Imagines-I can do them for One Direction, Justin Beiber , or you can say a name and i can do that person.(One Direction would be best for me for JB you would need to help a bit more)

All i need to know if tou want me to make you one is -who ,- friend,boyfriend,husband...ect ect -a few things about you to help a bit - senario and anything else you want to do to help

For other tell me about both people and do as the stated above

If you dont like your i will redo until you do


2. JLS Aston (Chloe)

Christmas Day

Chloe POV

Its Christmas and we are celabrating at Astons place. I begin to wonder what they will think of me but i am interupted by Aston saying"we are here"

"Aston what if they dont like me'' I ask worried

"they will love you''

He opens the car door for  me and leads me to the door where his mom is waiting . When we are by his mom she greets us by saying "Merry Christmas now come in its cold out there''

As soon as we enter she gives us both giant hugs.

At Dinner

''So Aston ans Chloe how did you two meet"' Astons mom asks us

"Well we met at one of JLSs meet and greets" Aston says

'' I was the last one in line so i got to talk to the band a bit longer''I say smiling

'' I was at the end of the table we were sitting at so when she finished chatting with the rest of the band she came to me and asked if i could sign her cd so i did and we just started chatting away for around hmm i think like 15 minutes until the Security Guards said we had to go so i got her number and imediatly started texting i ended up getting  a date with her the next day''Aston says also smiling

''he took me to this amazing restraunt and then we went on a few more dates then he asked me to go on tour with him''I say

we start to blush after getting a round of ''awwws'' comeing from everyone at the table

The END (if you do not like this i will try again as i said in the previos message i have never acually heard any of JLSs music )

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