You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


4. Pinky Promise

Once the boys were finished with their signing, i got let off work. I wanted to go home so change cause it was getting cold, we also decided to meet Chloe there and carpool to Nandos. The boys gave me a ride back to the flat even though I insisted on walking back, I obviously didn't get my way. I open the door and nearly got ran over by Chloe flinging her arms around Niall. I almost fell but Louis caught me, I chuckled as I saw Chloe and Niall hugging as Chloe sobbed.

The boys stood there akawardly as the two reunited, "wanna come in for a moment? While I change into something warmer." I ask them. They all nodded and walked in the door I held open for them. Niall and Chloe stayed outside to talk and catch up on everything. I ran into my room an changed into some jeans and a jacket. I left my hair and made sure my make up wasn't to bad from all my earlier crying. I was surprised it wasn't that bad, but it needed to be fixed.

I went to the bathroom with my stuff and was about to apply more eyeliner, when the door opened. I jumped causing my eyeliner to run across my cheek, "my bad.. What are you doing?" Niall asked me, "fixing my makeup.. What does it look like?" I replied trying to wipe off the eyeliner. "you look fine.. Don't fix it." he said quietly. "are you just saying that cause your really hungry?" I ask laughing, "no I'm not, you look fine just the way you are." Niall chuckled.

"Niall!! Rae!!! What are you two doing!?!?" I heard Chloe shout from the kitchen, "are you two snogging!?" I turned bright red, Niall laughed, "we are starving and I'm pretty sure Niall is too!" this time it was Liam who shouted. "let's go!" Niall said pulling me by my arm, "but I still have eye-" I started to say, "shut up you look fine!" I was pulled out to the boys' car and shoved into the back where Harry, Zayn and Chloe was waiting. I sat by the window and Niall plopped his butt next to me, "you have something on your face." Harry told me.

I glared at Niall who tried looking innocent, "sorry!" he said attempting to wipe it off. "okay you two lets keep things PG while Louis is driving." Liam said while Louis snickered. I turned my head away as I felt my cheeks heat up. "what did I tell you?" Niall asked me, I looked at him confused, "seriously Niall used to tell you all the time! And your still confused?" Chloe said. "don't hide your face from me!" she tried mimicking him, "shut your trap Chloe!" Niall blushed, "oh you two.. Fighting already? When you just reunited?" Zayn asks. I laugh remembering their silly little arguing when we were little.

Chloe was staring at me strangely and when I looked at her she raised her eyebrows looking from me to Niall. I knew what she was trying to do so I ignored her. Soon Liam turned the radio on and 'party Rock anthem' was playing and we all danced, "everyday I'm shufflin!" we all shouted. I was laughing uncontrolably as Zayn attempted to lip synch Luaren Bennettes part. Everyone else laughed too but I couldn't help but feel like they ended up laughing at me from laughing like crazy, "my goodnes your just as bad a Niall about laughing!" Harry exclaimed. "guys we are here!!" Niall shouted pointing at the sign which read 'Nandos', once Louis parked the car, Niall once again grabbed me by my wrist and ran for the doors the others trying to keep up.

"hello seats for two?" asked an older man as soon as we entered the doors. "uhh no, 7 please." I said as the others entered the restaurant, and as Niall jumped around excitedly. "yes one moment Please." he said leaving, "Niall! Would to calm down? What's so exciting?" I said turning to Niall. "well I haven't seen you in forever let alone had a meal!" he exclaimed loudly, "now I have all my best friends together!" I smiled at his Cuteness. "I'm still your best friend?" I asked, "of course you are!"

The man came back and lead us to our table, which was a rounded booth. We all squeezed in, I sat by Niall, of course and on my left was Harry. Chloe sat on Nialls other side and next to Zayn, leaving Louis on Harry's left and Liam on Zayns right. We all chatted until a waitress walked up to us with a big smile on her face, "hello boys! Can I get you something to drink?" asked. We all said was we wanted going down the row, she glared at my turn as well as Chloe's. The boys didn't seem to notice, but they sure did when she waddled away.

We all laughed, "I don't understand why girls try to act sexy around us." Niall said, "it's quite annoying if you ask me.." Liam added as everyone else agreed. "I like cute shy girls anyways.." Niall spoke again, "oh stop describing Rae Niall!" Chloe teased, I turned red along with Niall and the boys all laughed. "guys stop it! He doesn't like me! We are only best friends!" I didn't dare look to see if he was agreeing, but I felt him looking at me.

Like on que the waitress came with our drinks and asked us what we wanted to order. I had no idea what I wanted so I just got what Chloe got, not even thinking. Niall however ordered at least 3 full meals, "I can't believe you can eat that much!" I said shocked at how much he ordered, "well im hungry!!!" he whined. Well at least it wasn't akaward anymore. We started talking and ended up on the topic of going back to the flat and watching movies all night, when the waitress came with our food. "enjoy boys." she said completely ignoring Chloe and I again, she smiled and waddled away. "is it me or did her face get more orange?" Harry asked, we all laughed, "I think soo.. I think the guettos are migrating to Europe!" I laughed. We joked and ate our dinner.

We drove back to the flat, "hey Rae I forgot my keys!" Chloe told me, "you always do! How did you live on your own without me?" I asked her. Everyone chuckled as Chloe fake gasped, "uh rude! And I can manage on my own well thanks." she retorted, "it's only a joke!" I said letting everyone in as soon as I got the door unlocked.

