You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


7. I Cant Believe You

~Niall's POV~

Liam dragged me out of the room to get the Wii stuff, "what's wrong?" I ask, he clearly needed to talk. He turns around, "you know that your going to have to leave Chloe and Rae behind when the summer is over with?" he ask me, I sigh, "I try not to think about it." I say sadly.  By the end of the summer we would be going on tour again in America.

 I'd have to leave Rae and Chloe behind which broke my heart. "you need to tell them sooner rather than last minute." Liam says to me, "but I don't want to.. It will upset Rae.." I sigh. Liam grabs my shoulders, "I'm serious, you can't keep it from them. Especially Rae, I know you like her." I stare into his eyes and nod. "okay.. I'll tell Chloe tonight, ask her when it would be the right moment to tell Rae.." I think out loud, Liam nods handing me a stack if games.

       We walk back to the room, "we're back!" Liam says, I put the games on the coffee table and sit next to Rae. I didn't dare to look at her yet, why did Liam have to bring this up now? Why couldn't he wait till they were gone? I could see Rae looking at me from the corner of my eyes as everyone else tried to set up the gaming system. After a moment or two Rae spoke up, "what's wrong?" she ask me. I just look down, "nothing! Come on let's play!" I say smiling. Standing up I look at Rae with her mouth open to say something, but she closes it and stands up to nodding. She wasn't convinced, not one bit.

~Chloe's POV~

We played 'Just Dance' for a good two hours, it was getting late, "we should get going soon." Rae says looking at her phone. I sigh, why does always worry about stay at a friends late? "why don't you just stay the night?" Zayn suggest. I smile when he talks, just like Rae's habit of blushing when Niall smiled at her. They were both confusing people, both are practically in love with each other but they refuse to believe that the other likes them.

      "but Zayn we have to go to the studio tomorrow." Liam points out, "that would be rude to leave them here alone." he looks at me and Rae. I but in, "what if we went with you guys." Rae sits up, "that would be rude to the people that work in the studio." I sigh, why must she think like that? Niall looks at her and frowns, "uh we work in the studio and it wouldn't be rude at all." he says. Harry nods, "yeah it would be totally fine with us." Louis said. Rae looks at everyone of the boys for permission, all of them nodding, "okay.." she says slowly.

   We played some more games, "would you mind if I took a shower?" Rae ask Niall, "er not at all." He tells her, Then leads her down the hallway. After a moment or two he comes back alone, I let Zayn have the remote and they all start dancing.

 Niall sits next to me, "hey Chloe," he says sounding very.. Off. I try to look at him but he refuses to look me in the eye, "what's up Niall?" I ask him. "did Rae do something to you?" I ask, he shakes his head. I sigh, "did she say she doesn't like you back? Because-" I get cut of. "Attheendofthesummertheboysandineedtoleaveforatourinamerica!" he blurts out not taking a pause. I look at him like he is a foreign student, more like Rae when I can't understand her, "okay.." I say nodding, "now can you say that again? But in English?" I ask him.

       He sighs, "the boys and I are leaving after summer for America." he looks at me sadly, "please don't hate me!" he pleads. I sigh sadly, "it's fine Niall, I knew this would happen." he nods, "have you told Rae yet?" I ask. He shakes his head, "I wanted to ask you when I should tell her." I look away, "why should it matter?" I ask him. I wasn't surprised when he glared at me, "what's that supposed to mean?" he ask me. "she is going back to America at the end of the summer, your going to America again. Looks like we are all going to be split up again. It's not like your ever going to fess up to your feelings for her anyways!" I say throwing my arms up.

     Niall stares at me astonished, "I can't believe you would say that! I asked you for your help so I could tell her before it's to late! I'm sorry that your going to get left behind again! But is it my fault? No it's not! Sorry you didn't want to chase your dreams like I did!" he yells at me. I stand up, "fine if that's how you really feel. Tell her before you leave! Why the fuck are you even worried about it now?" I scream at him.

