You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


21. Trouble

Cameron's P.O.V


I pull my sweater on over my head. On the sweater it read 'Don't Give In To Tempation'  with an arrow pointing up at me . I found it funny for just the fact that it's a private school and they have a dress code. The schools colors were navy blue and red with khaki pants and on Friday's you could wear whatever you wanted. Well, I knew I was defiantly not going to follow those rules, but I figured on the first day, why not be a smart ass about it you know? I got slung my 'STFU' back pack across my shoulder and I picked up my long board and I was out the door ready for school. I was down in the lobby ans I skated out. I heard the security guards call out, "No skateboarding in here!" But I just kept on riding ignoring their calls. 

I skated on the sidewalk and I saw a group of kids in front of me wearing my schools colors. I'm guessing that we go to the same school, and I'm almost up to them. They're walking to slow though, so I skated into on going traffic, just barley getting ran over by the impatient taxi drivers. One in particular honked their horn and cursed at me, "Move out of the fucking way!" I stopped and got off my board and I placed my hands on the hood.

"What's going to happen if I don't?" I ask tempting him to do something to me.

"You really want to know kid?" He asks getting out of the taxi with his hands balled in fists.

"Please hit me," I say crossing my arms in front of me with a sly smirk on my face. He starts towards me and he goes to throw a punch but stops himself. Now people are honking at him to move his car, "That's what I thought, see you around," I say getting back on my board and crusing off to school.

I get to the schools entrance and it looks more like an old cathedral than it does a private school. There is a fat jolly mad with chubby squinty eyes who greets me, "Cameron, welcome, I have someone who is going to walk you to all your classes to day," he says walking in front of me as we entered the school.

"Oh joy," I say dryly. I follow him to his office and I am greeted by a short little girl with blond hair. It was curled at the ends and she wore khaki skinny jeans and a a red sweater with a white collar. She looked cute, but I try not to show it with very little eye contact. 

"This Cameron, is Brookelynn Barkwell. She's from England but she just moved here a few months ago. She is a role model, and it would be her pleasure to walk you to all your classes to make you feel right at home," the man says.

I nod my head, and she looks at me like she exspecting something else from me, "Nice to meet you," She says and yet again, I nod with a slight side smile this time and she blushes.

"Here's you schedule," says the fat man, "I'm Mr. Langer, the school's principal, you can just come here if you need help with anything here," He offers his hand for me to shake but I nod my head.

"Sorry, I don't shake people's hands," I tell him which really pisses him off.

"Okay Mr. Langer, I'm going to walk Cameron to his first period class now," says the pretty blond. She makes her way out of the office first and I follow close behind her admiring her figure for it wasn't anything special or amazing, she was just well rounded I guess you could say. The though makes me laugh out loud and she turns around to look at me.

"What's so funny?" She asks.

"Oh," I laugh once more, "nothing just thought about something that always makes me laugh," I lie. She smiles and gives me the 'bullshit' look. This girl was intriguing. I watched as her finger tips touched the walls as we walked and how they went up and down slowly and then slowly came back up.

"So where are you from?" She asks and her British accent melts me like butter, and I can't even help myself.

"L.A," I say as she turns down a corner down a long hallway.

"Friends with any celebrities?" She ask sacrasctily.

"I knew all the Kardashian's," I in a witty tone.

"You know, they're not even that famous in the UK," Brooke says walking with me now, not in front of me.

"I don't even understand why they are so famous anyway...they don't even do anything," I say watching a girl as she eye balls me. 

"Hey Lola!" Brooke says walking up to her, I guess Brooke knew this girl and she smiled and gave me a brief wave and contiued talking to Brooke.

"We hanging out after school?" Lola asks and she nods at me, "you're little friend can come too if he wants," she says.

"Yeah, whose going to be there?" Brooke asks.

"The usual, me, Mia, most likley Harry-" I watch as Brooke cringes at Harry's name, "Landon, Conner and you and you little friend," says Lola. I loved how she was reffering to me as 'little friend'

"Sure,we'll be there," Brooke says answering for me.

Then Lola walks away and I grab Brooke by her shoulder, "What the hell?" I say.

