You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


10. Bar fight anyone?

We arrived at a little house in a creepy place I've never been to yet, and let me tell you I wasn't going there again. "Harry were are we?" I asked scared looking at the houses, "It's okay Rae." Niall put his hand on my knee reassuringly. Harry got out an headed for the front door, "I don't think he should go by himself." Liam said.

Niall and I nodded, "oh would you just trust him?" Louis said turning towards us, "well it sorta is now that I know my best friend used fake IDs!" Liam snapped at him. I frowned, "are you mad at me Liam?" I asked, "what? No! I could never be ma at you." he said quickly. I smiled at him, "it's okay of you are. I would be mad too." I told him.

Niall raised an eyebrow, "er he said he isn't." I looked at him, "never mind it's useless explaining to you guys." I said looking out the window. "I'll be mad if you get super drunk though. Usually I have Zayn to help me with them. And he is with Chloe." i hold my hand out, "okay I won't." he smiles and shake my hand.

Harry runs out to the car excitedly, "I got it!" he smiled opening the door and handing me the plastic card with my name on it. It read "Rae Payne age 18 B.O.B 9, 9, 1993" I raised my eyebrow, "Rae Payne?" I asked him. "err yeah." Niall snatched the ID from my hands, "why did you use his last name?" he asked Harry, "because you both would've freaked out if I used 'Horan'" he laughed.

"were only friends!" Louis mimicked Nialls Irish accent, "yeah only friends!" Harry screeched in a terrible French accent. I leaned forward and smacked Harry then Louis, then Harry again, "hey why hit only me twice?" he whined. "for the terrible French accent!" I snapped the others laughed, "can we please go?" Niall asked. Harry finally pulled of the driveway and to the pub.

~at the pub~

We all piled out of the van and headed towards the front door where a man was checking IDs. There was a longish line and we got in it quickly, "Niall I'm scared.." I whisper to him, "just act calm and stop fidgeting!" he told me. I sighed, "well I'm sorta breaking the law, it's hard not to fidget!" I whispered in his ear.

He put his arm around my waist, "I'll protect you, just have the ID ready." I blushed and nervously grabbed it, Niall was making me more nervous. We inched forward in line, the boys smiling as they saw Nialls arm around me, "you guys should put some shades on or something." I whispered.

Harry laughed, "we never get bugged in pubs." Louis nodded, "yeah more of our fans aren't of age." I nodded in relief, "hey Liam!" I heard a girl shout, great, I thought a fan. I turned to see a girl with dark curly hair running into his open arms. "Danielle! I thought we weren't on till tomorrow!" Liam smiled hugging her tightly.

She pulled away and kissed him, "well I was just walking by and I saw you." I got a good look at her, Liam's girlfriend was beyond beautiful and I was suddenly felt insecure. "who is this?" she asked as she smiled at the other boys, "that's Rae, Nialls friend." I smiled and held my hand out, "hello." I said quietly.

She shook it, "hey girl. We should Defenatly  hang out soon with Eleanor and Chloe! I met her once and she was cool." Danielle rambled on. I smiled and nodded, we traded numbers too, "oh shoot, it's late and I have dance rehearsals tomorrow morning!" she said looking at her phone. She and Liam shared a kiss and she waved goodnight to everyone and took off.

I noticed we were at the front of the line and the big security guard was waiting for me to show him my ID. I lifted it up with a shaky hand, he glanced and looked at Niall, I sighed in relief. After he looked at Nialls ID he pulled me in the pub which was big and lists of people were there.

Niall pulled me to a booth with a tv near it playing a match of football. I chuckled, "still a football fan?" I asked, talking for the first time, "we'll duh!" he smiled at me. My heart pounded in my chest, he seemed really happy and I couldn't help but smile back. "yes, we are finally here! I need a beer!" Harry said sitting across from us with Louis and Liam.

A girl walked up to us, "what do you want to drink lads, lady." she asked and finally a girl acknowledges me! I smile at her, "actually I'll just have a water tonight." I say acting like a drink regularly, "same." said Liam. She looked at the others who all ordered a beer, "you all just gonna be drinking? Or you want a meal?" she asked.

