You Found Me

Rae left her two best friends two years ago to move with her family to America, she hasn't talked to them for 2 years. One day after graduating high school she gets a call from one of them, Chloe, she asked her to move to London with her. When she goes will she run into her other best friend? Will she realize he is in a famous boy band? Does she accept the fact he has changed? Will she fall for him?


1. Prologue

~13 years ago~

I was 4 years old and in the middle of kindergarten, yes I know but I was smarter than kids my age. I had recently moved to Ireland last week and was ending my 1st week of school. I used to live in France where I spoke French and never once got teased. But here was different, people were mean to me and teased me about my accent. It was hardly fair I could barley speak English at the time. The kids would push me and yell mean things at me cause it took my long to process on what was happening.

On a Friday I was sitting on the bus heading home, i remember watching the rain fall to the ground. I looked to see a blonde girl sitting in the seat next to me, and turned back to watch the rain. She was in my class and she never made fun of me, but we never talked. She also lived across the street from me with her family. As the bus reached my stop I got was heading off the steps with my house keys already, my parents worked and my brothers would still be in school. I felt a hand on my back and it pushing me off the last step, I fell face first into a large puddle loosing my house key. I watched it flow down the side of the road into the sewarage. I sat up to see a boy and his friends smirking at me, and the blonde girl scolding them. I looked at my legging which were now ripped at the knees and I was soaking wet. I looked at my hand which were scratched and bleeding, my knees too. I got up and ran to my house hoping that it was unlocked. I tried turning the doorknob but it was locked, I even tried looking for a spare key but I had no luck.

I sat on the porch and pulled my knees to my chest and cried as quietly as possible but the didn't work. "are you okay?" I heard a girl ask me, I lifted my head to see the blonde girl in a pink polka dotted rain coat with a red umbrella looking down at me worried. I wiped my nose and shook my head, "I'm locked out, and my mama or papa isn't at house." she tilted her head as she tried to understand what I was saying. "oh.." she said, "would you like to come over to my house so you don't have to sit in the cold?" I looked at my door and turned back, "will your parents get mad if I come over all dirty and wet?" I asked quietly. She shook her head, "no and those are my aunt and uncle. It's only me and my Auntie and she wouldn't mind!" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet. And putting the umbrella over my head, she was taller than I was and prettier.

She dragged me across the street then stopped In the middle, "oh shoot I forgot! I was getting the mail when I heard you crying!" she dragged me to the mail boxes and got her mail, "I'm Chloe by the way." she randomly told me, "hi Chloe, I'm Rae." I whispered to her. "I already know that silly!" she said excitedly, "how?" I asked in horror. "everyone knows the new kids name!" She pulled me up the porch to her house and right through the door, "Auntie Maura! I got the mail and a friend!" she yelled taking off her rain coat.

I hid behind Chloe as her Aunt walked into the room we were in. "Chloe who is your friend?" he asked, "this is Rae our new neighbor and the new girl I told you about!" she said. "oh and why are you all dirty Rae?" she asked me lowering to my level, I looked at Chloe and she explained for me. "oh so where are your parents? And do you have any siblings?" she asked some more. I looked down, "they are at work, and my brothers are in school." I said trying to sound clear. "ahh and would you like to change into clean warm cloths and have lunch with us till you parents or brothers get home?" I looked up and nodded with a smile. "okay ill go find some cloths of Chloe's that will fit you. Chloe out your stuff in the closed and put the shoes away to." and with that she left down a hallway.

I took off my shoes and Chloe took my dirty coat and shoes and shoved then in a closet near by. She grabbed my hand and pulled me in to the hallway and we turned a corner and she pulled me through a open door. The room had pink walls with white polka dots, and i saw her aunt halfway in the closet rummaging around for something. "honestly Chloe! You need to tell me when your cloths are all dirty!! I can't find a single clear shirt!" she scolded. After we watched her dig through the dresser for another minute she stopped, "well I can only find these leggings, go find one of Nialls shirts that will do."

I looked at Chloe who smiled and ran out the door I was going to follow her but her aunt stopped me, "not so fast, we need to get your owies all fixed up." she held her hand out to me. I giggled when she said the word 'owies' and took her hand. She brought be to the bathroom and bandaged me up with power rangers band aides I thought they must have been this Niall Boys. Then Chloe opened the door holding a shirt in here hands. She handed it to me and her aunt gave me the leggings and left me to change in the bathroom. I stripped down to my undies and put the shirt on which was Scooby Doo and then put the leggings on and I suddenly felt super warm.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Chloe waiting for me, "Auntie Maura went to make us some lunch." she said grabbing my hand pulling me back to her room. "wanna play with barbies?" she asked me, I shook me head no because I wasn't a fan of dolls. "wanna color in some of my coloring books?" she asked, I nodded this time because I didn't want to be rude. Chloe grabbed some crayons and some coloring books and we colored for awhile til her Aunt called us to eat. after we ate we watched TV i cant remember the show, but i looked out the window when it was 2:30 about time for my oldest brother Max to be getting home. i watched as the buss left my street and turned to see Chloe looking at me with questioning eyes, i shock my head no and she completely understood.

we went to tell her Aunt that my brother didnt come home, "well youll just have to stay till your parents get home!" she said with a smile. Chloe smiled big and we went to her room and played with her stuffed animals, which didnt bother me as much as dolls. we played for awhile and just as i was about to quit i heard the front door open and close and footsteps down the hallway. "MUM im home!" i heard a boy yell, Chloe got up and ran to the her door opening it, "Niall! shh Auntie is taking a nap!" she scolded someone outside her door, to be quite honest i had no idea her aunt was sleeping.

