You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


2. Is that you?

its been a week sense i moved in with Chloe and let me tell you, we cried for about 4 hours as we told each other how our life went on without each other. She told me that Nialls music career is actually going good, whatever that ment, which I was happy cause I remember when he was 10 and he took quite interest in it. I remember he taught me how to play guitar when I was 14, which was one of my favorite memories of him and I.

I don't want to be a burden to my parents or Chloe, do I got a part time job at a book store. Chloe was somewhat mad, but I didn't care we still had time to explore! She had a part time job to which at a Starbucks. Now usually on Saturdays I never had to work, but we had a busy day we had a book signing. I had no idea who they were but it was a boy band who wrote their own autobiography. I woke up and grabbed something to eat I saw Chloe was up too, "morning Chloe, why you up? I thought you weren't working today." I asked her, "same here but I got a call and someone called in 'sick'" she said putting quotations as she said sick. I tilted my head confused, "everyone knows she is going to that book signing." she said when I didn't understand. "oh, and what's this bands name again? I forgot."

She looked up at me with a funny face, "you never heard of 'One Direction'?" I shook my head. "well you'll know who they are when you see them at work, maybe you will know one of them before the became famous." Chloe said, "god Chloe, quit the fortune cookie crap and tell me what you mean by that!" she looked away at the clock and jumped up. "oh look at the time! I should be going! And you Should be getting your French ass ready for work.. Look nice. Trust me you'll want to." and with that she left me standing in the kitchen.

I shrugged it off and ran down the hallway of our adverse sized flat. I took a quick shower and threw my long hair in a waterfall braid, then put on my makeup and changed into some shorts and cute ruffled tank top. i slipped on some TOMS and grabbed my bag.

i was happy we didn't have to wear uniforms at the bookstore, unlike Chloe who was alway complaining about her uniform which included a hat. I ran down stairs and grabbed my backpack with my stuff in it and walked to work, it was only a couple blocks away.

Once I was outside the gates I headed in the direction of work, I was at least 1 block away when i noticed girls lined up down the sidewalk. I wondered what it was for, I didn't let it bother me much and continued of towards work. I couldn't help but get annoyed by the girls pretty much screaming about the time, "OMG only 1 hour!" I heard most of them say.

I put my head phones that were plugged into my blackberry, and decided to google this so called 'One Direction.' I clicked on the first video with lyrics, which was called 'what makes you beautiful.' it actually wasn't to shabby. After it was finished I clicked in "more than this", it was slow but I liked it which I wasn't normally a fan of slow songs. I listened to them all sing the course beautifuly together, then I heard an amazingly beautifuly somewhat familiar voice. "if I'm louder..would you see me? Would you lay down.. In my arms and rescue me? We are.. The same.. You save me.. And when you leave it's gone again."

I stopped waking and could help but feel like this verse was the story of my life when I thought of Niall. It broke my heart when I thought of him, the voice reminded me of him. I quickly changed the song to an upbeat fun song, 'starships' I fake smiled to myself and continued on. The girls getting louder as I traveled down the street, "hey!! Get back in line you cutter!" I heard someone yell over my music. I stopped and turned to see a girl about 15 pointing at me, "uhh I'm not cutting I'm going to work." I said pulling out my headphones.

She glared at me, "no your not you liar, your like 14 you can't work!" she replied rudely. I looked at her in shock, "for your information im 17 years old! And I work at the book store down the street!" I snapped right back at her my accent getting stronger as I got angrier. "whatever you just want to see One Direction all for yourself!" she said crossing her arms, I just stared at her in shock 'what a brat!' I thought to myself.

"Rae!" I heard a familar voice call my name, I turned to see a co-worker, Jared running towards me. "there you are Rae! We need your help on getting these books on the shelfs like right away!" he told me, then looking at the girl, "who is your friend?" he asked pointing at her, "she isn't a friend, she is a rude girl who wants to meet this band!" I told him. "well she gets to wait at least another 2 hours before she can meet them! However we get to meet them in about 30 minutes." he Bragged in front of the girl who huffed turning away.

I giggled and we walked to the front door, I was about to open it when Jared stopped me short. "are you stupid? We have to go through the back." he snapped at me. I glared at him for being rude and followed him around back. I saw my boss, Lisa, pacing around the break room muttering to herself, "ah at least some of you showed up!" she said taking notice of Jared and I.

