You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


8. The Hell?

"are you sure you want to do this?" Niall asks me for the 3rd time. I sigh and Harry groans from the drivers seat, "Niall im sure she wants to do this!" he snaps. I glare at him through the rearview mirror, "don't be mean Harry," I say, "yes Niall, we need to get Zayn and Chloe is at work anyways. I need some cloths and my own shampoo! I mean I love your body wash.. Just not on me." he laughs at me nervously.

We were driving to my flat so I could get a bag of stuff for at least 2 nights so I could stay with the boys. Chloe and I haven't talked sense last night, I'm not worried we will both apologize sooner or later. We packed a bag for Zayn so he could stay with Chloe and plus we need to pick him up so we could go to the studio. Chloe had work so it wouldn't be akaward today.

I felt Nialls eyes melting into the side of my head as we pulled up in the Parking lot, "okay boys, I'll go get Zayn and pack. Stay here. It will be 10 minutes." I tell them. I run up the stairs and knock on the door hoping Zayn will open up. I hear foot steps and finally the door opened up, "finally!" he exclaims. I throw his bag at him and walk in the door. I laugh at what I see, Zayn is wearing a pair of Chloe's Pink sweats and a wife beater. His cheeks turn a shade of bright pink and he runs towards the bathroom.

I walk down the hallway and into my room, I start packing and then I change into a pair of jeans. I threw on a tank top then put Nialls sweatshirt back on, hey it was comfy! I brushed my long hair and put it in a ponytail. I went to see if Zayn was still in the bathroom, "are you changing?" I asked knocking on the door. "I'm trying to fix my hair!" he yells, "well let me in!" I yell back. The door opens and I walk in to see Zayn using Chloe's tease brush, "what are you doing Zayn?" I ask laughing. "improvising!" he says. 

I laugh and grab my makeup bag, "uhh gross, look at my makeup! It's smeared everywhere!" Zayn laughs this time. I glare at him and start to remove the makeup, then fixing it up. I only wear eyeliner and mascara, so it didn't take long. Zayn is still trying to fix his hair, "Zayn let me do that."

He glares at me, "nobody touches the hair!" he yells backing away, "fine but we need to leave in ten!" I snap at him. He looks around panicked, "o-okay!" he whines, I grab his hair which was hard from the hair gel and hairspray. "your dumb," I say pulling him to the shower and turning it on, I push his head under the running water. He flinches, "what are you doing!? That's cold!!" he yells.

I chuckle, "shut up you wussy." after I tell him to scrub his hair I throw I towel at him allowing him to dry off his hair. I turn the shower off and search for Chloe's blow dryer, "is that Chloe's?" he ask me as I pull it out. I nod, "soo what did you two do last night?" I ask him. "I should ask you the same about Niall and you." I blush, "none of your business." I reply plugging in the blow dryer. I mention for Zayn to come over and start blow drying his hair, "then same goes to you." he tells me.

I laugh and start brushing his hair with my fingers, "but I really like her," he says after a while. I sigh, "you'd better tell Niall before you tell her." I say, "that's why I was going to ask you to before I do.." he whispers. I stop, "wait.. What?" I asked confused. He opens his mouth to talk but someone else's voice speaks, "what are you two doing?" Niall asks.

I take a big step away, "oh hey Niall!" I say cheerfully, "I was just helping Zayn with his hair." I tell him. He looks at us funny, "well I came to see what was taking so long.. We gotta go in 5." he says. I smile at him, "okay," I say grabbing my makeup bag and retreating to my room. I through it in my other bag of cloths, I sigh and plop on my bed. Did Niall think me and Zayn were doing something? I hope not.

I felt someone sit on my bed, "Rae, we gotta go." Niall tells me, I sigh getting up, I look at him. He has my bag already in his hand, but he looks upset, "Niall.. Zayn and I.. We weren't doing anything. I promise." I tell him. He sighs and nods, "Zayn really likes Chloe and wants to tell you but he is scared you will punch him or something!" I blurt out. I see he smiles and I tilt my head on confusion, "Zayn just told me.. I'm fine with it." I glare at the bed. "well lets get going!" he says standing up.