"oh.. wanna help me with my homework? i have math and i know you like math!" someone replied to her, "Niall i have a friend over!" she said back. "who?" i heard then someone barged though the door, it was a boy with brown hair looking down at me with a smile that soon fell from his face, "why is she wearing my shirt!?" he asked loudly. "Because! Niall let me explain! please?" Chloe said, he nodded and sat on her bed as she explained he understood but i dont think he liked me much. he still stayed in her room and we helped him with his homework, and they both helped me speak english better even though Niall was a bit more meaner than Chloe.

when it was 6:30 Chloe's aunt took me to my house to my mother freaking out, but she and Maura became good friends and now i go to her house after school to play with Chloe and Niall till my Mama and Papa get home.

~4 years ago~

yes 2 years before i would be leaving for America, but i had no idea then. i had 2 best friends Chloe and Niall, even though Niall was still not very fond of me he only put up with me for Chloe. me and Chloe were both 13 and Niall was 14 and we hung out everyday after school, Niall started bleaching his hair with i liked a lot. Chloe was sick and my parents were out on a business trip so i was staying with Aunt Maura (i started calling her that, cause she is pretty much like my aunt) me and Niall had nothing better to do and we got kicked out of the house so we ourselves wouldnt get sick.

we walked to the park and sat on the swing set silently, then of course the lovely Ireland weather decided to let it pour rain on us out of the blue. we both gasped from shock as the cold rain pelted us, and made a run for it towards the trees for shelter. i remember slipping in the grass and landing on my butt, then Niall pulled me up, laughing his butt off and pulled me to the trees, "your such a clutz!" he scolded playfully. i punched his shoulder, "it doesnt help when its raining." he fake gasped and clutched his shoulder, "i feel like somethings changed between us."

i turned a bright red and turned away, "what do you mean?" i asked quietly, "well before i felt like i had to hangout with you to make Chloe happy.." he said. i looked up, i knew he saw the hurt in my eyes when he continued, "but now i wanna hangout with you cause i want you, and for me.. not Chloe." i blushed more and looked down, what maybe i sorta had crush on him! "ive always felt like you never liked me when we first met.." i laughed, "because i didnt, but i do know... friends?" he asked holding his hand out. i grabbed it and we shook. "friends." i said with a broken smile

~2 years ago~

today was the worst day of my life, the day i would be saying bye to me two best friends ever. i was moving to America. i stayed the night at Chloes and Nialls, we watched movies and talked about our adventures and how shocked Chloe was when she found out Niall and i were actually friends. yes Chloe knew i liked Niall, yes i still liked him then but he never liked me back.

i was hugging aunt Maura, Chloe and Niall goodbye, Niall and i were just talking as the others were ignoring us. "Niall.. i need to tell you something.." i told him grabbing his hand pulling him aside, "what is it Rae?" i looked down at my feet, "Niall.. i sorta like you.." i felt him stop breathing and looked up at him, to see his electric blue eyes looking right at me, with a crooked smile. "RAE!!" i heard my name being called, "i gotta go.." i said sadly. i started walking away when he pulled my arm back. 

i looked into his eyes shocked and he kissed my cheek, "i think i like you too.." my heart shattered 'think?' i looked down, "RAE, LETS GO!!" my Papa yelled this time, "bye Niall.." i said hugging him tightly, "dont forget to call me." he whispered in my ear, i nodded into his chest. i looked into his eyes one last time and walked away with tears running down my face, not caring what my makeup looked like one bit. i ran up and hugged Chloe one last time.

Then i left my only two best friends, and i havent talked to them sense that day. for two years it broke my heart.

~2 weeks ago~

i was sitting in my room on Facebook doing nothing on my second day of summer, when i got a friend request. i went to click on it when my cell started ringing, i turned to see it lighting up on my bed. i ran to get it and saw an unknown number, i hesitated before answering it. it looked to familiar though i had to, "hello?" i asked my French accent getting stronger when i was nervous.

"Rae?" i heard the accent that belonged to one of my best friends, "Chloe?" i asked on the verge of tears. "no Niall you silly goose! of course its Chloe!" i squealed loudly with tears streaming down my face, "OH MY GOODNESS!!! CHLOE!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" i screamed on the phone, "calm down Rae! its only me." she said and i could tell she was crying herself. "i cant! omg!! how are you? hows Aunt Maura? hows Niall?" i asked quickly.

"uhh Aunt Maura is still in Ireland and Niall is a very busy person now.. and i now live in London.." she said slowly, "what about you?" i was still jumping around, "oh you know im just sitting here with no plans 2 days after i graduated." she gasped, "holy crap i graduated last month girl! and im going to study uo here next Fall, hence why i moved here." she said laughing at me. "uhh lucky you!! how is London?" i asked.

"well i dont really know besides the area i live in, and i dont want to discover London by myself.." i said once again slowly, "what are you trying to say?" i asked. "well i already talked to you parents and they will pay.. only if you want to.." she paused and i looked around confused, "omg your still pretty slow! wanna come live with me in London for the summer!?!?!" she screamed on the phone. i dropped my phone and screamed as i ran down stairs to the front room where my parents were. 

"AHHH THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" i screamed hugging them tightly, "YES i want to go!!" they laughed and said okay, "i freaking love you guys!!" i screamed runnig back upstairs and i grabbed my phone, "YES i want to go! i freaking love you so much!!" i pretty much cried the holy time we talked, "soo is Niall gonna be able to visit us?" i asked quietly, i dont know if i still liked him.. it was i long time ago. Chloe went silent, "umm maybe.." was all she said.

"Pack your bags sweethart cause you leaving in a week!" she said changing the subject, she was definatly lying about something but i didnt push it. so basically this was the start to my London adventure. and i was feeling pretty damn good about it.

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