You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


28. Up Side Down

Louis' P.O.V



I watch helplessly as I watch Brookelynn face plant into the floor. Her father reaches down to pick her up but she just lies there in a heap of nothingness. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs struggling out of Zayn's grip but he's not budging. "Please let me go, I need to help her!" Zayn fought with me,


"I can't let you do that," Zayn said through gritted teeth.  Paramedics rush into the room and pick her up. Her dad crumbles to the floor the rest of the boys watch in awe. The doctors place her body on a stretcher. Her dad follows her out making a phone call all the while shouting, "What's wrong with my baby girl?" He throws his hands up. "Do any of you guys know?" His eyes are red with tears, he's looking directly at me now. I nod my head and feel my arms tremble. 


Eventually we leave and I'm driving us back to our home in L.A. I hope the baby is okay. I hope she's okay. Why does my life have to be so damn complicated? Later on when we're all home we're all sitting in the living room. The phone rang and Brooke's mum answered it. She was in the other room but as soon as she was off the phone she rushed into the living room where we were all sitting tense. 


"I know you guys knew she was pregnant. Why didn't you guys say anything about it?" Her mum asked tears running down her face. Everyone's jaws dropped, I even tried to pretend to be surprised.


"How long has she been pregnant for?" Niall asked. 


"Six months, do you guys know who possibly got her pregnant?" I run my hand through my hair. I didn't get her pregnant....which only meant... I look at Harry and his face is already broken out in a sweat. My heart started racing. They hate each other, even though I wasn't ready and I'm still not ready, I want it to be mine. I want everyone to think my baby is the cutest thing on the face of the Earth. 


"No..." I said. And with that her mom walked out of the room.





Brooke's P.O.V



I wake up to my dad string at me, a scowl on his face. "You're pregnant." 'Like I didn't already know this' I think. I look stupid if I acted as if I didn't already know. Okay time for the water works, I feel my eyes swell with fake tears.


I nod my head, "I know," I said. He stands up sending my medical table trashing into the wall closest to us. 


"How long have you known? Bet you didn't know you were six months pregnant." My eyes went wide. 


"S- s- six months?" I asked. That means I only had about three months left. How could I have not known for six months? I drank during the last six months, partied, been stressed out, and worst of all, that only means that it's Harry's baby. I place my hand on my four head. Everything that's in my stomach, feels like it's going to pour out.


"Why? I was really hoping, really praying that you weren't going to be a failure like your sister," he says tears rolling down his face. Was he serious, like honestly. I wasn't a failure, I was myself and that's what Camile was, and I don't know about my oldest brother Tom. He died before I got to meet him. Maybe that's why Camile left the house so early because she didn't want to end up like Tom. No matter how mean my father is, I'm not giving up this baby. It's too late to abort it, and I'm certainly not giving it up for adoption. 


"Dad, I am not a failure. How could you ever say that to your child?! I can only imagine the horrible things you said to Tom before he killed himself," I screamed. His eyes grew wide and he spun around on his heel. 


"Listen, you've only got one option. Give that baby up for adoption, there would be a lot of couples that can't have children who would want that baby you're carrying. You should do'd be throwing away your life once that child is born." 


"You don't think I've already though about that? If I had a choice I wouldn't be pregnant right now, but I am and I'm not getting ride of this baby. It's not a piece of garbage, dad it's something that I've created."


"Well then, you've only got two weeks, and then if can't find a place then you're living on the street." My dad said excusing himself from the room.  I picked up my phone from beside my bed. I dial my mums telephone number. She answers right away.


"You're awake," she says happily.


"Can you come visit me, I have some things I have to ask you." I say and without hesitation she says yes, that she'd call a cab to drive her. I tell her thanks and she told me that I didn't have to thank her, that's what mothers do which made me smile. Twenty minuets later she was here with a banquet of red roses which only made all my hospital food want to come out of my mouth.


"Aren't they beautiful?"  She said with a big smile.


"Sure they are, but they stink,"  I told her. She smirked.


"I didn't like the smell of flowers much either when I was pregnant." She said taking a seat right next to me. Her eyes were red and I could tell that she had been crying earlier. She placed her hand in mine, a feeling that I missed that I didn't get the privlage of having that much. "What do you want to ask me hunny?"


"What happened with Tom? My older brother..." She swallowed hard,


"I knew you'd find out one of these days. I wanted to let you find out on your own. Your father never intended on you finding out...That's how he wanted your life to be. He wanted you to live your whole life being oblivious to everything that went on around you so you wouldn't end up like Thomas and eventually Camilla. That's half the reason why we had you. You were our last and final hope at his hopes of perfection.


"Thomas...He was seventeen when he passed away. He killed himself. We found him hanging in the back yard from a branch on the cherry tree that you and Louis would always have picnics under. He killed himself on your birthday in 1993 and Camile found him. She was seven." My mum was crying now, wiping her tears on her sleeve snot coming from her nose.


"Why'd he do that though?"


"He was gay. He had a boyfriend. When he came out, your father didn't like it and when Tom got a boyfriend your dad shunned him. He excluded him from everything. Forbid him from eating dinner at the dinner table with us. Never took him out. Signed him out of school. Even stopped calling him by his real name and called him 'boy' and worst of all 'it'. Your brother couldn't stand it anymore so he took his own life." 


I was holding my face in my hands at this point crying into them as if they were a tissue. "So what did you do mum? You let dad get away with calling him those horrible things?" 


"Brookelynn what  was I supposed to do. I didn't say those mean things to him. I told your father to stop. I ignored him for a couple of weeks, but when I'd do that things just got worse for Tom. When Tom came out, your father was loosing his first job that he'd had for years and we were broke. So your father took everything harder, and when things between us got hard he'd take...he would-" My mum couldn't speak, she was choking on her words and I didn't want her to finish what she was saying anyway. It was to much, but I needed to know what happened to him.


"Okay, stop." She got up and gave me a tissue. I blew my nose into it and wiped my tears.


"Excuse me for a moment," My mother says leaving the room. I'm laying in my bed crying then the door opens again and I'm surprised when Harry walks in through the door. 


"Brookelynn?" he says rushing towards me with open arms. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight. I cry into his shoulder. "I'm so sorry about everything, Brooke I really am. I missed you so much but I was too stubborn to let myself hold you again because I know if I did then I'd want you to be mine again."


"Ditto." I said and he squeezed me tighter.


"You're carrying my baby inside you, I'll never...leave you again... I promise," Harry says looking me in my eyes.


"I don't believe've left me behind so many times. I can't trust you, but you're right. This baby inside of me is yours," His expression saddens and he nods his head. I wish he could've tried to convince me even though it wouldn't have worked anyway. I wish our relationship wasn't so tarnished that I could've at least been given the benefit of a doubt. But no. He kissed me on my four head, told me he loved me and then left.

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