I laugh and follow him down the hallway, "Niall go wait in the car, I'll be there in 2 minutes." I tell him. "uhh okay." he walks out the door. I run to the computer and grab a piece of paper and a pen and write a quick note to Chloe. Finally, satisfied I put it on the counter and leave. I jump in the car, "well its about time!" Harry says flinging his hands in the air. "shut up Styles," I glare at him, "feisty there aren't you Rae?" Louis winks at me. I see Niall glare at him from the corner of my eye, I smile to myself.

~at the studio~

I followed behind the boys as we walked up to the doors. Niall turned and smiled at me, "ready to watch me do part of my job?" he ask, I nodded nervously. Liam opened the door and held it open for everyone else. There were people inside working, some waves at the boys some didn't, some looked at me, some Didn't. I grabbed the back of Nialls  shirt and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone.

Finally Harry opened a door to a smaller room, there was a large window showing a even smaller room with a mic and head phones. In front of the window was a desk of nobs buttons and that kinda stuff. I looked around at the cool things not noticing the two men already in the room. "boys your late," said a tall man, he looked around Niall see me, "who is your friend?" he asked.

Niall moved next to me, pulling me forward by the elbow and his hand on my back. "this is Rae, an old friend of mine," Niall introduces me, "hi Rae, I'm One Directions manager, Paul." he smiles holding his hand out to me. I take it a we shake, he doesn't seem bad, I look at the other man who was sitting in a computer chair at the desk. "oh that's Taylor," Paul says, "he works with those fancy buttons while they boys sing." he explains.

I nod and look at Niall, "you can talk you know.." he tells me. I blush, I'm shy around new people and adults make me nervous. "can she sit and watch?" Louis ask Paul, "as long as she doesn't disturb anyone or anything." he says. I nod, "Rae? Disturb?"Zayn ask, "I've only known her for 3 days but, yeah right." everyone laughs, I however blush even more. The boys sit down, Liam insists I have his spot. Paul explains what they are singing and working on, "Kay Liam, your up." he says point at the door.

I sit quietly as Liam walks in the other room, he puts on the head phones and smiles at us with a thumbs up. Paul nods to Taylor who pushes some buttons, then music started playing. It was a fast upbeat, beat, one you could easily dance along to. Liam started singing nicely, I felt someone nudge me, "cool huh?" Niall says when I turn to look at him. I nod, "really cool." I turn my attention back to Liam who is now trying different pitches and various ways of singing his part.

I found it very interesting for some odd reason, "who wrote the music?" I asked Niall quietly. "a bunch of people, of course us boys helped a lot too." I smile, good I think to myself. Soon Liam walks out and Harry is sent in, doing the same as Liam with a different part. I look to see Zayn dancing around, I could help but feel upset. "what's wrong?" Niall ask noticing something was up, "Chloe should be here.." I say pulling my knees up to my chest. He sighs and scoots his chair closer to me, "well she can come some other time, I promise." 

"pinky promise?" I ask him innocently, holding out my pinky. He smiles and nods, "pinky promise." then he grabs my pinky with his and shakes. I smile, "thanks Niall.." he smiles too, "anything for you." I blush. I see he turns slightly red too. "Niall! Your up!" Paul yells making me jump, I felt excited to hear him sing for some reason.

Niall walked in the room and puts the headphones on and winks at everyone. Taylor started playing the track where Harry left off. After a couple of beats he sings, I'm shocked for words. His voice was beautiful! I must of been smiling like a madwoman because Zayn slapped his knee and laughed. I turned to see the boys laughing at me and Niall was trying not to burst into a laughing fit.

I turn red and hide my face in my knees as Niall continues on. I wait till I hear Paul say Louis is next. I look up for a moment and see Niall laughing, I put my head back down knowing I'm red as a tomato. He sits next to me, "was I that bad?" he asked, "what!?" I ask lifting my head up,  "No you were brilliant!" I tell him fiercely. He smiles big, "well thanks." I smile back. Then there was a flash, I blinked a couple of times to see Harry holding his IPhone taking a picture of Niall and I.

He laughs, "how cute!" I blush and Niall was blushing too. Liam looks at the picture, "aww that needs to be tweeted!" I look at Niall panicked. I didn't want them to do that! "dude, don't Rae doesn't want it posted," Niall tells Harry, "but send me the photo to my mobile." I glare at him. Paul walks over and slams a magazine on the table next to me.

