True Love, and Its Beauty

A poem about the perfect relationship


1. True Love and Its Beauty

At long last I have found you

After all this time,

Finally we're together

I am yours and you are mine.


That first night on the dance-floor,

When the lights were turned down low,

Our eyes, they met across the dark crowded room

And the path of love did show.


Our first date, a Chinese restaurant,

We laughed the night away.

'I've never felt this feeling before'

I remember hearing you say.


Back to yours or back to mine?

A decision that had to be made

And after that one, amazing night

I knew our love would never fade.


We grew up, became mature

And our love grew stronger and stronger.

But then with time came age,

And both of us were no longer.


Now we'll stay together,

Looking back at the past

It's nice to know that after death

True love and its beauty lasts.

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