You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


9. The pub anyone?

Niall and I sat under the tree for a long time it seemed, he called the boys to tell them where we where. We just Sat and talked, nothing more. We laughed and sighed talking of our memories, some happy some sad. But mostly happy.

I was quite surprised when Niall didn't  complain of hunger, we until my stomach growled. I laughed at myself, "Niall are you hungry?" I asked him, " I thought you'd never ask!" he smiled. We stood up and made our way to the nearest diner, "but I wanted some Nandos." Niall complained. I laugh at him, "tue nearest Nandos isn't in walking distance!" he sighs, "fine, I'll give up on Nandos only for you." he says opening the door for me. I blush and walk in. 

We ate some breakfast foods and chatted while waiting for our bill to arrive, "okay I've hear of eating breakfast for dinner, but never for lunch." I tell Niall who just chuckles at me. "breakfast is good any meal of the day." I was about to agree with him, but I was cut off by a group of girls, "omg! It's Niall Horan!" one shouted.

They all walked over to our table, "can I get your autograph?" another one asked. "and I picture?" asked a familiar looking girl, once she looked at me she scowled, "wow you really did get One Direction all to yourself huh?" I recognized her annoying voice. The girl that accused me of cutting her the day of the book signing.

I ignored her and looked at Niall who was now signing a nappkin, "here you go ladies," he said handing them each on with his signature on them. They squealed with joy, but didn't leave, "can we have a photo?" he looked at me, I smiled and nodded. "why you asking her for permission?" asked the annoying girl, "er I'm sorta in the middle of lunch with her." he told her. She was just about to say something when our waitress walked up, "excuse me ladies but if your not eating then I suggest you leave, now." she said quite annoyed.

They all glared at her but left, "tanks," Niall smiled at the older woman, "nope problem, those girls were attacking her. I never wanted that when I dated a famous boy." she said handing Niall the bill. "oh we aren't dating! He is my best friend!" I tell her, I must have been blushing because she rolled her eyes at me. "yeah only friends." Niall said with red cheeks, "did you say you dated a famous boy?" I asked changing the subject.

She sighed and sat down next to me, "yeah, I did. And he let fame get to him. He ended his life after I left him for good." Niall and I exchange a glance, "who was it?" I asked looking at her. She sighed, "er you don't have to tell us.." I say quickly, "no no dear, I  suppose it's time to tell somebody." Niall and I exchange another glance before turning back to her, "maybe you'd best stop by another time." she said pointing out the window.

I turned to see at least a group of 5 people with camera outside the small diner, "crap!" Niall yelled throwing money on the table, "keep the change.." he said. "my names Winnie, and it would be best if went through the back." she gestured to the counter which led towards the kitchen. Niall thanked her and grabbed my arm pulling me through the back, "thanks Winnie, I'll come back." I promise her, she smiles and nods.

Niall pulled up his hood as soon as we got outside, he pulled a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on too, "I'm really sorry Rae." he sighed. "it's fine. Ill get uses to it.." I say following him to his house. Once we reached the big house Niall sighed, "what's wrong?" I ask him gently, "it just sucks you know.. I love what I do. But I can't just walk down the street like a normal person anymore." I frown and open the door for him.

I follow behind him, just as he closes the door Liam appears out of nowhere, "there you guys are!" he scolded us, "we thought you were dead!" he yelled. Louis walking into view, "correction. Liam thought you were dead.. Not me or Harry." I laughed, "don't you laugh young lady, why didn't either of you answer your phones?" I looked at Niall who pulled his phone out, "sorry man must of turned off in my pocket. And Rae's phone is with you. Isn't it?"

I remember I left it in the studio before running off, Liam went pale, "well its still at the studio," I glared at him, "BUT, I'll go get it tomorrow! I promise! I'll stop by after my date with Danielle." I nod, "okay. Just don't forget!" I snap, I looked around someone's missing, "where's Zayn?" Niall asked. Oh that's who was missing, "dropped him off with Chloe." Harry spoke up for the first time.

I saw Niall frown, "oh," was all he said, "let's watch a movie!" Louis shouted. Everyone agreed and we filed up stairs in the req room, "what do you want to watch?" Harry asked me. I shrugged, "nothing scary." I say Niall groaned, "oh come on!" I smiled, thank god I thought about that.

After a while we settled on The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, "I haven't seen this movie in ages!" Liam exclaims as it started. I laugh and settle next to Louis who is bouncing around, "me either!" Harry on the other side of him looked annoyed, "good god Carrot boy calm down." he glares at Harry, "you party pooper." he tells him, "this is a movie not a party!"

I laugh, "did you just call Lou a Carrot boy?" I asked, "yeah, he likes girls who eat carrots." Niall told me, I look at him funny. "got a problem?" Louis asked me, "er no." I say awkwardly. "would you like me to get some carrots to share with you?" he ask me creepily.  I scoot away, "I'm kidding Rae! Why would I share them with you?" he says.

