You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


3. I can explain

I walked with the boxes, towards the break room. I slammed them down on the table and fell back in a chair tears running down my face freely. I quickly pulled out my phone and went to my contacts and pushed call on 'Chloe;)' it rang twice then I finally heard her voice, "Rae! I'm in work! What is it?" she whispered loudly.

"is this what you ment by I would know somebody?" I said hoarsely into te phone, "Rae.. What's wrong?" I heard her ask concerned. "why didn't you tell me he was famous?" I asked completely ignoring her question, "I- I don't know.." I looked around making sure nobody was in here, "whens the last time you talked to him?" silence. "Chloe! Tell me." I said loudly, "about 6 months ago.. But dont hate him cause of it.. We sorta grew apart." I started chipping at the corner of the box sitting on the table, "he's changed.. A lot." I said quietly on the phone, "no he hasn't! Everyone changes and you know that." she snapped.

"Rae! What are you doing? We open in 5!" I jumped to see Lisa standing in the doorway, "gotta go Chloe." I stood up shoving my phone back in my pocket, "sorry, it was important. What do you want me to do?" I ask whipping my face. "stand up front with the boys and make sure nothing gets to outta hand." she told me quickly, "but that's what security is for." I stated. "yeah, I also want you to make sure the boys are having a good time, if there pen runs outta ink get them a new one, if they need water get them some. Got it?" I glared at her. Seriously? I just had a fight with Niall and his friends were just annoying!

I didn't protest, instead I grabbed those stupid boxes and followed her to the front. I set them down next to the table, and looked to see Lisa glaring at me, "what?" I asked confused, "am I your mother or something?" she asked. I gave a confused look, "introduce yourself now!" she said pointing at the boys, "we already met." I snapped. She nodded, "drop the attitude, or you will we are going to have problems later." I nodded and watched her leave, I turned back to the boys who all looked shocked, Niall however looked angry his face a little red. I tried not to make eye contact with him but it was to late, "how can you let her talk to you like that?" he asked me angrily, "she's my boss, that's why." I said sitting off to the side of the table.

They all turned looking at me strangely, "what!?" I asked rudely, regretting it from all there faces afterwards. I looked down, "sorry, not having a good day." I felt eyes piercing the side of my head, I knew it was Niall yet I still looked up. His blue green eyes looked upset and glossy, for some stupid reason I smiled when I did his eyes lightened up. Then I heard screaming and tons of girls gushed in the room. The boys all gave me reassuring looks as I backed away, for some reason the fans scared me. After scooted my seat back alittle, I looked at Niall who was happily signing the books and taking pictures with the girls.

How could I be mad at him?He looks so happy, that's all I really wanted for him. Was I stupid for saying those things to his face?

~2 hours later~

The boys started getting tired I guess you could say, but then never stopped smiling not once. Niall was complain he was hungary just like I remember he always did. Harry was doing a potty dance along with Zayn and Liam was ranting about needing to stretch, so was Louis. Finally Lisa got up and told them fans that they needed a 15 minute break, mostly everyone 'aww'd' and some shouted mean things.

The boys stood up, "Rae, take them to the break room!" Ron whispered to me, i nodded and lead them to the back. We stood there awkwardly for a moment, "oh the bathrooms are over there, only one for us workers." I was saying but got drowned out by Harry shouting, "called it!!" and with that he ran towards the bathroom. I giggled and Zayn groaned, Liam and Louid were stretching out their legs. Niall was snacking on a bag of munchies, when Harry walk out of the bathroom and nearly got ran over by a screaming Zayn. "I told him not to drink a lot of water." Liam mutters, I smile at him cause he seemed fatherly to them all.

I heard someone clear their throat, "I need some fresh air.." I turned to see Niall standing. I sighed and nodded him to follow me to the tiny outdoor room, where people smoked on breaks. I kicked open the door and put a stopper in it, I turned to leave when I felt someone grab my wrist. "Rae.. Please stay." whispered Niall, I turned to look at him with anger but I could once I saw his eyes. "uh okay.." I said pulling my arm away, and sat at the table.

