You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


11. Just A Call

Harry's P.O.V


Just a call can make a man weep. Like Louis was doing right now. I listen as I hear his deep sobs escape from his bed room. I wasn't sure if I should feel bad or happy. Brookelynn said she loved me but she didn't say she loved Louis back. I almost wanted to call her myself but instead I headed to bed. I thought about her the rest of the night. I wanted her so badly right now with me in my bed so I could make sweet love to her. She was an angel and I needed her back with me in my arms. I needed her to take me for a ride on her wings so I could forget all my pain. Yeah she caused most of it, sleeping with Louis and all, but still I love her. I love the way her lips felt against mine. The way her eyes twinkled in the dimming lights of the Cheshire streets the night of out first date. I've had a lot of girl friends, but none of them compare to Brooke. To me she was perfect. Nothing she ever did was wrong. Even if she really was. I'd keep running back to her, because she completes me. Brooke is the missing piece to my puzzel and I'd do anything to have her back with me.

I fall into a deep sleep. I awake the next day tousled sheets. I look over and I wish Brooke was laying next to me. I take a quick shower and eat the breakfast the Niall and Liam have prepared for the boys. We talk over what we wanted to sing this week and had small talk.

"Louis were you okay last night I heard you in your room late last night," Liam says and the rest of the boys nod their heads agreeing. Everyone notices me who doesn't nod my head at all.

Louis glares at me, "I'm fine thanks for asking though." he says scooping a spoon full of scrambled eggs into his mouth. Niall looked at me with a confused look on his face. I nodded my head and he nodded his too. We would talk after breakfast.

The rest of breakfast was kinda awkward, with evil death stares from Louis and all. The food was good though. Niall and I went back into his room to talk about what we was wrong with Louis.

"So what's going on with Louis?" Niall says in his thick Irish accent.

"Well him and Hannah broke up last night-"

"Oh shit!" Niall exclaims. 

"Yeah and I guess it was pretty harsh and I was talking to him, and he told me why Hannah broke up with him and it was because she thought Louis loved Brooke more then he could ever love Hannah...he agreed that she wasn't lying so I told her to give her a ring...Well she was busy I guess and before she left instead of saying good bye to him...she told him to tell me that she said she loved me..." I tell Niall.

"Well...that is pretty messed up...but what I'd really like to know is why you guys are still stressing out over a girl who lives in America?" Niall says.

"Niall trust me she's no ordinary girl if you got to know her," I tell him, looking down at my hands where her fingers fit perfectly in between my own making me miss her even more. 

"I guess your right," Niall says nodding his head.

"Yeah, but I know what you're saying. It's true I should move on, but it's like I'm stuck in time," I tell him thinking of Emily who was beautiful, but no matter how beautiful she one was more beautiful then Brooke was to me.

"Whatever happened to Emily?" Niall asks me.

"We broke up awhile ago, you haven't noticed her sleeping over anymore?" I say laughing.

"I mean yeah but....maybe you guys were on a brake or something," Niall says. I just look at him with a funny face, "What it's possible!" Niall laughs.

"I don't think 'taking a brake' makes much sense" I say walking back into the living room.

The rest of the boys are sitting huddled around the t.v watching the news. Madonna was on, the headline was that after ten years, she's working with a new manager. They said the mans name and Louis started flipping out.

"Oh my gosh, Brookelynn's father is Madonna's manager!" Louis exclaims.

"What?" All the boys echo.

"Whoa, that's pretty awesome!" I say. I never knew Brookelynn's dad was a music manager. Maybe if One Direction became big he could manage us. Maybe that be awkward though too. Having my ex girl friends father the manager of our band and all. Whatever just a fantasy. 



Brooke's P.O.V



The night was taken straight out of a book. New York's bright street lights and buildings lit up the streets. There was not a black alley in sight. I walked with Lola and tried to keep up with her. It was like a wild corn maze trying to keep her in my sight with the crowded streets of New York. She crosses the street and I almost loose her with the sea of faces. I just stand there and wait for her to notice that I've lost her. I stand there and just look around for a moment when I feel someone pull my hand. I turn to face the person who was pulling me. Lola smiles. 

"C'mon, don't just stand there like a pile of bricks. We're almost there," Lola says dragging me down the street. Two more blocks and I'm at a place that reminds me of a pub, like the ones back in England.

"This is just like the one that Harry took me to in Cheshire." I say scoping out the place feeling the memorie of that night weigh heavily on my shoulders and my heart. I miss him. Lola notices the sadness on my face.

"Harry who?" Lola asks walking back deeper inside the pub.

"My ex boyfriend...I miss him..." I say feeling tears threat to spill over down my face.

"Oh, okay...well want to meet the crew?" Lola asks. She opens another door with a small circle window. She opens it and leads the way. I see a boy and a girl sitting together on a love seat snuggling on it together. Another boy who sits across them with his head bobbing up and down as he listens to his music, along with another girl who just watches the boy fumble around with his phone.

"This is the crew," Lola says smiling at me. There was nothing to really smile about though. Besides the fact of me only thinking about Harry, none of these people were paying any mind to me.

"You guys," Lola claps her hands together only catching the bobbing boys attention.

"Huh?" The boy says.

"This is Brookelynn, the girl I was telling you about," Lola tells the boy.

"Oh, the British girl!" The boy says jumping off the couch, jumping off the couch catches the other girls attention, "Hi, I'm Landon," He says extending his hand out to me. I take his hand in mine and give him a firm shake.

"You can call me Brooke," I say feeling my face flush.

"Brooke, that's a pretty name," He says his face blushing too he looks down at his hands. He was cute, this Landon boy. His hair only touched his eye brows and he had bright piercing green eyes like me. He was tall and muscular. He shyly looked up me once more and it was a cute awkward glance. Gosh, he was cute.



The rest of the night was great fun. I mostly talked to Landon about music. He liked alot of music that they played in the UK which was something we had in common. I met the rest of the crew. There was Mia and Connor, who were attached to each other at the hip. Oasis, who was a sweet girl who didn't say much and of course Lola, the out spoken bad girl who said what was on her mind. 

We had a cool group of friends. We were all different in ways, but still came together as one. I couldn't wait for school.






                                           ***                              ***                    ***




 3 weeks later



Louis's P.O.V



One Direction got down to the bottom three and then we got voted off the X-Factor. It was upsetting for us all, but we all have to round up our passports. Afterwards, we got singed to Colombia records in London. Big accomplishment. It's been three week since we've been off the show and we've already recorded a song. Now, our manager wants to fly us out to New York city to meet with Simon Barkwell for a little assistance, to help us get a song played in New York. We are all on the plane now, awaiting our departure. All the rest of the guys are sleeping but me. I can't get Brooke out of my head. No one knows or has caught on but we're going to be seeing her father today. 

The sun peaks from above the clouds. Cloudy day in New York today I suppose. I finally did drift off to sleep and I wake up and the boys are all excited to be in New York, but not Harry and I. Harry keeps his head looking down at the ground. I pat him on his shoulder and I whisper to him," Chances are we won't see her, don't worry about it." Harry just glares at me.

"I'm not stupid, I remember, we're going to be meeting with her father," Harry says turning away from me. We took a taxi into the city from the air port. Even in the morning the city streets we bright. Not the busy though which was a good thing because was we could all get to Simon's house early for breakfast.


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