      I noticed the boys stopped playing the game as stared at us with shock. Niall looks at Liam pissed, "tell her before you fucking leave! Like I care, just don't ask for my help." I say grabbing my coat off the couch and running down stairs. "fine just leave! Leave like you always do when nothing goes the way you want to!" Niall yells at me, "yeah well you go running to mummy when someone tells you the truth!" I yell right back at him slamming the front door. I run down the gravel driveway kicking rocks everywhere, I reach the end of the street and scream.

 I can't take it anymore, Niall always bitching about how he never told Rae about how he thought he liked her. Now she is right in front of his face and he cant say it. I was so lost in thought I didn't notice headlights from behind me. I ignored it and kept walking, a black SUV rolled up next to me and stopped. The window rolled down, "you know it's dangerous to be walking around this late at night?" Zayns voice asked me.

      I turned to he his head poking out of the window.   I smile, "hey Zayn." I wave to him, "want a ride?" he ask me. I glare at him, "in not going back there." I spat at him, "who says I was going back there?" he ask me. I smile, "okay." and with that I hop in and we take off.

~Rae's POV~

       Niall led me down the long hallway, at the end of the hallway he turned into a doorway. "you can use my bathroom," he says opening the door, "umm towels are under the sink. Umm if you want to change out of your cloths you can wear some of mine. The dressers over there." he pauses.  Looking away, "umm I use men's body wash and shampoo.." he says awkwardly. I chuckle, " that's fine with me." he smiles, "okay I'll just leave you alone then.. Try not to get wet!" he says shutting the door. (that sounded soo dirty, but I'm hoping you know what I mean-.-)

        I strip down and throw my cloths in the corner of the bathroom near the sink. I sigh looking at my naked body in the mirror, seeing my pathetic left arm bent at an angle. I let my long orange hair fall down my back, the only thing I liked about me because it was different. Who would ever want this? I wonder to myself. I pull out a towel from under the sink setting it on the counter. I turned to the shower, it didn't have a curtain, instead it had a glass sliding door. Well this was awkward, I stand in the shower trying to figure out how to turn the damn thing on for at least five minutes.

        Finally I get the shower started and well shower. I step out of the shower and notice steam was covering the mirror. I pull out my phone, "shoot!" I say upset, I took a 30 minute shower! Hopefully Niall wont get angry, I sigh why am I such a burden to everyone? Why the hell do I over think things while I'm in the shower? I dry myself off still thinking, trying to be still I listen for the others. The house is to big, darn. What was I thinking? Niall was gonna tell everyone else what was wrong with him but me? I wonder what's wrong with him, he seemed really upset. Maybe Liam said something about me while they were gone! But Liam wouldn't, he is too nice!

Soon I hear people running down stairs and back up, "he took the SUV!" Harry's voice yells causing me to flinch. Who took the SUV? I wondered. I wrapped the towel around my under arms and walk into Nialls room towards his dressers. I grab a pair of his shorts and a Jack Willis sweatshirt, then I run back to the bathroom to retrieve my bra and underwear.

        Unfortunately I slipped in the process, hitting the wall with my heel. Luckily there wasn't a hole, I quickly changed and ran out the doorway. Before I could turn down the hallway I hit somebody and fell back in my bum. I look up to see Louis laughing at me, "you okay sweet cheeks?" he ask me offering a hand. I glare at him taking his hand, "peachy," I say rubbing my behind. "I heard a loud thud and came to see if was you.. Was it?" he ask.

        I nod, "yes.." we walk down the hallway. "sorry by the way. Why did you fall?"   " err I heard someone yelling, "he took the SUV!" I say, "who took it?" I ask before he could say something. He looks around, "Chloe and Zayn.." I look up at him, "where did they go?" I question him, "oh back to your flat." I tilt my head, "and why, may I ask?"  He looks at me funny, "well I don't know! I'm not Zayn or Chloe!" he snaps.

        We walk in to the gaming room to see Niall on the phone, his face was red. "don't you dare touch her!" he screams, then Pauses, "I don't give a fuck how old she is or how mad she is!" he saw me and turned his back, "fine but when it doesn't work out don't come crying to me!" he snaps hanging up the phone. Liam sitting on the couch stands up and pats Nialls back, "it's okay man.. Chloe doesn't mean what she said.. Zayn is gonna feel stupid for what he did by tomorrow." Niall just shook his head.

