You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


26. This's time to grow up. I cannot believe this, how can this be happening to me? I go into my room and lay on my bed and think of everything I everything I've accomplished so far in my life. I hadn't ever had a boyfriend until I met Harry. I lost my virginity with the boy I always wanted to. They became famous. I moved to New York. I met Lola. My dad managed One Direction. Harry and I broke up. Louis and I hooked up. Liam kissed me. We went to Calofornia. I went to Hollywood. I'm pregnant. Whoa. Who would've thought huh?


What are my parents going to say? They'll probably shun me from everything I know. What about Louis's parents. How am I going to tell them. If I even decide to. I am completley alone with this. I have a baby growing inside of me. Something that sprouted from a rough drunk night with a boy I barley knew.


Will the baby have a father. Louis will be on tour. He's only 18, he's not going to want to raise a child. Not with me. Not now...not ever. And so much for telling him that there would be no more us, now there will only be a we. We made this baby. This creature that is going to grow into a beautiful person.


I hear a knock on my door, whoever it is decides to let themselves in. "Louis?"


"You're right," Louis says crawling into bed with me.


"I'm so scared," I say letting out a staggering breath. "What am I going to do?"


"I don't know, I wish I did," Louis says laying next to me, his voice hot on the back of my neck.


"You're going to be gone. I'm going to have to raise it all on my own," I say felling a tear roll down my face.


"You've got me," Louis says. "I won't be here forever but you have me now."


"But I don't need you know. The baby's not here yet, this part is easy. The hard part is when it's born," I tell him.


Louis sighs. " Listen, we can't let thid get out to the public," Louis says. I jerk my head and look at him.


"Are you ahamed or something? This is as much of your fault as it is mine, you shouldn't care if the public knows," I say feeling my fingers start to tremble.


" You don't understand. This wouldn't be good for my career. I want you to get an abortion," Louis says. After he says it my mouth drops and I punch him in the face.


"This isn't something that can be ignored and it's not something I want ignored. I'm not killing this baby whether you want me too or not. You don't have to be in the babies life. Not if you're going to act like this," I say sternly. I watch him as he backs away from me and slides out of my room. I pick up my phone and dial Lola's number. I give her the rap of what happened. She said she was sorry, I said I was sorry too for ever sleeping with him in the first place.


Lola laughed, "I know I shouldn't be laughing I'm sorry."


"No it's okay go ahead, it's the only thing that's keeping me together right now." she kept laughing like  I asked her too.Then we got to the important stuff of how I was going to tell my parents.


"Tell them now," she said.


"Like right now?"


"Yes like now, just so you won't have to worry about telling them later. The worst that can happen is they kick you out. You can stay with  me thaty wouldn't be a problem." Lola says reassuringly. I sigh, that sucks that I'd even have to fear my parents kicking me out of my own home, but they've always had high exprctations for me and my sister.






My sister Camile is the most beautiful wondersul person I've ever laid my eyes on. She was my parents first child, who was of course, the reble. My parents like me had high expectations fopr her as well and when they weren't met she was shunned. I remember it like it was yesterday when my parents screamed at her. I was twelve and Louis and I were in the living room watching the television when my sister came in the house.


"Brookelynn, Louis you guys had a good day at school," she greeted us when she walked in like she did every afternoon. He boyfriend John followed close behind with his streched out ears and tatooed skin. He waved hello.


"Mhm," Louis and I said eating our chips. Then my dad stormed down the stairs.


"I swear if John is here Camile," my father hissed. When he caught sight of the walking piece of art standing in his living room he flipped out. "Camile, why are you with," my dad gestured to him ,"this? You can do so better, he is trashy and just a disgrace to this earth!" I watched as Camile's fist balled up.




"Don't raise your voice to me Camile," Then my dad charged towards Camile and grabbed her by her neck  and pushed her up againsty the wall. I held Louis' hand for the first time in my life that day. I started to cry as John threw my dad off of her and then they started fighting. My mum rushed into the room in tears and scooped me and Louis uop and locked us up in my room.


"I'm really sorry you guys had to see that," She said cradling me in her arms. Louis sat on my bed and stared around my room dully. We listened as things crashed to the ground, and more profanity spouted from their mouths. Finally we heard stomping going down the hall and a slamming door. "Goodbye to your oldest daughter Camilla! You'll never be seeing me again." Then violent banging on the door. My mum opened it, a battered Camile steps through. She gives me the tightest hug ever and then pulls away. She looks me in my eye. "It's okay to make mistakes Brookelynn. You are entitled to them. If you ever need me, I'm only a call away. I won't be seeing you for awhile and I'm sorry about that. I love you," she kissed my fourhead and left the room. She didn't leave the house though without a big bang. "Oh yeah I almost forgot to say. NOW I KNOW WHY TOM OR UNCLE TOM AS EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS HIM BY KILLED HIMSELF. HE COULDN'T STAND YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKED UP PEOPLE AND THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY OUT FOR HIM BUT DEATH." The door slammed one final time and then only my mum's weeping filled the air.



That was the day Louis and I first heled hands. that was the last day I seen my sister. That was the day O found out that Uncle Tom was really my oldest brother. That's the day I found out that if I wasn't perfect I'd either end up like Tom or Camile. I wonder what my parents will do when they find out I'm pregnant.


"No it's okay Lola. Really I appreciate the offer but I think I'm going to stay with my sister," I say.


"You sure,"


"Yup" I hang up the phone and dial her number waiting to hear her voice that I've longed to hear.

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