You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


20. How Long Can I Keep Up With You

Cameron's P.O.V


The sun is just touching the Earth when my mother and I get off the plane. The sky is lit a dark orange with a light purple. It was beautiful, new territory and new fresh air. My mom stands there with her mouth open agape, "This is one thing that I really missed," She says with her hands on her hips, her face split in half with her big smile, "Before you father died, he'd take you to Central Park every night so you guys could watch the sun set. You loved that when you were little," She says walking towards the air port.

The thing that sucks the most is that I can't remember my father no matter how much I try. I remember living in New York when I was younger, about five years old and I remember my some of my friends, yet I still don't remember my father. The man who everyone in my family says I remind them of, 'oh he was so smart and intelligent, a guile man he was, with eyes to kill yet he loved and cared for everyone.' My grandma used to tell me that all the time, and when I was younger I guess you could say I fit the description, but once I hit thirteen everything changed. That's when I started to be rebellious, did what I wanted and only listened to myself. Eventually I started getting some followers, which really didn't fase me much. They were just posers, until I met Darrod Law. He was a stoner from Washington, and we both hit it off so well when we met in eighth grade. He was like my long lost brother, we came from the same back round. We both had single mothers and dead fathers, a wealthy family with no rules. We did what we pleased. Darrod and I. Not one of us was better than the other. We were both on the same level. 

When we got to high school we started a band, which was when I met Rachel. She wasn't your average girl. which drew me to her. She was pretty with long wavy black hair and big brown eyes. She had skin the color of milk, which is rare in sunny California. We dated briefly for only about five moths and I broke it off once my emotions started were threatned with the strong yet deadly feeling called love.

And Rachel knew that was the reason why. She loved me more than her heart could handle and when I broke up with her she was heartless. She broke plenty of boys hearts and did not give a flying fuck but she always wanted me. My last night in Cali me, Darrod, and Rachel all got matching tattoos. I got a key on my wrist, Darrod got a lock on his ankle, and Rachel got a heart with a key hole on her hand. 

That was a good night. I got my luggage and we got into a taxi cab to take us into Manhattan where I would start my new life.



Brooke's P.O.V


I'm on my way to the office because I got called down by the loud speaker. It was in the middle of second period psychology, I start down the hall where the deans office is and all the administrators offices are. I hear clicking behind me and then someone calls out my name. I turn my head to see a happy faced Mia, Harry's new girlfriend, "Hey, Brookelynn," She whispers.

"Yes?" I say trying not to sound snotty with a fake smile.

"What class is Harry in right now?" She asks taking her iphone out of her pocket.

"Oh, I believe he's in Trig right now with Mr.Tozzlynn, " I say forcing a smile.

"Thanks so much," She says clicking down the hall. I roll me eyes after she passes me. Just as I get to the principals office, I'm exspecting him to ask me how Harry was doing, because that's what he usually has to say to me. But this time he's smiling in his big leather chair.

"Please Brookelynn, take a seat," Mr.Langer says cheerfully. 

I pull out a fancy red velvet chair that sits in front his big dark oak desk, "Hello Mr.Langer," I say making myself comfortable.

"How are you today?" He asks smiling picking something up off his desk.

"I'm good how are you?" I say.

"Good, thanks for lets get down to business," He says putting his reading glasses on. A lump forms in my throat, because by the way his voice changed, I knew he meant serious business, and right now at the top of my head I can't think of any reason why I'd be getting in trouble, "Now, we are getting a new student and he's coming from California and I was wondering if you could please show him around the school and walk him to all his classes, maybe even tutor him if he needs it," Mr.Langer say with his hands crossed in front of him like an Italian mobster that you'd see in an old movie.

"Oh yeah sure, no problem. When does he start?" I ask.

"Great! He starts tomorrow, meet him here at this office he'll be waiting for you with me. His name is Cameron Armano, and he's a senior. I mean I figured I'd ask you because you did a great job helping Mr.Styles settle in here. Just try to make him feel like he's at home," He says getting up. I get out of my seat as well, thinking that our little meeting was now over,  but he places a hand on my shoulder before I got to walk out.

"I'll make sure you get credit for all your efforts," Mr. Langer says and I nod my head, give him my thank you's and I'm out of his office walking back to class. 


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