        I look over at Harry, he is just looking helpless not knowing how to comfort Niall. Louis and I just stand there confused and upset, by the way Niall looks. Harry walks over to Lou and I, "I think you should talk to him." he tells me, "Liam.. Let's go." he calls to him. I watching sigh and pat Nialls back one more time. "be careful with him.." he says walking by me, then shutting the door. What was that supposed to mean?

   I look back at Niall who was sitting down with his head in his hands, "Niall.." I say quietly. He doesnt answer, instead he turns away from me more. I walk over to him and kneel down in front of him, (again you might have Dirty.. But no not like that.) I pull his hands away from his face, "Niall.." I say again looking at his tear stained face. "wh- what happened?" I asked him, "Chloe and I got into an argument. She said some nasty things to me." I see more tears run down his cheeks.

      Then I get mad, why would she say mean stuff to him? "like what sorta stuff?" He looks away, "nothing, don't worry about it." I glare at him, "don't tell me that! I will worry about it when your crying!" I yell. He sits there not moving, "fine I'll call Chloe!" I say pulling my phone out. He grabs my arm quickly making me gasp, "no! Don't!" he pleads. "then tell me Niall!" I snapped.

He looks up with watery eyes, "I have to leave at the end of the summer!" he tells me out of the blue, I just look at him. "I didn't know how to tell you, but Liam said to do it now rather than last minute, so I told Chloe and she flipped out cause she is going to get left behind again and some other stuff I'd really rather not talk about with you." he inhales, "then I said something I shouldn't have said, then she took off and Zayn followed her and I called pissed at him but Chloe answered and called me a worthless talentless terrible cousin!" I let my mouth fall open, "she said that!?" I ask shocked by the words that had just come out of Nialls mouth.

        He nodded, "that's it!! I can't believe her! After all you two have been through!?" I scream going through my contacts on my phone. Niall just looks at me confused as I put my phone up to my ear. Someone answers it on the 4 ring, "hello?" Zayns voice asked, "you put Chloe on right now!" I yell at him. He pauses, "Rae? Is that you?" he ask, i noticed my accent was strong from how angry I was. "yes! Now let me speak to Chloe, now!"  I heard muffling, "what?" I hear Chloe ask me, "are you kidding me?" I ask, "you really must have some balls to say that to someone's face! Even your own cousin!" I yell.

  "oh of course you would take his side!" she yells, I hear Niall sob, "of course, you do t realize that what you said to him is tearing him apart? He is crying!"  "whatever! You wouldnt give a ratsass if it was me crying instead!" she snaps, "oh and what's that supposed to mean?" I ask her. "it means you would rather stand up for Niall, the boy you will never confess your feelings to, rather than your best friend!" I was a bit taken a back, "yeah well he is my best friend!" she pauses, "well I guess this was a big waste of time!" she says, "well if that's what you think!" I yell. "it is!" she yells , "fine!" I yell back hanging up, well I wont be going home for the next few days.

        I walk back to Niall who is looking at me with shock, "why would you do that?" he ask, I shrug, "Chloe was being unreasonable." i tell him. He sniffs, "im sorry she said those nasty things to you." I say to him. He wipes his face, "it's fine, I'll just give it a few days and I'll apologize." I nod, "me too." to be honest I wasn't even mad, which was odd me and Chloe never fought like that. "can we go to bed?" I ask Niall, "of course," he says and leads me to his bedroom where we both lay down.

        I fall asleep instantly, falling into a terrible dream. I wake up what seems 5 minutes but is really 4 hours, screaming and crying with sweat rolling down my face. Niall is sitting up looking at me, "what's wrong?" he ask me, I just shake my head and hug him tightly. I dreamed that Chloe and I never made up, I went back to America and never talked to Niall or Chloe again. Niall didn't asked but he just hugged me and rubbed my back until I drifted to sleep again.

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