You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


6. Somethings Wrong

       We watched the polar bears for five minutes and took off to look at other animals. We met up with Chloe and Zayn who were looking at the monkeys, I stood behind Chloe who didn't notice me. Zayn saw me but didn't do anything, "BOO!" I yelled in her ear, making her jump into Zayns arms. "Rae! That was soo mean!" she yelled when realizing it was me, "aww isn't that cute! Zayn will protect you!" I teased. She glared at me, "and who's going to protect you?" she said evilly, my eyes widen and I ran away.

      I ran behind Niall, "help me!" I grabbed the back of his shirt and moved him so Chloe couldn't grab me. "don't worry Rae! I'll protect you!" Niall said tickling Chloe's stomach, "hey!! Stop!" she tried yelling but ending up laughing. I backed away to avoid getting elbowed, i walked next Zayn who was observing. "so you like Chloe?" I whispered to him. His eyes snapped down to look at me, "how do you know?" he whispered loudly in my ear. I looked guilty up at him, "oh I know a guy.." I say. "well this guy isn't going to help you anymore!" he said trying to tickle me. "Zayn! No stop!! I'm too ticklish!" I scream, causing heads to turn our way, "tell me who told you then!" he asked, "I'm not going to stop!" he laughs at me.

     I try to escape from his grip, "okay! I surrender!" I cry putting my arms up. He stopped and looked to make sure nobody was listening, they were still laughing at Niall and Chloe. "spill," he says seriously, "I just know, you make it soo obvious!" I smile at him. He glares at me, "am I really?" he asks, I nod. He sighs and looks at Chloe, then to me, then to Niall. He smiles, "you and Niall?" he ask me, I let my eyes widen. His smile grew bigger, "you can't say anything!" I whisper pinching his arm, "ow! Okay okay! I won't say a wo- hey Niall!" he waves to someone behind me.

 I turn to see Niall looking at us with suspicion, "hey let's go you two! I'm hungry!" I laugh and let go of Zayn, "your always hungry," I laugh at him. I walk besides him through the zoo, suddenly my phone rings, "hello..?" I answer it without looking to see who it was. "Rae! Where are you? You have a shift today! Remember!?" Lisa yells at me through the other line. I stop dead in my tracks, "oh shit!" I yell, "whats wrong?" Niall ask concerned. I shake my head, "oh no! I'm sorry Lisa I'll be there in under ten!" I say before hanging up. I look at everyone who looks confused, "I'm sorry! I have work today! Maybe we can have dinner later tonight?" I ask, "ill text you!" i say running away before they can answer.

~at work~

        "Lisa I'm so sorry! I forgot about everything! It won't happen again!" I apologize before she can say a word to me. She nods, "this is your first time, but if it happens again I'll punish you." she say waving me away, "go stock books with Jared." I nod and turn away to find Jared. I find him in the back corner putting up a shelf we just cleared, we had to put the Hunger Games series up now. It was silent for a minute, "how's life treating you?" I ask to break the awkwardness between us, "good, very good. You?" he ask, "it's going really great!" I say enthusiastically.

"what have you been up to?" he asked me, I looked down and blush, "uhh well me and Niall have been hanging out a lot lately.." I say quietly. He stops what he is doing, "really?" he says, i nod. "cool.. I guess." he says looking away, "it's amazing actually, we went to the zoo today." I tell him, he nods. We continue to put the books up in silence, "Rae, go work the register." Lisa tells me about an hour later.

   I nod and leave to the register. We weren't busy today, and it was very easy to text behind the counter. I pulled my phone out which was bombarded with text messages, 1 from Harry, 2 from Liam, 4 from Niall, and 1 from Louis and Zayn as well. Chloe, well, Chloe texted me 9 times and called my 4 times and left me a voice mail which said, "you French bitch! Leave us in the zoo? Tell your boss she is mean!" she says, "HAI" I hear Zayn yell in the back ground. "we are just gonna have dinner and a game night at the boys flat so yeah come here After work.. Wait you don't know where they live.." there was a muffling sound and I couldn't hear for a moment, "Niall will come get you then... Well bye frenchie!" 

        I hear Niall yelling something before she hangs up, I giggled. I hear someone sigh next to me, making me jump, "oh my goodness!" I say surprised, "Jared! You scared me." I put my hand over my chest. "sorry," he says giving me a sad look, "what's wrong?" I ask him. He looks away, "nothing." I glare at him. I smack his arm, "what the hell was that for?" he rubs his arm, "stop lying to me!" I say sternly. He looks up at one of our co-workers called Hannah. I smile, "you like Hannah.. Don't you!?" he puts his hand over my mouth, "shh! You can't tell anyone!" I nod and help lets go. I smile, "hey Hannah!" I yell waving at her, I think she was surprised that I actually could talk that loud, but she waved back. I notices Jared went red and Hannah did too when she saw him next to me. I smiled to myself, I love to see others fall in love. But I can't seem to see myself falling in love..

