You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


4. Let The Fire Burn

When Louis caught me kissing Harry, he pretty much broke off all ties with me. He screamed at me and cursed at Harry. I knew what I did was messed up, especially when Harry gave me his phone number. I never called him though...I'm so torn between the two. Louis is like good wine, he gets even better with age. Then there's Harry who is spontanious and he kept me on my toes. It's such a sad night, me being alone thinking about boys who I can't even see.

I lay on my bed and reach over to my night stand and grab a picture with me and Louis. He's hugging me in the picture and I'm smiling my face off. Whoa, this was back when I was in grade eight. It was a nice picture, Hannah took it, Louis's ex girlfriend. She was a nice girl, sweet, and honest but still I remember how jealous I'd get when ever I saw them kiss in front of me. I wonder if Louis felt the same way I did last night when he walked in on me and Harry. I couldn't live with it on my chest. I picked up my iPhone and dialed Louis's number, I put the phone up to my ear and wait for the phone to ring. Right away someone picks up but in a whisper, "I've been waiting for you to call." The voice says.

"Who am I speaking to?" I ask the voice.

"Harry, are you calling to hang out?" He asks me.

"Where is Louis and why are you answering his phone?" I yell into the phone.

"He went out with some girl named Hannah. They went to some fancy resturaunt. Would you like me to take a message?" Harry says sarcasticly.

I roll my eyes, "No, it's ok. and yeah I do want to hang out, I'll be there to pick you up in a minuet," I say hanging up my phone. So much for wanting to apologize to Louis.



                ***              ***               ***               ***              ****                ***




Harry pulls his navy blue Hollister sweater over his head and starts his way outside of the hotel. The full moon shines bright yellow in the dark sky. "Beautiful night," Harry says to himself. He honestly couldn't wait to see Brooke. She was fair game now, since Louis is dating Hannah. The night when Louis caught Harry and Brooke kissing; he bashed her name even worse then he already had in front of Brook when they boys were home alone. He cursed Harry's name and swore he hated them both, so Harry figured why not? When he see's yellow headlights he starts walking towards the car and is happy when he see's the bright lights of Brooke's BMW pull up into the parking lot. He walks over to the passenger door and opens the door and leaves it open and walks over to Brooke's side and opens her door as well. "What are you doing?" Brooke asks laughing.

"The man should drive...and besides I want to take you somewhere special," Harry says looking Brooke in her eyes. 

"Oh?" Brooke says unbuckling her seat belt and slinging her bag over her shoulder. A smile dances across her lips and she gets out of her seat and gives Harry a hug. Brooke was warm and she was filled with joy, which was one of the things that you could love about her right off the bat. Harry hugs her back holding her tightly to his chest. "You give the best hugs you know that?" Brooke says looking up at Harry and smiling sweetly.





                        ***                    ***                   ***            ***             ***             ***



He drives swiftly on the roads and takes me into his home town of Cheshire. I watch him as he drives and how he kept his focus on the road even when he spoke to me. We talked about the contestants on the show and who he thought their competition would be later during the contest. We talked about our exes and how the relationships went. The words came out of my mouth as easy as the wind passed through the air. There was no effort needed for me to spill my heart out to him, same as for him. We pulled into the small town square and we pulled in the back of a little drug store. The town of Cheshire was small and cozy with a charming just like Harry.

"Where are we?" I ask looking at Harry smiling. There was really no reason to smile, but the fact that Harry was just here with me made everything worthwhile.

Harry breaks out with a sly smile, "A special place," Harry says getting out of the car, coming around to my side and opening my door. "After you my darling," Harry says. 

I step out of the car and Harry intertwines his fingers in my. His hands were so large compared to my small chubby fingers. He kisses my hand softly and holds it to his lips and I feel his warm breath on my wrist. He makes me blush when he looks into my eyes and starts walking to a back door. We approach an old wooden door that read "Cheshire Supper " and when I go to place my hand on the knob Harry pulls my hand away.