She smiles and laughs, "You'll like my friends," she says taking my hand off of her.

I hesitate for an answer, how could I compete with a girl who was just as slick as me? So I spit back with a question, "Whose Harry?" she narrows her eyes at me.

"Harry is my ex boyfriend," She says forcing the words out of her mouth.

"Sounds like you guys ended off on bad terms..wanna talk about it maybe," I say trying to get to know her on a more personal level.

"Listen Cameron, I've met boys like you before. I'm not falling for your shit, you don't care to know anything about me," Brooke says through gritted teeth. I smile,

"You're right," I say and she pushes me up against a wall.

"Please, don't push my buttons," She says in my ear.

I push her away just so I can look her in her eyes, "Your wish is my command."



Brooke's P.O.V



"Your wish is my command."

I soften my expression and I let him go and he walks beside me again. Gosh why was he such a dick? He was the boy in school who wasn't involved in anything. Didn't play sports, wasn't in any clubs, only spoke to people who interacted with him first. He was quite yet mysterious, the type of boy who everyone wanted to get to know, but he could really care less about you. He lived his life day by day and didn't let anyone else interfere with it, which was kind of a turn on but I was never going to let him know that I thought that I felt this way. If he knew he'd just keep it in his thought and use it for when ever he thought it was useful.

"Seriously though," I say with a smirk, "Don't push my buttons," we arrive at his first period class and I wink at him, "This is your first period class, have fun see you in 45," I say walking away down the hall. I'm on my way to my first period class when again, I run into Lola.

"That boy, is seriously the only cute boy in this school," Lola says to me. Figures, he's right up her alley, classic hipster bad boy.

"You going to try to go for him?" I ask slumping up against some lockers.

"Who the fuck knows, if it happens it happens. I'm just hoping he'll come with you tonight to the pub," Lola says shoving her hands into her front pockets, she sighs, "What do you think about him?" Lola asks.

"He's a dick, but he's defiantly supper sexy," I laugh because the words sounded right together in my mind but when I spoke them out loud they sounded completely foolish.

"Super sexy?!" Lola laughs. Then I stop laughing when I look down the hall way and I see Harry and Mia talking to each other. She gives Harry puppy dog eyes and Harry wraps her up in his arms and spins her around like they he once did to me. Jealousy bubbles inside of me. Only God knows how badly I wished I could just walk up to her and rip her by her pretty long curly hair. Lola notices what's making me upset when she looks behind her and sees them.

"You know Mia, I think they really do like each other...they still haven't had their first real kiss yet...they're waiting for all that stuff," Lola tells me which breaks my heart. Why didn't he wait to do all that stuff with me? Was sex all that he wanted from me? Gosh, he makes me feel so shitty about myself. Wish I would've never gotten involved with him to begin with. He was bad news.

"Really?" I ask my voice softening.

" I should've told you this but...." and then I hear a a rolling sound come from behind me and shouting from Mr. Langer.

"You get back here Cameron!" He says running down the hall way chasing after Cameron while Cameron cruised the halls on his long board. 

I started laughing when I saw the big smile on his face. Mr. Langer was all the way down the hallway when Cameron stops and gets off his board and presses me up against a locker. He kisses me on my lips with pressure and when he's done he winks and says, "Catch you later, Brooke me at the Antonio's pizza after school."

He hops back on his board just in time before Mr. Langer catches up with him but Cameron is already around the corner. Mr. Langer looks at me before he unclips his walkie talkie and he says "Mr. Armano is riding a skate board around the halls. You won't miss him, and when you get him, bring him straight to my office!" Mr. Langer yells. I've never seen him so angry. His face was flushed with anger he stomps back to his office. 

Lola looks at me with wide eyes. I wasn't sure if it was because of Mr. Langer's out burst or because Cameron just kissed me on my lips, "I guess we're all hanging out tonight!" Lola says with fake enthusiasm, she was jealous. I didn't know her that well, but I knew her well enough to tell that she wasn't being sincere. 

"Yeah, I guess so," I say trying to contain my excitement. I place my finger tips to my lips. Wow.




