You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


11. Apologies

~Chloe's POV~

"stop that," I snapped at Zayn for the 3rd time, he was licking my hand that he was holding. "well your ignoring me!" he whined, "I'm watching a movie!" I retorted, Zayn who had his head in my lap bit my knee. "hey!" I cried standing up causing him to fall.

I laughed watching him pout on the floor, "mean!" he said, "get over it." I grin at him. I see him smile evilly at me then he grabbed my legs,"hey! Let go!" I laugh losing my balance then regaining it over and over again. "say your sorry!" he yelled, "no! You bit me!" I said smacking his arms away. This is what we always do and I had fun, even though I miss Rae and the other boys. Zayn comforts me.

I fell and landed on him, we rolled away and tussled on the floor until I heard my phone ringing. I pushed him off and crawled over to the coffee table that had my phone, just as a stretched my arm out to grab it I was pushed into the ground. "hey!" I laugh at Zayn who is on my back grabbing my phone, "err it's Niall." he says looking at it. "well hand it over!" I hold out my hand, "you sure..?" he ask me, "Zayn I may be mad at him but he is my family." I explain, he sighs.

I push the accept button, "hello?" I ask acting like I didn't even check to see who it was. "Chloe.. I need your help." Nialls voice was quiet, "what is Rae getting teased now that you are dating?" I snap. "no! We aren't dating, and I would think you could tell the difference between my ex that you hated and your best friend!" he snapped right back at me, I knew it was photo shopped even before Zayn told me.

I sighed and looked at Zayn who nodded at me, "what's wrong?" I asked. It was Nialls turn to sigh, "Rae was hit.. By a man.. At a pub. She is acting weird an I think she needs you. Liam said she probably doesn't want to be around guys at the moment." he gushed out quickly. I let my mouth drop, "YOU TOOK RAE TO A PUB!?" I screamed, "are you freaking stupid? She is only 17! Who hit her!?" I yelled some more.

I heard sniffling on the other line,"Niall.." i questioned, "I'm sorry I'll be right over." I say hanging up. Zayn gives me a questioning look, "what happened?" he asked, "I'll explain in the car I say grabbing the keys and throwing them at him, "are we going to the flat?" he asked, I nod. I grab my shoes and slip them on Zayn doing the same, "ready?" he ask, "yep." i reply.

~arriving at the boys flat~

Zayn pulls up in the driveway and I jump out before he could turn the car off. I open the door without knocking,  walking up stairs past a confused Liam, "err what are you doing here so late?" he asked. I just walk towards Nialls room, I hear Zayn walk in and explain to Liam what happened.

I kicked opened Nialls door, he was sitting on the bed with with Rae holding and ice pack to her check. She jumped but looked relieved that I was here, "Chloe.." she whispered, "Niall out." I said pointing to the door. He looks at Rae first and she nods, I swear I saw hurt in his eyes but he smiled and got up, "I know is probably a little late.. But I'm sorry." he said as he reached me, "I'm sorry too." I whispered. "just help Rae back to her normal self." told me before leaving the room.

I walked over to Rae who had her legs pulled up to her chest, just staring at me. I climbed on the bed, she smiled weakly at me, "Chloe.." I shushed her, "what happened?" I asked. I saw tears spill from her eyes, she turned her head showing my her bruised cheek, "I got hit by someone at the pub.." she said I tilted my head and she told the whole story about how Harry wanted to drink and would go without her and that stuff.

She sobbed uncontrolably, "and the worst thing is you probably hate me!" I sighed, "Rae," she sobbed loudly again, "Raelynn! I don't hate you!" I snapped causing her to look at me funny. "y-you don't?" she asked, "no I don't! Now come here!" I said pulling her into a hug, "how could I hate my sister?" I asked her. "I'm s-sorry Chloe! I'm such a bitch and I ruin everything!" she cried, I pull her away, "no your not. Your just a good friend."

She sighed, "that's what Niall told me before, I'm a horrible friend." I shook my head. She laughed and so did I, for some reason I'm glad we were laughing even though what jus happened. We finally stop, "Rae, your not afraid of men? Are you?" I asked seriously. She frowns, "well.." I sigh, "your not afraid of the boys..? Are you?" I asked, "what no! They are like my brothers! I know they wouldn't hurt me."

"but, I don't know. Just not the boys." she tries explaining to me her new fear. "I'm sorry it had to happen to you." she looks up with glossy eyes, "is it bad?" she asked, "is what bad?" I wondered. She did reply, she only got up and walked in to Nialls bathroom. I followed to she what she was up to.

Once she saw herself  in the mirror, she froze, tears spilling from her eyes, "Rae.." I tried saying. Her hand is now touching the black and blue part of her cheek, "Niall probably thinks I'm ugly now." she frowned. I let my mouth drop, "you are crying because you think Niall thinks your ugly now?" I asked on shock. She nods, "I mean doesn't it hurt?" I asked.