It was silent and I was getting nervous for some reason, then Niall spoke, "do you hate me?" he asked, "Niall I could never hate you!" I said shocked. "then why are you doing this to me!? I thought we were best friends!" he yelled causing me to flinch, "because people change.." I said unsure. "so you hate me cause I'm famous?" he laughed darkly, "no! I hate the fame has done to you! You don't even talk to your family anymore!" I yelled, he looked at me with glossy eyes. "you don't know how hard it is to live this life!" he snapped right back at me, "you don't know how much it kills me when I can't talk to my family!"

I looked down, why was I being stupid? He was my best friend and I was hating him for something everyone does. Changing 

"you left and came back famous.. You and Chloe arent close anymore you didn't even know what she was doing with her life til I told you!" he kicked a chair next to him, "don't you dare talk to me about 'leaving!' I can't believe you would say that!" he yelled at me. I looked up confused, "what are you talking about?" I asked quitely, "your the one who left me! You left me and Chloe, Rae!" I gasped, was this all my fault? I let my eyes fill with tears, I looked up at Niall who was redden with anger, "I'm sorry! I really am!" I sobbed. Niall looked a bit a taken back, "Rae.." he said walking over to me then kneeled on the ground so I was a little bit taller than him, "it's my fault everything happened." I cried staring into his eyes.

"no, Rae this was never your fault.." he said grabbing my shoulders, "im like this cause i wanted to be famous, and maybe i did let fame change me a little. but im still me, the Irish boy that you left.." i looked down more tears spilling from my eyes as he said 'left', "now i feel like a total i am a total bitch." i said feeling really stupid with myself. "no, you werent being a bitch to me, im thinking of it as a good friend looking out for me." he said lifting my chin up, i looked to see him smiling and i couldnt help but smile too, "i miss you old smile... i liked your crooked teeth." i said quietly, his smile fell. "my fans didnt..." i frowned, "im sure some of them did, but i like you with or without straight teeth." i smiled cheekily knowing he didnt want to talk about it.

he laughed out loudly, "thanks Rae, so am i forgiven?" he asked innocently, "ahh nope."i said seriously, "what? why?" he asked. i looked down, "ill only forgive you if you come and have dinner with Chloe and i.. and the boys." i heard him chuckle, "oh cousre! i was going to ask anyways!" he said. i smirked and pulled out my phone, "great so you will be the one to call her." i shoved the phone in his hand and he took it, walking away going though my contacts. i heard someone clearing their throat, causing me to jump. "you guys finish?" i turned to see Zayn, "oh mind if i?" he said holding up a cigarette, "oh umm i dont mind.. but i have terrible asthma soo.." i said awkwardly.

Zayn frowned, "oh a then i just wont," he said shoving it back in his pocket, "so i heard that we are all going for dinner with Niall's cousin and you?" i looked at him shocked, "how did you know?" i uhh overheard." he guilty, i glared at him "how much did you here?" he leaned against the wall, "more than enough.." i laughed, "you guys are so great!" i said sarcastically, "im sorry i didnt mean to.. i was waiting so i could you know.." he said trailing off. was he afraid of saying smoking? "oh then ill let you do that.. bye" i said getting up and going back inside.

i turned the corner, heading back to the break room inside but i ran into someone, "oh hey there." it was Niall who happened to have a big smile on his face, "hey did you talk to Chloe?" i asked. "no i talked to Liam." he said, i glared at him, "sarcasm, of course i did! and we are gonna go to my favorite place sense it seems you guys barley have any food." i laughed, "let me guess you favorite place is still Nandos?" i asked.

"you know it babe!" he said loudly, i laughed even harder. maybe he hasnt changed much. "Rae! get the boys back! we are going to head back to signing!" i head Ron shouting, "okay!" i shouted back. i heard Niall groaning and Zayn shutting the door, "its okay dude we only have about another 2 hours." he said, and this time i sighed. they both laughed at me as we walked into the break room to see the others sitting down eating food, "you guys heard him?" i asked, they nodded, "well get going!" i laughed at them. they all stood up and i lead them back to another 2 hours of screaming girls. fun.

today was somewhat good. so far.

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