***      ***        ***       ***        ***



Later that Night



Harry's P.O.V



I still can't get my mind off of earlier this morning when the new kid kissed Brooke on her lips. I guess I didn't know her as well as I thought I did. I wait at the kitchen table for Mia to knock on my door so we could go to the Pub to hang out with Lola and everyone. My fingers tapped on the table the tune of 'What Makes You Beautiful' Everyday after school Simon takes the boys and I to a recording studio so we can work on our album. Just last week we reached number 3 on the Top 40, which to us a big accomplishment. Next week on Tuesday I'm going to have to stay out of school because we have an interview with MTV. Next week our video will be shown on MTV all over the country. I am so excited to finally be on t.v, besides for being on The X-Factor. 

Then Brooke walks out wearing a red and white sweater with a black fitted skirt. She looked really pretty, her hair long and curling down her back. I look at her with my mouth open wide. She looks at me with an awkward grin.

"What?" She asks with a laugh.

" look great. But what for? We're just going to be hanging out with the usual group tonight," I say getting up hearing a knock at the door awaiting for Mia.  I walk over to the door and I place my hand on the knob when Brooke stops me by placing a gentle hand on top of mine.

"This is for me," She says taking my hand off of the door knob and turning it open, "Hey," she says calmly to a boy who stands on the other side of the  door. He had long straight brown hair with five o'clock shadow. He was tall and kind of buff with tattoos. How old was this guy? Then when I see his sweater I notice that he's the new kid in our school. How was Brooke friends with him? He was cool, calm and a bad ass.

"Hey," He says with a sly smirk, "Take me to that Pub your friend was talking about," He says walking away with her. Before they turn the corner she turns around and waves,

"Good bye Harry!" I've never seen her so happy, and it broke my heart.



Lola's P.O.V



I'm already at the Pub with Landon waiting for everyone else to arrive. I honestly couldn't wait until I say Cameron. I haven't been excited to see anyone for awhile now. Ever since Mia and I broke up last year I've been pretty standoffish towards everyone. Yes...Mia and I went out last year when (as she'd like to call it) her 'lesbian moments'. She tells me that now but last year, she couldn't spend a single second with out me. She was always over my house, some people even thought she lived with me. Then she had this thing for Conner, but he was always with someone else. When he was finally single for more than a month, she took it upon herself to break things off with me and almost hang me out to dry. Even during the time we were together though, she would cheat on me, but I was to blind to do something about it. That's why I'm so surprised that she hasn't even kissed or had sex with Harry yet. There must be something special about him, that I didn't have.

I get up and poor myself a glass of some molt liquor. I slurp it down, hoping it will wash away my good and bad memories with it, a tear rolls down my cheek, I put my hand on my four head, "Fuck!" I scream almost forgetting that Landon was here with me. He gets up and walks over to me and wraps his arms around me.

"Lola?" He says and I just collapse to the floor.

"I hate myself," I say crying breaking down completely. I stand up and pour myself another glass and slurp that down too. I feel light headed. I move over to sit on a chair and I light myself a cigarette, "I didn't mean anything I just said, just to let you know," I tell Landon so he doesn't think that I'm a complete pussy.



Brooke's P.O.V



We walk into the pub from the back entrance and when I go to open the door Cameron pushes his body up against mine and I feel the warmth of him inside of me, "We shouldn't stay here that long. There's this rave going on tonight we should hit up," He whispers in my ear.

I exhale, "We shall see," I say pushing the old oak door open and I am greeted by Lola, Landon, Mia, and Harry. The couple is sitting on the love seat where Harry and I made love the first night where we seen each other again. I cringe as I watch Mia whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

Cameron places a hand on my lower back, and his touch sends shivers down my spine, "Hey, Cameron decided to come," I say taking my coat off and throwing it on the table.

"Great," Lola say nodding him off, "There's some malt liquor in the bar over there at the bar. Help your selves it you want any," Lola says as she contiues to talk to Harry and Mia. Harry glances at me and then looks away quickly. 

I sit down with the rest of the group and I try not to look at Mia and Harry's little puppy love thing they've got going on. I just talk with Lola and Landon. Cameron and Lola really seem to be hitting it off though. They're both talking about music that they like and celebrities that they both know. Harry, Mia and I are all talking about school in Mr. Brelyanld class how we're supposed to do this project for him that's done on Tuesday.

