Imagines-I can do them for One Direction, Justin Beiber , or you can say a name and i can do that person.(One Direction would be best for me for JB you would need to help a bit more)

All i need to know if tou want me to make you one is -who ,- friend,boyfriend,husband...ect ect -a few things about you to help a bit - senario and anything else you want to do to help

For other tell me about both people and do as the stated above

If you dont like your i will redo until you do


1. One Direction Niall (Calli)

Calli Pov

I sit on the floor beside the bed with my head agains the bed thinking about life, when niall comes in and sits on the bed so my head it between his legs. He starts to play with my hair.

''What are you doing?'' I ask Niall Giggling

" Playing with your hair now Come with me''Niall says with a grin then gets off the bed stands in front of me with his hand out wanting to help me up i grab his hand get up and he leads me to the bathroom

I look at him with a questioning look he says"stay'' then goes out of the bathroom I think what is he going to do. I see him come in with a chair . I again look at him with a questioning look .

'sit'' he says facing the chair the opposite way of the mirror

''ok Mr.Pushy im sitting now are you going to tell me what you are doing''I say laughing

''Giving you a make over''he says laughing also

''you saying i need a makeover'' i say with a strait face

his face drops ''no'' he says sadly

i burst out laughing ''I was kidding Babe''

''oh now that was mean now first for your hair'' he says laughing now also

'wait'' i say startleing niall

''what''niall says

''only if i get to give you a make over''i say grinning

'deal not where is you hair and make up stuff' he askeds while looking threw drawers

''top drawer on the left for make up top drawer on the right for hair''

After about thirty Minuetes Niall finally finishes my hair

''make up make up make up''niall says thinking of what to do for my make up

''HARRY and HALEY'' niall yells

'WHAT' harry and Haley yell back yell back

'come here in me and callis room'Niall says

''in here ''niall yells when the get in the bedroom  they both enter the bathroom and smile when they see me if my hair is tht bad i am gonna hurt niaLL

''Harry stay make sure she does not look in the mirror and Haley come with me  ''niall says

Niall and haley go to my room i hear rustleing so i asume they are in my closet

"what is going on here'' harry says grinning

'nialls doing my hair and make up and i am doing his just not make up on him''i say

'oh ok''he says

niall and haley are back so they search in my make up haley helps him a bit to get some picked out then grabs harry and leaves 

after another 30 mins he is done with make up

''Harry and Haley again '' niall yells

they enter saything''what now''

''take down the mirror please''niall says

'reeaally whhhyy'they say boredly

'so she can do my hair with out seeing hers''

'fine 'they say then leave with the mirror and dont come back

'sit ' i say  while i get up i see my reflection in the shower doors(they are glass)i look horrifying revenge i think to my self

20 mins later

''haley harry'' i yell

'why why us ''they say while entering sounding bored

''haley make sure niall does not see my hair harry go hide the outfit i assume they picked for me ''i say   when harry gets back i take him to Niall and I's closet (we share a room) i have harry help find an outfit ans ask'' is the out fit he picked for me bad ?''

harry laughs so i take that as a yes then grab harrys wrist and take him to his and haleys room and find colored skinny jeans that will fit niall

'what are you doing ' he asks

''getting niall clothes''i say

''he has his own ''

''quit whining come on''i take him back to naill and i's room grab a flannel shirt i took from Liam while i was at his place because mine got juice on it

i bring the clothes in and tell him to change and send haley and harry out then i went and changed myself. Niall picked me out a pair of short short  shorts, rainbow zebra print knee socks ,and a tight white shirt with and under shirt that was also rainbow zebra print.

i laugh and undress and put it on i get my shirt on and niall looks mad when he walks out of the bathroom we both burst out laughting

''twitter pic''i say

nialls hair was curlyer than harrys and my hair was in verry bad curls and was partally up verry badly







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