You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


27. Worse than This



Louis' P.O.V



I look at her while she sleeps. Maybe I shouldn't watch her, this is the way we got into all of this in the first place. Hah that kinda makes me laugh a bit. I kiss her on her four head and I'm pretty sure that this time she's sleeping. I leave the letter I had written her on her night stand, and I exit her room. I should get some rest for our interview with MTV tomorrow anyway.



Brooke's P.O.V




Me and Camile's conversation went like this.



I listened to the phone ring three times before she picked up the phone. "Hello?"


"Hey is this Camile?" I asked as my voice trembled.


"Who is this?" she asked confused.


"Your sister...Brooke..." I said. She started laughing and told someone to shush.


"I know, I only have one sister. It's been a long time since you've last called me secretly. What's up?"


"Honestly I'm just going to cut to the chase. I need a place to live," I say pushing it all out of my mouth. I listen to her breathe into the phone.


"You can stay with me. I'll come pick you up right now," she says. I feel a lump grow in my throat. Our relationship is so bad she doesn't even know I moved across the Atlantic Ocean and now I'm currently across the world.


"No Camile, you can't. We moved."




"New York City." There's an awkward silence for ten minuets that feel like eternity.


"What the fuck! Brookelynn why didn't you tell me? I thought you guys still lived on Cherry Lane!" She yells.


"Yes we moved."


"Why are you leaving or trying to leave I should say." She asked calming down.


"I'm pregnant." Again another awkward silence but this one lasts longer.


"" she says. " How are you going to get out here?" I gave her the rap of the boys and how dad is managing them.


"Who got you pegnant?"




"OH MY GOSH!!" She starts screaming but happy screaming I guess you can say.


"I wasn't thinking that you'd be so happy for me," I said moving my hair behind her shoulder.


"Okay well let me explain, I think you're entirely to young and not responsible enough, but I'm not going to shun you like the way dad did to me. Just because you're having a child at a young age doesn't make you a bad person." I let out a sigh of relief. I'm so thankful that she accepts me for me. Baby and all.


"Thank you Camile, really I need someone to accept me. Especially now when I have virtually noone." I say letting a tear roll down my cheek.


"What about Louis?" She asks. I almost forgot she doesn't know everything that happened between us. Now I have to regurtitate everything that's happened over the last couple of months. I tell her everything from where we're left off. She always knew I had a crush on him, so she was shocked when I told her that he offered an abortion as an option.


"I hope you said no," Camile said.


"Of course, why kill something that I created myself. The7y'll never be another baby like it on this earth," I told her.She told me she liked my view on things and I told her that I got it from her. I told her how Louis and I had a thing going when he went away for the X-Factor and when he introduced me to his band members I fell in love with Harry.


"Oh is that the curly haired boy?" She asked.


"Yes." She giggles and I roll my eyes. I contiue to tell her how Louis walked in on me and him kissing and we eneded things there. I told her about our passionate romance and she asked me if I regreted it and I told her although I hate him I can never find it inside myself to really hate him. I told her all the rest plus details and at the end she replied "Well you've lived more than me at 15 years old than I have in my entire life."


"Is that a good thing?" I asked.








Harry's P.O.V



I wake up the next morning and wipe the sleep out of my eyes. Today is the big day. Our MTV interview, and the day after tomorrow we head back to the UK. I seriously cannot wait. I wish Mia were here to spend some time with me before I leave the contry for what seems like will be forever. Our last night was magical, a night I would never forget. Earlier she said she had to give me something and she gave me a whole lot.





***Flash Back***




There was a knock at the door of Brooke's flat and she answered. Beyond the door stood beautiful Mia dressed in a red dress with black converse and her hair up in a pony tail and her long curls fall over her right shoulder.


"Hi Brooke, um I'm here to see Harry." She stammered.


"Sure your prince awaits," Brooke steps aside and she gives me a tight smile. I cringe, I wish we could be the way we used to, but now that I think about it the only thing Brooke and I ever were were lovers. So it's not like if we were ever to regain anything it would be the love that we lost that is still floating out some where.


Mia stepped through the door beautiful and smiling bright. "Today's your last day here so I'm going to make it special." Mia said standing on her tip toes kissing my lips softly. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kiss her deeply this kiss I knew would not be our last kiss. Not the last kiss of the night, I knew there were plenty more awaiting me.


"C'mon, I made reservations for us at this hotel," Mia said dragging me by my hand out the door.


"Harry, when will you be back?"  Mr.Barkwell asked before I left. "We're leaving tomorrow and your bags aren't even packed. You have to start taking this seriously instead of partying with women or I will assure you, you will be replaced," he scowled at Mia who smiled at him shyly.


"Soon, I don't plan on being out all night sir, I'll be back before ten thirty." I said knowing I'd have to keep my word or else, I would be replaced. It was seven o'clock so we had enough time I guess.


"Better be."


Once we're half way down the hall Mia opened her mouth, "You're such a good liar." This took me aback.


"I wasn't lying. He's not kidding. If I'm not back before ten thirty then I will be replaced. We aren't big enough for people to actually miss me or realize I'm gone. One Direction will go on without me." I told her. She rolled her eyes.


"I doubt that." she said.