"I'll get a hamburger and chips please," I asked, "mee too!" Liam said raising his hand along with Niall. "can we get a big plate of chips?" Harry asked, the girl nodded and took off. "see was it really that scary?" Louis asked me. I stuck my tongue out at him just as our drinks arrived, "I've been waiting for you forever!" Niall cried picking up his beer and kissing it before taking a big swig of it.

I could help but laugh, "Niall! I can't says that cute, well because your drinking beer!" he looks at me, "it's manly, in not cute anymore, I'm manly!" Liam gives him an odd look. Lou and Harry are drinking, "did you have a couple of beers before we left?" Liam asked. "no!" Niall said, "3 plates of burgers and chips!" yelled the girl, we cleared our hands off the table "and one large plate of chips." she said placing our meals down.

She put the ketchup on the table, "another beer lads?" she asked noticing their nearly empty mugs, Niall nodded. "be right back." an with a wink she left, i shrugged and took a bite of my burger. "this is really good!" I exclaimed taking another bite and shoving another fry in my mouth. I look at Niall who has already half of his burger eaten, "what?" he ask with a mouth full, I laughed.

The girl a appears with more beers and we continue to eat and joke around with each other. I only have a little bit of budge left, which Niall takes gratefully, "I'm still hungry!" he huffs, "no more eating or your going to throw your food all up." Liam tells him like he was a child. I look at him funny, "Niall acts like a child when drunk so you have to treat him like one." he told me, "Harry no! You can't touch his belly button!" Liam scolded Harry who was supposed to be dancing with Louis.

I laugh, "I don't act like a child!" Niall says crossing his arms over his chest, "I'm sure you don't Nialler." I grab his half empty beer mug and take a big gulp. Niall is looking at me with big eyes now, "but I thought you weren't goin to drink!" he said in shock, "I took a little sip! Calm down." I snapped. "that's was more than a sip Rae.. But woah I never seen a girl think that much in one sip." he said analyzing the now nearly empty mug.

I punch him, "oh shut it Niall," he drinks the rest, "okay! Let's dance!" he says pushing me out of the booth. I roll my eyes but follow him to where the others are dancing, we mostly make up our moves but I guess thats just as any kind of dance. I look at Louis who is doing the classic "stop tue traffic, let them through." when he let the traffic through Harry mows the lawn across.

Niall just dances like a maniac and tires himself out fast, "would you like some water?" I ask him, "no I want more beer!" he screams. I calm him down, "okay hold on I'll be back with a beer," I say walking off, "and a water." I say under my breath as I head towards the counter. Niall doesn't seem that drunk, he only just downed 3 beers.. Shoot he is drunkish..

I sit next to a big buff man that looks like he is on steroids, he doesn't pay any attention to me, just his phone drinking a lite beer. I shrug and wait for a bartender to notice me, "what can I get you?" a guy ask me finally, "can I just get a beer and a water" I ask, "sure it will just be a moment or two." I nod and he runs off making some drink for another customer.

I look at the tv with the football match playing, I love football my favorite team is American though. I was so lost in the game, I jumped when the guy put the beer down infront of me, "oh sorry!" I said he glared and turned away, I was looking through my bag for change to tip him.

Once I found some I put it one the counter an went to grab the beer when I saw it was missing. I looked around and notice that steroid dude had it and was drinking it, "hey! That was mine!" I snapped, "oh shut it you filthy woman." he replied taking another sip. I stared at him in shook, "what did you just call me?" I asked venom dripping from my words, "would you shut your mouth, you ungrateful bitch!" he yelled at me causing everyone to go silent.

I let my mouth drop, "ungrateful- your the one who is ungrateful!" I snapped, "shut up woman!" he yelled again I recognized a Italian accent. I had enough and did something that I didn't think I would ever do. My body reacted before my brain did, I dumped my water over his head. He stood up dropping tue mug of beer, it shattered everywhere, "you little bitch!" he yelled.