She turned to look at me, "it hurts a lot, but now I'm nothing compared to any other girl. He probably thinks I'm to ugly." I sigh, "Rae, first of all your not ugly, and second of all it's just a bruise, it will go away." she looks back in the mirror unconvinced. "why are you worried about what Niall thinks anyways?" I asked, "because I like him." she says blushing, "how will he ever like me back If I look like this?" she asked. 

I rolled my eyes, "Rae, Niall thinks your the most beautiful girl in the world." I say sitting on the counter, "how would you know?" she questioned. I give her the 'are you stupid' look, "Rae, he calls you Princess." I state. "so he calls many girls that I'm guessing." I just stare at her, "no Rae he is waiting for his Princess an he never calls any girl that.." she rolls her eyes this time, "I'll believe that all when he says it to my face." I hop off the counter, "I'll be right back."

She nods and I walk out the room to find Niall, he wasn't down stairs or in the in the req room. Not even in the kitchen... I run back up stairs and look in Louis room, which I only received a view of Lou's bum. Harry's room was empty, which, I later found him in Zayns room sleeping. finally looking in Liam's room he was laying down on the bed with Niall, "is she okay?" he asked sitting up.

I nod, "she isn't afraid of you boys, but other men she doesn't know, yes." I explain sitting down on the bed. Niall and Liam both exchanged a glance of relief, "well at least she isn't afraid of you guys." Niall smiles at Liam, "but it's still bad for her to have a fear of men.." Liam sighs. "anything else?" Niall asked.

I look down wondering if I should tell him, "err Rae thinks that you find her ugly.." I say quietly, "wait, what?" Niall questions. I look at Liam for help, "well if you hadn't noticed.. Rae.. Well," he says slowly hoping Niall would catch on, but his face is blank. " er never mind!" I say before he could continue.

Liam glares at me and I glare back at him, "so Rae thinks you think she is ugly." Niall looks at me in horror, "why?" he asked. I shrugged, "why don't you go ask her?" I suggested, "yeah," Liam agreed. And with that Niall walked down the hall towards his bedroom, I look at Liam, " you were going to tell him that Rae likes him weren't you?" he sighs, "maybe."

I  punch his arm, "no you can't tell Niall or Rae!" I snap, "ow!" he yelps rubbing his arm. "you can't it will mess up everything." I whisper, "okay I won't tell them. Gosh you didn't have to hit me." I laugh, "baby." I start walking towards Zayns room. "where you going?" he asked, "Zayns room, duh." I said turning an walking, "Harry is in there." I wave my arm in the air and open the door.

Both Harry and Zayn are out cold, I sigh and roll Zayn towards the middle of the bed. He didn't wake up, I chuckle and lay next to him. We aren't dating but we both know we like each other, boys are so confusing!

~Niall's POV~

I walked down the hallway to my room, 'my princess think that I find her ugly?' I questioned myself. 'how could she ever be ugly?' I opened the door. She was just walking out of the bathroom, her eyes widen, "er Niall! I thought Chloe was-" I walk right up to her and she stops talking. "you aren't ugly, and I think you are the most beautiful girl I ever met."

Tears fell down her cheeks, "Niall don't lie to me, please." I shook my head and hugged her tightly. "why would I lie to you princess?" I asked, I felt her freeze, "what's wrong?" I asked pulling her away. She shrugged, "nothing! I'm just really tired.." she whispered, "it's alittle late.." I looked at the clock, "yeah it is, why don't you change into some PJs?" I suggested her.

 I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some basketball shorts and a old Tee shirt I never wear anymore, "here ya go." I said handing them to her. Smiling she took them and went to the bathroom, I quickly changed into shorts as well and slipped on a wifebeater. I plopped on the bed and sighed, 'I should have said something!!' I thought to myself. 'why didn't I? It was the perfect time to!' i slapped my forehead.

Rae walked out, "what's wrong?" she asked seeing my hit myself, "nothing! I'm just thinking, if your not comfortable with sleeping with a man yet I'll sleep on the floor." I say probably sounding like and ass. She raises her eyebrows, "er I mean sleep next to a guy.." I say before she could say anything, "I get it Niall, and I'm not afraid of you.. I mean you won't hurt me..?" she paused and I give her a weird look, "will you?" she continues. "what!? No I'd never hurt you!" 

She smiles and walked to the bedside opposite of me and crawled under the covers, "well goodnight Niall." she whispers. I sigh and turn off the light and lay back down, "night princess." I whisper back. I laid close to her but not to close, I smell her sweet scent I sighed. I didn't try to sleep until her breath was calm, then I finally got some rest knowing Rae was sleeping peacefully.

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