I flinch and look at him, "you might as well post it Harry!" he says loudly. "what's going on?" Louis ask walking out of the other room, Before I could grab the magazine Niall snatches it. His face is blank, "let us see!" Liam says taking it from Niall who now looks guilty. "oh... Well that's awkward." he says handing it to Louis. He laughs as Harry reads it from over his shoulder, "can I see?" Zayn ask. Lou hands it over and Zayn smiles not even reading it.

"well how cute, why haven't you told us?" he asked Niall, "because we aren't!" I stood up and pulled the magazine out of his hand, shocked at what I saw. A picture of Niall and I laughing while petting Daisy the giraffe at the zoo. The headline read, "Niall Horan with a mystery girl" I looked up. "and that isn't it! Read page 18." he instructs me.

I flip the pages and see another picture of Niall and I kissing!? I never kissed him! Where the hell do people get this stuff!? "Nialls new toy." said a caption. I threw it at him, "where the hell do they find this shit?" I asked. "that's photo shopped. Happened to me once." Liam said looking up from the magazine. Niall finally looked at it, "thats old! Before I was even on the Xfactor! That should be my ex!" he tells furiously. 

Harry grabs it now, "I'm surprised you haven't gotten any hate yet." Louis nodded. "have you?" Niall asked worried, I shook my head, "actually I haven't been on Facebook or twitter sense we started hanging out." I tell everyone. Paul pulled out his phone, "well I'm sorting this out now." he says grabbing the magazine and walking out.

Niall kicks a chair, "peh, toy! How dare they call you 'my toy!' I'm pissed off. I never ever messed with a girls heart!" I gave him a reassuring look, "I know Niall." I tell him, "Rae.. I'm really sorry. I never wanted this to happen to you." I smile and nod.

I pull my phone out and look at my twitter, which, was bombarded by tweets of thousands of girls. I don't know what made me read them but I did. They were terrible and nasty. But I kept reading, some said I was whore or I was ugly. I read one that supported Niall and I. Still looking, I felt something hot run down my cheek, I went to rub it away. Great I was crying.

I checked my text messages, Chloe sent me one, "finally fess up?" it read. More tears spilled down my cheeks, "Rae, what's wrong?" Niall asked taking a step towards me. I back away, I shoved my phone in his hand, "this is not the change I wanted. I never wanted this." I cry. He looks at the text from Chloe confused, "look at my twitter account." I instruct him. He does as I say, "Rae.." I hold my hand up.

"no Niall.. This is just too much." I say quietly, the others look at me with shock. "I need a moment.." I say and with that I leave the building and walk to tue nearest park. I sit under a tree so nobody could see me easily. Pulling my knees to my chest and letting tears fall silently, I watched a leaf from the tree fall slowly to the ground. I picked it up and examined it, it reminded me of Ireland, a lot.

I remembered crying under a tree from people teasing me, Niall had come to comfort me right away. I thought of all the times before I moved away, with Chloe and Niall. Just to keep from thinking of this hate and change. I set the leaf down gently and put my head between my legs, "why is this happening to me?" I ask myself quietly.

"things happen for a reason." a voice spoke out, i jumped looking up to see Niall staring down at me. I started to back away, "go away Niall." he crouched down and put his hand on my arm, "no I'm not going anywhere." I pulled my arm away. i look away and Niall sits next to me, "im really sorry this happened.." he said, " just drop it." i reply rudely. "No i wont, your my best friend." he says loudly grabbing my hand.

i look at him, "i cant do this!" i cry, "you know i cant take criticism well." he sighed, "well ignore it!" he pleads. i glare at him, "how? they already invaded my twitter and probably my facebook!" i yell throwing my free arm in the air, "just do it for me! remember the promise?" he asked me. i sighed, "yeah.. i do."

"well you cant break that promise.." he whispers looking at the necklace around my neck, "i wont.. but you cant blame me for how i react." i say, he chuckles, "of course not. wanna go back?" he ask me. i shake my head, "no lets stay here.. and remember about what happened before i moved away." Niall looks at me funny then nods his head, "okay, Princess."

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