"It's still a surprise," says Harry standing behind me placing his hands over my eyes. I hear the door open and close as we enter. Harry steers me in all these different directions until he removes his hands from my eyes and lets me examine where he has just brought me. The lights were dim and we stood in front of a fire place. It wasn't much of a place to catch a bite to eat, more like an inn. But it was it comfortable, I sat in front of the fire place. and rubbed my hands together in front of it, trying to warm myself up.

Harry sits down on the floor with his legs open and he pulls my in between his legs and wraps his arms around my stomach and rests his head on my shoulder. "You like it in here?" Harry asks with a whisper. I smile because the air from his whisper tickles my neck.

"Yes, it's quit cozy in here I'd say. I love it." I say laying my head on his chest. "A cup of tea sounds well right now though, we should share one," I say looking him in his light sparkling green eyes. Harry nods his head and gets up and streches out his arms above his head. He walks away and and I sit on a chair by the fire place with a quilt on it. I wrap myself in the quilt and smell it. Imagine how many people have snuggled with this quilt. I'm probably the one hundreth person to have sat on this chair, by this fire with my boyfriend...oh no wait...Harry's not my boyfriend...but could he be? I didn't know, I'm still enraged that Louis is seeing Hannah again. She's always had the one thing I had to force myself to live without. Louis and his love. He swore to me that he loved all those dark sad nights but now I'm starting to question if he was even telling me the truth...because if you loved someone you wouldn't move on that quickly. So was the love even real at all?

I was getting so wrapped up and I was becoming so consumed in my own self pitty that I flet like I needed for Harry to come back into this small den so we can sit and sip hot tea by the fire so I can kiss him and feel the love I had lost. A tear rolled down my face and just in the nick of time Harry walks back into the den with a platter and two mugs of tea. He places it on the small coffee table. He hands me my tea and it tasted like bliss in the pit of my stomach. "You make quit a sexy barman," I say with a wink.

Harry laughs at me, "Funny you say that, I actually used to work here as a barman," Harry laughs sipping his tea. The lights in the place are dim. He sits next to me on on the chair because I don't even take up half of the space on it.

"Good tea," I say to Harry and he lays his hand on my right hip underneath my clothing. There was no one here. He must've reserved this place for the night. He was romantic and passionate and I think I was starting to love him if this could even be possible. I turned my body to face him and he looked me in my eyes. In more ways then one he reminded me of Louis by the way he acted, but not enough for this whole extravaganza to be weird and uncomfortable. Harry kisses me with his full lips and he wants to kiss me with tongue as I feel it wanting to explore my mouth, and I do not decline his entrance. We got off with each other and when everything was all said and done we went to lock the place up and take a stroll of the Cheshire streets.

The sky was dark but the lights that lined the sidewalk created a pretty glow. We walked hand in hand, together laughing and kissing each other just being kids. We saw a couple of scrubbers and old lonley piss heads. Harry took me into to a random Irish pub for some chowder and a bicky to go along side with it. The night was great and filled with fun. We walked behind the cities streets in the alley ways where the bums were huddled close to the bong fires, their only way to catch warmth. We watched them and Harry looked at me. "We should give them a couple of pounds," he said. 

"Your right," there were only three of them and they tried to ignore us by standing close to one another. Probably trying to decifer why the middle class folks were in their alley. I pulled 90 pounds out of my pocket giving them each thirty. They were grateful, and they shook my hand.

Harry and I start to walk back out of the alley, his hand in mine. "Why are you so perfect?" Harry asks me kissing my neck.

"Why are you so perfect?" I ask him nuzzling my nose on his. He kisses my lips softly and laughs.

"Really though, you are perfect," Harry tells me. My face blushes, "And everything you do is beautiful," Harry says kissing me deeply.I inhale him and he is perfect to me, and everything he does is beautiful to me too. For once, someone actually feels the same way about me as I do for them. the night was perfect. The kiss compells me to ask and not care what the possible outcome of this could be because right now it felt right.

When our lips part I move my lips to his ear, "come home with me tonight and be mine, " I whisper seductively. 

Harry bites his lips and he kisses me again even harder and wetter this time. Good. now Harry is now my mate, and who knows what he has in store for me when i take him back to my home.

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