You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


3. Time of My Life

It had been three weeks since I had spoken to Louis. He made it through boot camp but only because the judges had decided to put him in a group with four other charming lads. Their names were Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. A bunch of cheeky fellows I'd say. Louis called me today actually an told me to meet me at the ocean with him and the boys. So right now I'm sitting in front of my mirror and my sister Addison is brushing powder on my face. "Excited to see Louis tonight?" She asks lining my eyes with eye liner.

"Yes indeed I am. I can't wait to see him again." I say smiling.

"Well, I'm done with you doll. Go get em', " Addison says letting me finally open my eyes. I didn't look much different. Only my green eyes seemed brighter nothing else was different.

"Okay, I'll see you later then," I say kissing her on the cheek and picking my purse on the way out. I put the keys in the ignition and start my car. The drive to the beach wasn't long for me and just my luck they were all already there.

As soon as I step foot out of my car Louis is running towards me, I get out and close the car door behind me, I smile as he picks me up and spins me around in his arms. "I missed you." I say laughing.

"I missed you too," Louis says kissing me on my lips but I didn't even kiss him back. I was too busy staring at the curly haired boy behind him who was staring back at me. He was beautiful with peppermint eyes and dimples he had an innocent edge to him, not making him dangerous. Me and the boy were caught such in a heavy daze that I didn't even notice that Louis was staring at me as well.

"So hows everything?" I ask Louis trying to get my focus back on him.

"Great actually. This week we are going to start our fan vlogs aned answer questions from our fans." Louis says happily.

"Oh, good for you guys," I say adressing all of them.

Louis smiles at me and I can't help but to get lost in his eyes for a second beofre snapping back into reality. "Guy's this is my friend Brooke, Brooke meet Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn."

The boys walk up to me and give me hugs, When I gave Harry a hug he held me in close to him like we had known each other for awhile. "We've heard alot about you," He whispers to me and his deep british accent sends a chill down my spine.

"Shall we go for a swim?" Louis says taking his shirt off and slipping out of his trousers.

"Yeah sure I have to just change into my bikini-" I say starting to walk towards my car, but the Louis stops me.

"No time for that sweetheart," Louis says with a wink. He grabs my hand, " Lets live while we're young, and go skinny dipping." Louis says with pleading blue eyes.

"Fine, but I'm not going in naked. Only in my bra and panties. I say stripping." I hope the waters not cold."

"It shouldn't be, it's the beginning of July," says Liam. I try to avoid eye contact with all the boys as they take their clothes off. I didn't want to seem weird watching them all undress; while I was sure the boys were staring at me all the while. I turn to face the waves as I occupy my mind with the music that the waves make as they hit the shore. Louis creeps up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and the way his hands move swiftly to pull me in close to him I get goose bumps. I let out a slight shriek because I wasn't expecting it. 
"Sorry love, didn't mean to scare you," Louis says. He looks down on me and kisses me with tongue. It feels like our worlds collide when we kiss. It feels like forever since the last time I kissed him, and the best part which kinda scared me too, to be honest was that in this kiss you can tell that he wanted way more than what he was already getting.

"Come on Louis!" Niall shouts running to the water and all the rest of them follow like bees on honey.

Louis stands with me for a moment while the boys jump into the ocean waves. " Come back to the hotel after this to warm up?" Louis suggests.

"Loved to," I kiss him softly on his lips and I pull his arm leading him to the water, "How am I supposed to get warmed up if not even cold?" I say practically dragging him now towards the water.

"You have a point," Louis says sprinting to the water, I follow close behind him and I run so fast that I don't even notice when I'm knee deep in the water. "Shit this water is fucking cold!" I yell going in deeper.

"Once you go under, it's really not that cold," says Niall.

"I guess your right," I say swimming out into the ocean. I dive into the water and I bump into something and I shot up from underneath the water and started to panic, afraid I had swam out to far, but to my surprise it was no other then Harry. He holds me by my arms and looks at me and I couldn't really see him besides pretty much the shadows of his face.

"What did you think I was a whale?" Harry laughs. I loose my breath, I didn't know what to say.