"You really don't get it Mia. After tonight I might never see you again. I'll be staying in California for a couple of days but after that I'm moving back across the Atlantic and until One Direction gets big enough to have a world tour I'll be lucky if I ever see you again." Her eyes widened with my words.


"Don't say that. We have so much to loose, we love each other." My heart stopped when she said that. I had been thinking about if I loved Mia and I did, but not like the way she loves me. I love to be around her and she makes me happy but I don't crave her. She's not someone I need to make me happy, she's just like an accessorie on the side and if I want her I know I can have her whenever I want.


"We do, it'll be hard but it's what has to happen." I told her lying through my teeth, I hope that deep down she knows I don't love her as much as she loves me so when I leave her tonight she can move on and find someone better for her.


She takes me to this fancy hotel. When we arrive she filled me in that her parents own this hotel and that she got us the best suite. We have a fancy tasty dinner served to us on silver platters like in the movies. We watched Titanic and cried together because I'm a sucker when it comes to the ending. And then we're just laying there in awe of the view of New York City. The building light light up the horizon all the to Montauk it seems.


"Harry, I love you more than I should." Mia said as we layed with each other. I looked down at her. "I want to give you all of me." She said closing her eyes pressing her lips to me. I indulge myself in her saliva, feeling her tongue dance against mine. I knew what she wanted when I felt her hand travel below my belly button. I hesitated.


"Mia, are you sure you want this?" I asked. She nodded her head and dove into my lips again pouncing on me making me lay on my back. That night she gave me every piece of her and by the end of the night, we ended up entangled in a sweaty heap. I couldn't honestly help myself with her, but I felt bad for every second of it. She was making love to me, and instead of me trying to enjoy her for her, I ended wanting more from the experience. I told her I loved her so much and that I'd write her when I got back to England. I got home before ten thirty like I promised and I haven't seen her since.




Brooke's P.O.V



Now I'm sitting in the MTV studios, watching them get interviewed. The interviewer Nina, her name was, seemed particulary intrested in Harry. Asking him the most questions. One sparked my eye. She asked them all this question.


"Tell me about your guys last relationships." Louis spoke first.


"Well it had been with this girl that I had known forever, and our relationship sparked before I tried out for the X-Factor. We've been on and off ever since." Louis said in one single breath. I looked at Harry who I saw cringe but still held his composure.


"Are you guys still dating?" Nina asked.


"Yeah, just latley we've been having problems but I still love her."  Louis said. I almost wanted to jump out of my chair, what problems? The fact that your going to be having a child. That's a problem.


"How about the rest of you?" The interviewer asked.


Harry pursed his lips. " I just had to leave behind my girlfriend actually," Harry said looking down at the ground.


 "How'd that end?"


"Not bad. I just really liked her but I'm going back to Europe soon and there wouldn't be enough time for us." The cameramen and interview awed while I rolled my eyes. Niall and Zayn went on to talk about how they were single and according to Niall "ready to mingle" which made everyone laugh, something Niall was good at. Then Liam spoke, "You know, I'm single but I have a problem with falling in love with the wrong people."


"What do you mean by that Liam?"


"Well you see, the last girl I liked...she had a reputation to be a heart breaker and I was well aware but for some reason I stuck around until I couldn't stand myself anymore." Liam said.


"She wasn't worth it," Harry added. I felt my eyes swell with tears. This is what they all thought about me and then to top it all off Harry agreeing with him.


"So you all knew her?"  Nina said. All the boys nodded their heads. When were they going to stop bashing me. I wiped away my tears quickly so no one knew I was the heart breaker. "Tell me about her."


"She was just not a-"


"Excuse me, this was not what we discussed to be talked about. It was planned to be about what their looking forward to and to briefly touch base on their relationship status. Not to bash someone. If that footage gets leaked some how and some how you will be sued." My father said casually. Nina gave a nod and began asking them about their inspirations and what they were looking forward to and if it was different to be famous. Thank God it stopped. Then my phone vibrated in my pocket. I flip my phone open, it's a text from Cameron 


So not coming back to New York?  When did you decide you were gonna let us know?


What was he talking about. I didn't tell anyone about my plans to go live with Camile. I played it off like I was confused,


 Cameron what are you talking about?


I flipped my phone shut, my heart pounding. If Cameron knows, so does Lola for a fact. I mean I'm sure he's told her by now.


 Don't play dumb


After that I didn't text him. I was to afraid to face leaving my friends behind, even if there were only two I'd hurt enough people in my short life span. I close my eyes and try to picture myself giving a birth to a baby. A beautiful baby girl or boy. But what about when they're born. I'll have no life. I'll have to dedicate the rest of it to my child. Am I ready for that? Of course not, but what will I do. How long have I even been pregnant for? What if its not Louis' baby? Will my one true love come from my own true hate.


"Brooke," I feel hands shaking me. My eyes peel open and peer into the bright light in the MTV studios. My dads cold gray eyes pierce my skin like lasers. "I'm really concerned about you. You haven't been acting like yourself latley. Is everything okay? Do we need to take you to a doctor?" I shake my head. 


"No, it's really not that bad dad. It's time to go then lets g-" As I go to stand up I feel all my body weight shirt forward. I tried grabbing onto something..anything but it was useless. My eyes close and darkness suffocates me in it's vice grip.  








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