"well I'm allergic to carrots.. That's why." I say scooting away more, "woah what?" he ask me, "yeah..." I said looking around. "good cause everyone thinks I'm in love with carrots and I eat them like crisp." I give him a strange look, "okay then.." 

After the end of the movie we watched the news bored out of our minds, "can we go to a pub?" Harry asked. I look up to see Louis and Niall nodding, "err sure, I'll drive." Liam says with a big sigh, "umm I'll stay here then." I stand up about to head towards Nialls room. "noo come with us!" Harry whines, "I can't, I'm only 17." I say quietly.

I look at Louis shocked face, "your not of age?" Liam asked, "I turn 18 in August.." I explain. "but I wanted to drink!" Harry complained, "go, I'll stay with Rae." Niall said, Liam gasped, "Niall Horan turn down a pub run?" he nodded. I looked at Niall, "no. You go I'll stay here alone. In fine on my own." he shook his head.

Harry stood up, "no we all are going, got it?" Louis looked at him with a smile, "you still got his number?" he asked Harry, who smiled widely back at him, "of course I do." I look at Liam who is just as confused as I am. Niall looks like he has somewhat of an Idea of what they are talking about. "I'm only 17," I told Harry again.

He put his phone to his ear, "I heard ya the first time!" he snapped. This boy was pissy when he wants to drink. I look over at Niall again, "what's he doing?" I ask nervously, "you will see." he gestures towards Harry who was now chatting with someone. "how fast can you make one?" he paused, "in an hour," he looked at me, "her name is Rae." Liam stood up, "Harry!" he snapped.

Louis laughed, "took you long enough mate." Liam just glared at him too, "Niall your okay with this!?" he asked Niall who just shrugged, "Kay he just needs a photo!" Harry said excitedly. "Rae go stand by the wall," Louis instructed me, "smile babe!" Harry said snapping a picture with his iPhone.

I still looked at him questionably, "okay thanks man, cya in 30." Harry smiles hanging up. "this is a bad idea!" Liam yelled, "oh just shut up and get ready! All of you!" Harry snapped. I followed Niall to his room where my stuff was at according to Liam. I grabbed my bag and headed for Nialls bathroom, "here's your sweatshirt." I say holding it out to him.

He took it for moment and then handed it back, "it looks better on you." he said blushing. I felt my cheeks get warm, "err okay, then I'll wear it for you." I say walking back into the bathroom. I change into some nicer pants, then putting on his sweatshirt and re-style my hair. After making sure I didn't have eyeliner smeared I walked out. Niall was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling, "what ya doing?" I ask bouncing on the bed next to him.

He rolls over to look at me, "praying that we don't get caught.." he sighs, "did Harry get someone to make me a fake ID?" I ask. Niall nods, "yep." it was silent for a moment, "we can stay here, well I can." I tell him reassuring. "no I want you to go!" he said loudly, "are you going to drink?" I asked him, "Rae what kind of question is that? Of course I am. That's what you do at a pub." I glare at him.

"but the question is are you going to drink?" he asked me, I looked away, "I don't know.." I said quietly. I drank back in america illegally and I did some things I wasn't proud of, "have you drank before?" Niall asked reading my mind almost, I nod. "when?" he questioned, "look that's not important right now." I say getting up off the bed, "it is to me," he pouts. 

I walk to his dresser and pulled out a tee that said "free hugs." I smiled. "will you wear this?" I asked him, I hold it up so he could read it, "ha okay." he stood up and took of his shirt. I blushed but stared at him, "you like what you see?" Niall asked noticing where my eyes were, "err... Shut up!" I say embarrassed, throwing the shirt at his face.

He slipped it on quickly, "there now you can speak without distractions?" I smacked his arm, "umm ow." I smiled and walked out of the room,to down stairs where the rest were. "tell Niall to hurry up! Louis said impatiently, "calm down I'm here." said Niall who was jumping down the stairs. "Niall don't!" Liam shouted, it was to late, he tripped on the last step and smacked right into Zayn who was standing in front of me.

Zayn hit me and I almost fell, but he grabbed on to my sleeve and I grabbed his arm. But Niall was still confused and took a step backwards causing both him and Zayn to fall on me. I groaned loudly, "oh my goodness!!!! RAE?" Liam shouted, "I saw him pull Niall up and they both pulled Zayn up. 

Niall pulled me up and tried helping me brush myself off, "I got it Niall!" I snap rubbing the back of my head. I head laughing from behind me, I turned to see Louis who's face was red as a tomato. Harry tried looking mad but burst into laughter when I looked at him, "can we please get to the pub first before anyone else gets hurt?" he asked.

Authors Note~ sorry its been awhile sense i last published a chapter >.< ive been busy, but anyways here you go! and if any of you like Twilight i published a story last weekish, its a Seth Clearwater one ;)

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