I looked up at him, I tried not to look scared but I must have failed. I stood up and this set him off, my eyes were on his right hand but his left hand went up and before I could react I was on the floor. Then everything went black.

~Niall's POV~

I walked out of the loo and noticed everyone was silent, Liam was looking at the bar in shook. "what's going on?" I asked him, "dude look!" he said pointing at Rae who had just poured water on a man sitting next to her. He stood up dropping his beer, "you little bitch!" he yelled, she stood up and stared at him. No don't be stupid Rae! I thought to myself. Never challenge a drink man like that!

Then then next thing happened so fast, I blinked and she was on the floor. Next thing I knew Liam and Louis charged the man, "what te fuck dude!" Louis yelled. Now security was dragging them all out, "hey let then go!" Harry yelled at the man who was dragging Liam out the door.

I ran over to Rae who was on the ground still, "Rae! Are you okay?" she looked up blinking. I helped her sit up, her eyes cleared from confusion. Once she saw me she scrambled away and hide under the counter, pulling her knees up to her chest and hiding her now bruising face.

I felt hurt wash over my face, "Rae.. In not going to hurt you." I say crawling to her, she only cringed away more. I frowned, "princess.. I promise I won't ever hurt you, please let's go back to the flat." I pleaded her. She finally looked up, her entire right cheek was swollen and bruised. I extended my had out and she gingerly took it, I pulled her close to me and picked her up bridal style, "it's okay princess." I whispered to her as she puts her arms around my neck and places her head on my shoulder.

I walk out of the pub and head towards the car ignoring all the stares. I reach tue car where the rest are waiting, "where is he?" I asked pissed. "security called the cops, he is being watched until then." Harry said looking at Rae. "is she okay?" Liam ask, "she is scared and still shocked I think." Louis opens the car door for me and I sit her down next to me. Liam sits in the front starting the car as Lou takes the passengers seat.

Harry climbs in the back, Rae looks at him and cringes into my side trying to hide from him. Harry frowns, "has she talked yet?" he asked trying to ignore her, I shake my head. "she was hit by a man, I think its gonna be awhile before she can trust a man." Liam advises us, "but she won't be afraid of us will she?" I ask frowning, "well she doesn't seem to be afraid of you." Louis points out.

I sigh, the rest of the car ride was silent, "we are here." I nudge Rae who shutters as I touch her. I pick her up again and bring her up to my room setting her on the bed, "I'll go get you an ice pack." I say to her. She just pulls her knees up to her chest again and I walk down stairs. The boys are in the kitchen, Liam has an ice pack ready.

He hands me it, "is she okay?" he asked, i shrug. "what if she's like this forever?" Harry cries, "it's all my fault!" I pat his back, "no it's mine, I asked her to get me another beer!" I cried, "well I'm the one who forced her to go!" he said. "no, shut up. Your both drunk, she will be fine. Harry, Lou go to bed." Liam says, Louis gives us a weird look but pulls Harry along with him.

Liam just looked at me, "what?" I snap letting tears fall down my face, "stop crying, your showing Rae your weak." he told me. I quickly whipped my tears away, "I'm sorry," I whisper, "dont apologize to me." he snaps. He points to the stairs and I leave.

I walk back into the room and see Rae is just the way I left her, "here.." I say handing her the ice pack. She just looks at it, I sit on the bed. She looks scared but doesn't move away, I gently put the ice pack against her black and blue cheek. She flinches but I keep it on her, "this will make it stop hurting for awhile," I whisper to her.

She doesn't say anything so I just hold it for her, suddenly tears start spilling from her eyes. "Rae.. Princess. Don't cry, that man is going to jail." she closes her eyes. I swear this man is going to pay for hurting her and I won't rest till he does.

I put down the ice pack and get up, Rae flinches again. I head towards my phone which was on my desk. I search through my contacts, looking at Rae I turn back, "I need to do this.." I tell myself, "Rae needs her." I find the contact. I take a big breath, and push call. It rings 4 times, "hello?" they ask, "Chloe.. I need your help."

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