" just didn't know wha-"

"No, I's okay. I was just joking." Harry says cutting me off and letting go of me. I let out a deep sigh, his beauty was is intimidating and makes me speechless. Then I feel water fall on my face. It started to slowly drip down my four head.

"Is it raining right now?" I ask Harry.

"I believe so," Harry says. "Guys, it's raining! We should get going before we get sick." Harry yells to everyone.

"And we should grab a bite at Nandos," Niall yells out.

"Cool, you'll sit next to me when we get there right?" Harry asks me.

How could I resist? "Yeah sure," I say.

"Come on lets start heading back, we're pretty far out." He was right. We were pretty far out but we could still stand on our feet. I start swimming back and I feel Harry's hands on my hips. I turn around and look at him and just gave me his signature cheeky smile. But since it was dark out no one could see him, so I let him keep his hands there and he starts to steer me in different directions and I laugh like a little girl whose bought a new teddy bear. The all of a sudden he pulls me in close and with my back to his front...and I felt bares skin. With his....yeah. I gasp.

"Harry, your naked?!" I whispered to him. 

"I'm always naked." Harry says with a laugh. 

"Well then..." I say. Then I'm swept off my feet and I'm in the air. For a moment I hadn't had a clue what just happened to me when I realize I'm on Harry's shoulders.

I laugh out loud getting the boys attention. They all look in me and Harry's direction. 

I feel bad, though. The whole time I've been here I had been with Harry...not Louis.

We finally get out of the water. The rains pouring now, and I notice that Niall was naked too, waddling back to their van. I get off of Harry's shoulders and I run over to Louis and I jump into his arms. "You do know that I love you right?" I whisper. He doesn't respond.

"Really I couldn't tell," Louis says forcing a smile. 

I smile, still feeling like shit and a whore, "Still hitting up Nandos?"

"Yeah I'm starving," Louis says walking over to my car picking his clothes off the ground and putting them back on.

"I didn't even bring towels and it raining," Louis say putting is clothes on quickly and I do the same. I get in my car and start it putting on the head lights and turning the heat on.

Louis opens the passenger side door and calls out to the boys "Nandos!" He gets in the car and buckles himself in. "Alright lets go,"




            ***              ***              ***              ***                     ***                 ***



"Looks like you were having alot of fun with Brooke," Liam says driving the van on the high way so he could get into town.

Harry stops looking out the window, " Indeed I was. She's a cool girl." Harry states.

"We could all tell," Zayn laughs. "What is she going to sit next to you now when we get to Nandos?"

"Actually it was," Harry says.

"You know Louis has a thing for her though," Says Niall.

"Are they dating?" Harry asks.


"Then it's fair game. Besides, you can't controll the way you feel."

And the conversation was over.




                                                ****                    ****               ****





We all get to Nandos and after we order the food we all just laugh. I ordered my favorite, the chicken wrap. Meanwhile the rest of the boys ordered some crazy stuff that I can't even remember. I sat in the middle of Harry and Louis. (Awkward) And both boys were competing for my attention.  which made me feel bad once again. No one was winning until you could see Louis was getting annoyed. He stood up and said," I want to go now. It's obvious that you' to spend some alone time with Harry. I'll be in the van," Louis says leaving.

He leaves so enraged that I don't even get a chance to get in a word with him. "We'll leave you too. C'mon guys, we should go cheer up Louis." says Zayn. And all the boys follow him out. Which left me and Harry alone.

"That was weird," Harry says twirling his straw in his coke.

"No really," I sat sarcasticly.

"Really," says Harry laughing even harder. He looks so cute when he laughs not that I can actually see him in the light.

"It's pretty late..." I say gathering my bags.

Harry holds my hand before I get up to leave. "I had fun with you tonight. We should get together again sometime...just you and me." His charm made me want to say yes right then, but then I remembered Louis and how upset he got just a minuet ago.

"We'll see." I say, getting up walking away from the table. Harry gets up behind me and pushes me against a wall and kisses me deeply holding me by my neck. It sounds forced but I was waiting for this all night. The kiss was wet and wild and passionate. And the best part was that everyone was watching which made it more exciting...everyone including Louis...

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