Chloe, Zayn, Louis and Harry all squeezed on the big couch and Liam jumped on the recliner. I sighed and Chloe gave me a smirk as Niall and I sat on the love seat. "what movie are we going to watch?" I asked, "got any horror movies?" Harry asked. "NO!" Chloe and I screamed at the same time, the boys all looked at each other and grinned.

Niall jumped up and ran to the shelf of movies scanning the titles, "oh my favorite!" he smiled pulling out a DVD. He showed it to everyone, the boys all grinned but Chloe and I shared looks of fear, 'Prom Night' was what Niall had chosen. "Chloe! Why do you even own scary movies!?" I whinnied, "it's Nialls copy!" she replied. Niall laughed evilly and put the movie in the DVD player and pushed play.

I grabbed the pillow on the couch and hugged it tightly, Chloe doing the same. "don't worry I'll protect you." Zayn winked at chloe. Niall plopped on the couch and pulled me closer to him, "me too." he whispered in my ear, putting his arm on the back of the seat behind me.

I used the pillow as a barrier also hiding in Nialls side through out the entire movie, "are you even watching the movie?" Niall asked me finally, "no I'm not!" I whispered back to him. He laughed, "I don't find this funny!" everyone shushed us, I looked to see Chloe was hiding in Zayns shoulder, Harry dozed off on the couch and Louis laying on the floor watching the movie and Liam fully reclined possibly sleeping. I went back to hiding.

About 45 minute later I must of dozed off because I felt something poking my cheek. I opened my eyes and realized I was laying in someone's lap, I jumped up and hit my head on Nialls chin. "ow! Jesus Rae! Calm down!" he whispered, "sorry! I fell asleep!" I said, "well Hurr da durr!" he retorted. I glared at him then looked at the tv to see Nick at Night on now, I sighed in relief. I looked to see Liam curled in a ball on the recliner still, Chloe and Zayn were missing and Harry took up the entire couch, Louis was sprawled out on the floor.

I chuckled, "soo Chloe and Zayn.. They seemed to hit it off.." I looked at Niall who looked mad, "yeah and of anything happens I'll punch his face!" he said with fierce, "that's mean Niall!" I told him, "Chloe is old enough to date whom ever she likes." he glared at me, "I'm going to bed.." I whispered. "then go." he said, "I'm scared.." I looked away, "you didn't even watch the movie!"

"soo! Just come with me! I'm scared!" I begged grabbing his arm, "fine! I'll come!" he said getting up causing me to fall on the floor. "that wasn't nice at all!" I snapped at Niall, "sorry love," he replied pulling me up by my arm, "your bed awaits you." I pulled him down the hall past Chloe's room which was closed, I heard Niall growl, "what are you a dog?" I ask him. We turn to my room and I shut the door, Niall grabbed one on my blankets and Layed it on the ground.

"no your not sleeping on the ground!" I told him, "well your not either!" he snapped back at me, I totally forgot Niall is a grump when he is tired. "well we are friends and I have a full sized bed.." I whispered, "okay then.." he said and jumped on the bed. I laughs and crawled under the covers, "night Niall." I whisper to him.

"can we talk?" he ask me, "uh sure.. What about?" I asked him, "anything.." he said simply. "did you date anyone? While I was gone?" I asked nervously, "yes.. But I ended it so I could focus on my career. What about you?" I looked around my room, "yes.. We broke it off so he could focus on wrestling.. And so I could focus on school." I told him. He turned on his side towards me, I did the same. "did you ever think about me while I've been gone?" I asked slowly, "almost everyday.." he whispered. I was glad that the lights were off so Niall couldn't see me blushing.

"did you think of me?" he asked, "yeah, a lot." and for at least an hour we asked questions about what we did while we were apart. He joked around too, sometimes I would scold him for saying mean things. Then it got quite, "why didn't you call?" he asked me seriously, I looked down afraid. "I lost your number.

Niall sat up, "you had our number mesmerized." he said looking at me, "I forgot it." I whispered lamely. "did you not want to be friends anymore?" he whispered, "Niall! No I never said that!" I said sitting up quickly. "then why didn't you call? Was I not good enough? Did I say something before I left?" he asked loudly. "no Niall, it's hard to explain.." I whipped my eyes, I looked at Niall who looked mad. "tell me! Tell me I wasn't good enough then."

My face was frozen in shock, "maybe this was a bad idea.." he said getting up and walking towards the door. "Niall! No!" I yelled following him, I grabbed his hand which was on the door handle. "I-I was scared.." I whispered looking at me feet tears spilling out of my eyes, "scared?" he asked. I looked up and nodded, "scared of what?" he let go of the door handle.

"I was scared that you and Chloe would replace me with someone else.." I said embarrassed, "Rae we would never ever replace you.." Niall told me grabbing my hands. "wow I can't believe we both got mad at each other today after 2 years of not seeing each other." he said. I nodded, "we are young and stupid." I lead him back to the bed.

"because we both changed.." he said laying down, "yeah.." I agreed. We sat In silence for a moment, "let's make a promise." I spoke, "what kind of promise?" he asked me. "well be both changed.. And we should both figure out our changes.. That is if you don't leave." he smiled, "don't worry your not leaving my side for awhile." I smiled back.

"promise we won't leave each other again.. Even if both of us change?" I asked, "and that we will try out the changes..?" he added. I smiled more, "pinky promise?" I held out my pinky, "pinky promise." he said holding out his pinky and we linked them and shook.

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