"I hate his class seriously," Mia says looking down at her nails.

"I know! All he does is scream and yell at us!" I say in agreement, thinking to myself that this is probably the only thing we'll ever agree on. Then Cameron stands up in a rush.

"I have to go, are you coming with me Brooke?" Cameron asks, "It's okay if you don't want to, Lola says she'll go," Cameron says.

"You know, I really have to work on my project, maybe some other time," I lie.

Cameron rolls his eyes.  He knows I just told him a fat lie, "Sure Blondie, I'll see you around this beautiful city," Cameron says leaning down to give me a kiss on the cheek, from the corner of my eye I watch as Harry cringes, "See ya around bro," Cameron says to Harry, and then Lola and Cameron leave the Pub in laughter. 

"Harry, I best to get going soon. Landon's my ride home and it's already ten thirty," Mia tells Harry. Harry makes a sad face, which makes me want to gag.

"Alright, I guess we'll just hang out tomorrow," Harry says kissing Mia on her cheek, and then Landon and Mia are gone leaving Harry and I alone. We just sit there in an awkward silence . Then Harry opens his mouth.

"Do you like him?" Harry asks, and I just look at him with a blank face.

"Why would you care if I did?" I say and he looks shocked and almost angry.

"Brooke...I still love you..." Harry says honestly, and what sucks is that I believed him, but I acted like I didn't.

"Really? I couldn't tell," I say getting standing up and making my way to the door, but Harry gets up to stop me.

"Really...I do, and I can't stand it. I want to love Mia, but I haven't fallen out of love with you," Harry says placing his hands on my shoulders and looking me in my eyes. I look away.

"Harry...I don't think you know how badly you hurt me... you shut me out and then started dating someone I knew," I throw my hands up, "What for? Do you really love her that much?" I ask my voice cracking, tears threatning to spill down my face.

"No, Brookelynn. I don't...but I can't lie to you, I wish I could, but I'm not over you," Harry says wrapping me up in his arms and holing me tight to his chest. I sob into him, and he sobs too. I'm sure I'm staining his shirt and the top of my head is soaked with tears.

I pull away from him and he kisses my four head and I walk over to the love seat where him and I made love that one time. He sits down and like old times I sit on his lap and he plays with my hair. The night was beautiful, It was cold in the pub so we stayed close next to each other. 

"We should do something," Harry says and I had the perfect thing in mind. I stood up and walked over to the stereo and turned up the music really loud. Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven blared out of the speakers. I danced around to the melody of the music and the sensual sound of Robert Plant's voice. Harry gets up and dances with me. Spinning me around in circles and dancing close to me. Right before the song ends he picks me up and spins me around, this time I laugh some reason. I am so greatful to have Harry back like this. Like the way we used to be. He holds me up and the song is just ending he places me back down on the ground gently he kisses my lips. I swear it was a scene right from Dirty Dancing. 

He kisses me hard now. Still holding me in his arms he brings me to the couch and he lays on top of me, kissing my neck. I run my hands down his back and I moan. Something inside of me is hungry for this. It feels like I haven't had sex in forever, or at least been close to it. Harry takes my shirt and bra off and he rubs my nipples. He kisses me on my stomach down to my belly button and below. My body was screaming for more and I didn't hesitate to shuffle out of my jeans, and he makes my body feel like I was on fire and freezing all at the same time. He kisses me down there with tongue, and I think to myself  'the beautiful things men can do with their tongues.' I moan so loud, I bet you the upstairs tennats can hear us, but I didn't care because I felt so high, nothing could ever knock me down.

We start having sex, and it is fast loud and hard. Different then any of the other times we've had together. We make sweet amazing love, to sweet beautiful music. We're both out of breath when we finish, our bodies hot and sticky we lay entertwined with each other. 

"I'm just happy we didn't get interupted, because I needed that," I say.

"I know," Harry laughs, "but you know what we need more than this..." I look up at him exspecting him to say something stupid but when he says, "we need each other," I'm left speechless.

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