoulder (there was four people on couch  louis liam harry with katie on liams lap    niall was laying on the floor and zayn was in the chair )


"uhh Niall i need help""liam says but realizes that he is asleep along with the rest he thinks

''i will help whatcha need'' Zayn says

''can you get katie off me then i will take her from you and bring her to nialls room''



"katie .. Katie '' Louis says while trying to wake her up

"w w what '' katie says still half sleeping

''want to go to Nandos with Niall and I the rest of the guys had an interveiw and its noon''

''yeah how long do i have ''

''as long as you need the shower is over there '' louis says pointing to a door

"ok thanks"'

Katie picks out a pare of dark wash shortish jean shorts with glitter aroung the cuff of the shorts the shorts go a little bit above the middle of her let between her knee and her hips she gets a orange  tank top out with a  lime green shirt that has buttens a fourth of the way down the front

*30 mins later all of them are ready and at Nandos"

"we all want an order of peri peri chicken please'' niall says

*after luch*

''Ok so we are all going to a ball tonight if you would like to come and we can go get a dress'' Niall says


*at Store*

"Ok so lets look  around here this is where El gets her dresses and she tends to drab me with and while i was here i saw a kids section its pretty big'' Louis says


"What about this '' Naill says holding up a knee length flowery dress


"what about this'' Louis says holding up a puffy orange dress

"nah and could it be a floor length dress''katie askes

"yeah and we can have a hair and make up lady come to my flat and help with that "' Nialll says


*10 dresses she doesnt like later*

"we both think you will like this" Luois says holding up a floor length dress that is white at the top then gets to a darker and darker green (starts white then pale lime green and darker and darker shades of limish green)

"I LOVE THIS ONE can i go try it on"

"yeah over there'' Louis says handing her the dress

katie walks out and louis says"El is coming tonight if you want her to do you hair and make up she can or a professional can do it but you look so cute already you dont need and make up '' niall smiles and says'' you look like a princess''

'' do you think Elenor would mind?''

"not at all you guys will love eachother "

*at Flat el is done with hair and make up''

Katies hair is curled and she has her bangs pulled back and has just a touch of make up to bring out her facial features

*at ball*

"would you care to dance " Niall asked Katie

"yes sir i would"katie says with a giggle

*after her and niall dance *

"Hey Liam would you like to dance"

"Yes i would love to dance with you katie"

the song changes to a slow dance as soon as soon as they reach the dance floor

''If you dont want to slow dance we can wait till a faster song''Katie says

" No i will slow dance why woulnt i"

"arn't i too short''

''no bigge stand on my feet"

'haha ok"

while on the dance floor they dance there way over to louis and el who are by Zayn and perrie

"hi Louis and el... and zayn and perrie girls look beautiful "

"so do you ' they say at the same time


*after Ball*

"Thanks so much guys this has been the best day of my life"katie says while hugging each of the guys and Elenor and Perrie

*****Author to Katie: I was unsure how to finish so i will leave it at that*******

The End


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