You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


5. The Zoo

I woke up to see Niall smiling at me, already dressed. "wake up Rae!" he yelled excitedly, "go away!" I rolled over. He huffed and didn't speak for a moment, "fine then I just won't take you to the zoo! You'll stay here alone." I rolled back over to face him, "zoo?" I asked, "zoo," he replied poking my nose, "but if you dot get up and ready we are going to have to leave you."

I jumped out of bed and rummaged through my dresser, "is it nice out today?" I wondered to myself, "it's te nicest day of the year so far." I grabbed some shorts and tee shirt, "I'll be back!" I ran down the hallway and into the bathroom. I got out and changed some jeans shorts, a white shirt with a navy blue cardigan and some navy blue TOMS and put on my usual makeup and went back to my room. i threw on a cardigan that was hanging in the closet.

Niall was sitting at my desk looking at my stuff, "you nosy little bugger!" I said causing him to jump, "I'm sorry I didn't know i couldn't look!" he apologized. I laughed at him, "Niall! It's okay there's nothing to hide. I was kidding." he glared at me, "don't call me 'little', it's annoying." he told me. I gave him a funny look but he didn't see it cause he turned his back, "I'm sorry.. I didn't realize it still bugged you." I remember Niall was smaller than most of the boys his age even my age, he tried not to let it bug him. Even though he hated it when people called him little, it didn't bug me though, he was still bigger than me.

We didn't speak for a while after that so I started brushing out my long hair, I didn't have to do much with it cause it was naturally straight as a pin. I pulled my bangs back and pinned it down with a bow. Niall was going through my jewelry box, "I can't believe you still have this!" he exclaimed loudly.  I walked behind him to see what he was talking about, "what do you mean?" I asked when I saw him holding a golden necklace in his hand. The charm was resting in his palm which was in the shape of a four leaf clover. 


I remember the day I got it to, Chloe, Niall, and I were in the forest near a creek we discovered. I was walking along the shoreline  with a stick poking stuff around as Chloe and Niall played in the water. I was playing in it earlier but got so cold my lips started turning blue and Niall told me to sit in the sun. I moved a fallen branch out of my way, when something shiny caught my eyes. I picked it up and it was the necklace with the golden four lead clover on it. I showed to Niall and Chloe.

Niall then didn't like me then, he told me it was gross and threw it back on the ground. He told me to leave it and not touch it again, I was so mad I left. I heard Chloe scolding him as I left the woods.

When I turned 14, Niall had told me he wanted to be friends. He gave me a card for my birthday which had something inside it, I expected it to be money. When I opened it I was surprised to see the necklace. I never asked how he got it, he only told me it was the same on from the creek. I wore it almost everyday and stopped about last year cause it reminded me of him to much.

~End of flashback~

Niall turned to look at me, "you stopped wearing it.." he stated, "why?" I looked down, "it reminded me of you to much. Made me sad." I told him simply. He frowned, I smiled and took the necklace out of his hand, I put it on and then he smiled. "you know when you left that day you found it, Chloe scolded me all the way home," I chuckled and he continued, "I ended up feeling so terrible that I couldn't sleep. So I grabbed a flashlight and went back to retrieve it. I cleaned it and waited for the perfect moment to give it to you." I smiled even though I was trying to hold back some tears.

It was quite for a moment until, "RAE!!! NIALL!!! HURRY UP WE ARE ALL WAITING!!" Chloe shouted loudly making me jump. We laughed and run out the room to see everyone sitting in the living room waiting. I smiled and waved like a dumbass at everyone, "what were you two doing up there?" Harry asked. "talking about something that wasn't about you!" Niall said. "okay guys, you don't have to hide anything from us. We are all friends here." Liam laughed, I blushed and looked down playing with the necklace.

Chloe's gasped, "oh my goodness! You still have that?!" she asked loudly.  I looked up and the rest were looking at her strangely, she ran up to me, "I can't believe this! That's soo cute!!!" she fussed all over me, "Chloe! Calm down!" I told her, "yes I still have the necklace, I mean he went to all that trouble to get it for me." I blushed again. Chloe squealed, "soo cute!" she said again, "uhh you mind explaining to us?" Zayn asked. Chloe grabbed his arm, "I'll explain in the car!" the boys all followed her out but Niall.

He smiled at me, "ready?" he asked, "of course Niall." he started to go out the door, "wait!" I yelled.  He jumped back, "what!?" he asked as if something bad has happened. I laughed and threw my arms around him hugging him tightly. "thanks Niall, I'm glad your one of my best friends." I told him.

~Niall's POV~

I started heading to the car, "wait!" I hears Rae shout at me, "what!?" I asked worried as I jumped back in the doorway. I turned to see her laughing at me, then she threw her arms around me. "thanks Niall, I'm glad your one of my best friends." she said in my ear. I felt my stomach to backflips as she hugged me, but it stopped after she said that. I wish I could tell her how I feel about her, how much I'm in love with her.

I liked her ever sense I first met her, but I couldn't tell her that for some stupid reason. I never once forgot her, she thinks I did I know it. She doesn't know that I missed her everyday or that I cried when she left. How can I tell her!? She already made it clear that we were only good friends. But I still remember the day she moved, she told me she liked me.