~a couple of hours later~

        I walk out the building to see Niall leaning against the wall, "ready?" he ask me, "nope I'm just gonna sell books outside for awhile." I smile at him. He laughs at me, "oh be quiet or ill just leave you here to find the flat yourself." I chuckle, "oh no I wonder what I'd ever do if you left me alone!" I tease him. I follow him and he glares at me, "what?" I ask him, "where is your coat?" he ask. "I left it inside.." we'll no use in trying to get it, everyone's gone. Niall started to shrug off his coat, "hey it's fine, I'm not even cold." I try telling him. I only get a funny look as he hands me the coat, I just take it and hold it.

       I continue walking, I hear Niall sigh and the coat get pulled away from my grip, "stop Rae," I turn to him and he puts it around my shoulders. I blush and turn away, "why do you always do that?" he ask me. I tilt my head, "do what?" I ask, "turn your head away when you blush." he states. I laugh, "doesn't everyone?" I say, "are we almost there?" I ask. "not even close.." Niall laughs, "well lets get going! I'm starved!" I say pulling his wrist, "it would help if you were going the right way." he tells me. I look around in embarrassment, "your so cute, you know that?" I blush big time.   

   He leads my by my wrist, I gasp as he pulls my left arm. Okay it hurts when it bends to far, Niall turns to see why I shivered, "oh shot! I'm sorry I forgot." he apologizes, "it's fine, it didn't hurt." I lied to him, unconvinced he sighs and looks down. I quickly grab his right hand with my left hand, "it's fine Niall." I say to him. It was silent as we walk down the street, not a soul in sight, "so how is your..." Niall ask looking at our hands that were awkwardly tangled together. I sigh, "it's fine, it just isn't going to function normally like the rest of my left side did." I tell him, I didn't dare to look into his eyes.

 I always get embarrassed when I talk about it, its not like I wave it around so people would feel sorry for me. "what about your stomach?" more questions, I couldn't help but feel my eyes get watery. I pack up the courage and look Niall in the eye, "I don't know.." I voice cracks. He frowns and pulls me into a hug, "they still haven't found out.. L- last time I was in the hospital.. The doctor told me he didn't know if I was gonna die or not." he pulls away and looks into my eyes, "Rae, your not going to die. Your to strong, you know it too, your not leaving Chloe, the boys, or me." he preaches at me. I nod and smile, "im not going to leave again." I say wiping tears away.

  Niall laughs, "besides you and Chloe haven't met Eleanor and Danielle."  I look up confused, did Niall have a girlfriend? "who are they?" I ask finally as we walk some more, " Liam and Lou's girlfriends." he tells me with a chuckle, "what did you think I had a girlfriend?" I felt my cheeks turn red, "n-no! I- I- No." failing to find an excuse, "okay Rae, don't hurt yourself." Niall try's to say laughing. I glare at him, letting go of his hand and smacking him with it on his arm, "ow that hurt!" he whines. i just laugh at him, "really hungry here!" i say loudly, "damn just hang on, just around this corner." he exclaims as her pulls me around the corner.

        i follow him down a hallway next to the stairs that lead to a biggish kitchen with 5 pizza boxes on the counter. Niall walked to the counter and opened the pizza box, "Chloe insisted we get your favorite. pepperoni and black olives." he says showing me. i walk over and grab a slice, "well she was right about my favorite, but i wouldve been fine with pepperoni.." i take a bite of the pizza, which was insanely good. "good huh?" he ask me, taking a slice for himself, i nod. after about 3 more slices and 6 for Niall we drank a Coke and made our way up stairs.

        "RAE! NIALL" Chloe shouts throwing her Xbox remote at Harry who was waiting for his turn, "Hey! that hurt!" he yells rubbing his cheek. i run past Chloe who gasp, "are you okay?" i baby him, He laughs, "just fine." i kiss his cheek, "its okay Chloe is just a mean girl." Chloe walks over, "well then," she pulls me off Harry and throws my at Niall, "trying to steel my best friends?" she ask him. "Jealous?" Harry ask her raising his eyebrows, then Chloe attacks Harry jokingly. we all watch them argue over me, "no she is my best friend!" Chloe shouts, "No she is mine." Harry yells right back at her.

        "ahh Niall is soo cute when he is in like." Chloe says everyone else agreeing, "in what?" i ask completely confused. "nothing Rae." Louis sing songs, i glare at him. "how was work?" Chloe ask me, "it was fine.." i say thinking about Jared and Hannah, "did you get to work with Sexy Jared?" she asks me. i see Zayn glare at whatever he was staring at, "i always work with him, im trying to figure out how to set him up with Hannah." she sighs, "still a little match maker arent you?" i look at her with a funny look, "whats that supposed to mean?" i ask. she waves her hand at me, "oh nevermind." i glare at her.

         i open my mouth to say something but Liam and Niall pop back in the room arms full of Wii equipment and a stack of games, "were back!" Liam sings. Niall looks upset putting the games on the coffee table and sitting next to me. i try to catch his eye but he keeps looking down, "whats wrong?" i ask him as the other try to figure out how to set the Wii up. he looks up with a smile, "nothing! come on lets play!" he says standing up. i open my mouth but shut it and stand up to going to help set up the Wii.

Something is defiantly wrong, i know it.

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