She quickly directed us to what needed to be done before we opened. I was stuck stocking while Jared was mopping the floors that weren't carpeted, I giggled as he would sweep by doing funny things. About 30 minutes later I heard Lisa walking around explaining stuff to someone or some people. I looked through the bookshelf to see 6 people following her, 5 teenagers and and older man. I could barley see them so I could see if they were cute, then I realized, wasn't I stocking their books on the shelfs? I looked to see 5 amazingly georgous boys, and one look very familiar.

I was about to open the book when I heard my name being called. "Rae. We are going to open up soon, take the rest of the books to the front please, right by the table will do!" I heard Ron, the assistant manager telling me, "sure thing Ron!" I yelled. I grabbed the 2 boxes left and lifted them up, they covered my face and I sighed. I could probably feel my way around, I started backing up away from the bookshelfs unfortunately bumping into someone. I turned around unable to see who ever it was, "I'm so sorry!" I mumble through the boxes, "it's fine, I heard a familiar voice along with a familiar name over hear, came to investigate."

I stopped breathing when I heard my other favorite voice ever. "how familiar?" I asked my voice cracking, "R-Rae?" he asked. I dropped the boxes which landed on both of our feet, we both gasped going in to grab our foot and we ended up hitting heads. He laughed, "same old clutz Rae." said as he pulled me in a big hug, "oh Niall! I've missed you so much!" I cried hugging him back.

I heard someone wolf whistle, "looky here boys!" I heard a deep British accent, Niall and I jumped apart. "oh hey guys.." he said turning red, and the first time I really got a good look at him. His hair was still blonde and his eyes seemed bluer than ever, he noticed I was staring up at him and smiled. His teeth were straight, maybe his dentist made him wear them. "we'll introduce us to your beautiful friend here!" the boy who whistled spoke, his voice not as deep as the other, "oh boys this is my best friend Rae, and she was my cousins best friend too."

I saw them all nod, "yeah, Chloe she was nice and super cute! Can we go see her!? She made some really good cookies!" the boy with a deep voice asked excitedly. "maybe if you be nice and introduced yourself!" a tall boy with somewhat curly brown hair said speaking for the first time with his hand extended to me, "I'm Liam, nice to meet a friend of Nialls." I shook his hand looking up at him smiling. "I'm Zayn, nice to meet you." said a boy with darker skin and dark hair with amazing brown eyes.

I only waved at him cause he was to far away, "hey I'm Louis." said the one who wolf whistled at Niall and I. "Harry." said the boy with a deep voice, he has long curly hair. I looked back at Niall who had his arm around my waist, he was smiling widely. "aww come on!! Why didn't you tell me you called dibs!?" said Harry, I looked at him with shock. "dibs?" I asked Niall with hurt In my voice, "wait. No I would never ever do that to any-"

save it Niall." I interrupted him, "No! Rae, I never call dibs! Ever!" he pleaded. The others looke shocked and angry, "Harry you twit!" shouted Liam, "what!?" Zayn smacked his head. I grabbed the boxes super confused, "Rae, wait!" Niall said grabbing my arm, "well just leave you to sort this out.." Liam said pulling Harry away by his shirt, with Louis and Zayn following behind them.

"you can leave cause we won't be sorting this out." I said, "Rae! Stop! Why are you doing this?" Niall pleaded. I stopped, "you have obviously changed." I said quietly, I felt the boxes rip from my grip and Niall set them on the ground. "how so!" he asked madly, "look at you! You have braces, your hair isnt long anymore!" I nearly yelled. "that only looks! Everyone changes there looks!" he snapped at me, "yeah, but your famous now! You call dibs on girls with you band mates! When's the last time you talked to your mum? Or Chloe? Did you have any idea she is living In London now?" I asked, he looke confused for a moment.

"clearly fame has gotten the best of you." I said going to grab the boxes again I stopped when Niall stepped in front of them. "why can't you just be happy that we are here together?" he asked, "aren't we still friends?" I pushed him and grabbed the boxes, "no Niall I was friends with the old you, and I don't think we still are." I whispered walking away towards the break room with tears in my eyes.

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