She let go of me and smiled, "let's go!" she laughed pulling my arm and closing the door. We ran into the car so see Chloe at the end of the story of my necklace, "ahh there you two are!" she said as I sat next to Liam, Rae sat next to me. Chloe and Zayn were in the way back, while Harry was driving and Louis was in the passengers seat. "ready everyone?" Harry asked excitedly, "to the zoo!" i shouted, "to the zoo!!" everyone else shouted. Rae laughed as everyone started dancing around. And that was our ride all the way to the zoo.

as we arrived at the zoo, Rae was bouncing around in her chair nonstop, "do you have ADD or something?" Harry asked rudely as he parked the car. Rae stopped, I turned red and glared at Harry, "is it a problem if she does?" I snapped at him. "Niall don't.." Rae grabbed my arm, "no. Well is it?" I ask again looking at the boys. "Niall, Rae said to drop it. Now." Chloe says.

I jump out of the car, how dare Harry be so rude to her? So what If she has ADD? Why should people treat other different because of a disease? Nobody treats Liam differently, it pisses me off!

"Niall.." I hear Harry's voice, "we- I didn't know.. I apologized to Rae." looked at him and saw Rae behind him, "please Niall don't get worked up over it anymore, I'm not a helpless middle schooler no more." I look away, I always stood up for Rae even when I didn't like her much. People always made fun of her, if it wasn't her orange hair it was her accent or that fact it took her longer to understand stuff. "fine, sorry for snapping at you guys mostly Harry." I said, they nodded their heads.

I saw Rae smile from behind Harry, "can we go inside now?" she ask innocently. Chloe laughs and grabs her arm and races towards the line. We all follow them to the line, Rae and Chloe start pulling out their wallets, "no no ladies. Mr. Horan is paying today." I say holding my hand up. They both look at my funny and continue to look through their wallets. I glare at them and quickly pull my wallet, "tickets for 7." I tell the lady behind the window.

I saw Rae smile from behind Harry, "can we go inside now?" she ask innocently. Chloe laughs and grabs her arm and races towards the line. We all follow them to the line, Rae and Chloe start pulling out their wallets, "no no ladies. Mr. Horan is paying today." I say holding my hand up. They both look at my funny and continue to look through their wallets. I glare at them and quickly pull my wallet, "tickets for 7." I tell the lady behind the window.

I smile at the fact she remembers my favorite animal, "yes I do, Chloe! Want to see the penguins?" I call to her. She jumps around, "oh yes yes I do!!" we all laugh at her. The lady gave her a dirty look as we handed her our tickets. Chloe dragged Zayn away towards I sign that said 'penguins', everyone laughed, "I think that they like each other.. A lot." Liam says.

"aww is Zayn leaving you for another girl?" Harry teases, "why would he do such a thing?" Liam fake cries. Rae laughs. "well I know that Lou will never do such." Harry wraps his arms around Louis. "uhh Harry you realize he had A girlfriend? Right?"I points out, "that's not the point!" Harry defends. I laugh so does Rae, "it's okay Liam! You still have ME!!"  i scream hugging him. " to the GIRAFFES!!" Liam yells pulling me with, the rest following slowly.

~Rae's POV~

I laughed at Liam dragged Niall along with him towards the giraffes, "well lets go!" Louis says pulling Harry and I by our wrist. We found them quickly, Niall standing on the fence letting one sniff his hand. I smiled as he laughed excitedly, it was cute!

We stood back so he could be with his giraffe, "why did Niall freak out?" asked Harry who was standing next to me. I looked down, "do you really have ADD?" Liam ask walking up to us. I look up, "no I don't." I say, "then why the hell did he freak out?" Louis snaps at me angrily.

I flinch away, "sorry, I didn't think he would be bugged by it still." I see Liam glare at Louis. "what do you mean?" he ask, "I was sick as a kid, well I still am. People made fun of me for it." I say quietly head down. It was silent, "what's wrong with you then?" Harry asked.

I look up and shrug, "don't know." I say simply. They all look at me funny, "what do you mean 'don't know'?" Louis asked, "the doctors can't figure out what's wrong with me.. It's something to do with my liver and stomach."

They all 'ahh'd' and nodded, "I also have asthma, and well my left arm is paralyzed.." I say trailing off. All their heads snap my way, "woah what?" Harry asks completely shocked. "well it was my whole left side at first, but it functions normally now. Just my arm doesn't." I laughed as they just stare with shock. "I can't bend my arm back all the way or lift it  much, barely past my head." still shock on their faces.

"what happened?" Liam asks, "my mom was mugged when she was pregnant with me.. Hit her in the stomach." everyone's eyes widen. "oh gosh! That's horrible!" Louis says hugging me, "oh my goodness! Did I Hurt you!?" he let go right away. I glare at him, "no it didn't I can't fell anything my left arm touches anyways, and don't pity me or treat me differently now." I speak clearly.

Everyone stops talking when they see Niall running over to us, "Rae! Come here! Meet Daisy the giraffe," he says grabbing my arm and pulling me to the fence, "isn't she adorable?" he states more than he ask me. I nod, "hi Daisy!" I wave up at her, Niall laughs and I hear the others laugh behind me.

About five minutes later Niall waves bye to Daisy the giraffe and we head towards the polar bears. I jump with joy as we get near them, "I just love polar bears they are my favorite animals ever!" I tell Niall. "I know you do." he tells me, "why?" I hear Louis ask, "they eat people!" Harry yells. I glare at them, "if you don't taunt them they won't!" I defend the cute bear. 

"well come on then!" I here Liam say pushing forward. I smile and follow behind him. "TO THE POLAR BEARS!" Niall screams.

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