You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


19. Home for Now

Brooke's P.O.V


Harry's home now. He still doesn't remember that much, but he's acting like his old self again which is a big step. The boys recorded their music video to 'What Makes You Beautiful' last weekend. They were cold, it was in the middle of fall, I guess they weren't exspecting the song to hit off so late in the season.

Harry's sitting on the couch right now watching t.v. I go over to him and kiss him on his four head and he smiles, "Hello Brooke," He says.

"Hey, how you feeling?" I ask sitting down next to him. He wraps his arms around me and I feel at home. I inhale him, and he smells sweet. 

"Good...I have good news," He says tiredly. I look him in his eyes. I wonder what he had accomplished today. Everyday it was something new. He was like a baby almost surprising me with new things everyday.

"Oh, well what is it?" I say looking him in his eyes.

"I remember...everything..." Harry says and the look on his face goes from hopeful to upset. My mouth drops.

"That's a good thing right?" I say and he nods his head right away. "Wha- what do you mean?"

"Yes it is...but I can't be with you like this. Thank you for everything, for being here for me this whole time but..." Harry nods his head. " I was out of it. When I got my mind back I remembered Mia and..." 

Tears start to roll down my face as my anger boils, "I WAS HERE FOR YOU! I TOOK CARE OF YOU? AND WHERE WAS YOUR DEAREST MIA THEN HUH?" I scream not understanding one bit of his knowledge, "WHERE THE FUCK WAS SHE THEN?" I say screaming at him in his face.

He doesn't respond. I throw on a coat and I'm out the door. I walk up to a door at the end of the hallway and I knock twice before someone answer it. Lola pops her gum and leans on the door frame. We have spoken since I punched her in the face, but only small talk, "Oh please, let me know if you're going to punch me in the face so at least I can be prepared to beat the shit out of you," She says.

"No, I'm not going to punch you in the face," I say nodding my head wiping away my tears.

"Okay, then why are you here what do you want?" Lola asks. Even though she was being a complete total bitch, she was still so cool about it, and no matter what I could never hate her, just because there's no one else like Lola on the face of the Earth. She is one of a kind, and a once in a life time person, and she was (is?) my only friend.

"I need my friend back," I say helplessly.



Lola's P.O.V


I move out the way to let Brooke into my house and I go over into my room and close the door behind us, obviously something was wrong with her, she couldn't stop crying. I wanted to go over to her and hug her until she stopped crying but I couldn't. I was still a little pissed that she knocked on my door, punched me in the face and then left. Pretty fucked up, yet still bad ass. I never thought she had it in her. She sits on my bed and cries her eyes out while covering her eyes.

"So, what happened this time?" I ask sitting down next to her. Brooke looks up at me with red puffy eyes. 

"Well Harry remembers everything," She starts and I nod me head. That was not the reason why she was crying so much but she didn't say anything else.

"Are you fucking serious? That's why you're crying?" I laugh I get up to open the door for him to make her exit.

"No, that's not why. I was taking care of him the whole time while he was all wacked out, and we kissed and now that he remembers everything now he wants to be back with Mia," Brooke sobs.

I close my door once more and sit next to her, " I know it sucks...but have you ever thought that maybe he's actually happy with her?" I say hugging her.

She looks at me with narrowed eyes, she didn't want to hear that. " Hey, listen, I'm always going to be the friend that will tell you what you need to hear, whether you want to hear it or not...and Mia is my best friend, and I don't mean to make you feel worse but she really seems to like Harry more than any other guy she's dated.

But let me tell you the reason her and Conner broke up was because she was talking to some other guys and when Conner found out he started talking to other girls...she didn't like the taste of her own medicine so when she found out she broke up with Conner. She's not the faithful type I guess you could say but she seems pretty serious about Harry..." I tell her. The look on her face was bittersweet. I felt so bad for Brooke right now.

"One more thing, I am sorry for spilling the beans that one night. I know now, from hearing what you just said that I screwed things up for you and Harry for good. And quit frankly...If I were you I would've punched myself in the face too."

Brooke smiles but you can tell that she didn't want to. She wasn't in the mood to smile, even though she should be. The rest of the day I pretty much listened to her cry and talk about Harry and Mia and how she wished she was in her place. I hugged her, rubbed her back, ran my fingers through her hair and even promised her that she'd find better. But it still didn't take away the guilt I was feeling in my heart. If I wouldn't have ever said anything that night about what she had done with other people, maybe they would still be together and maybe I'd be listening to Mia cry on my shoulder right now.



Dear viewers/fans



Cameron is new to the story, hope you enjoy his character :) 


-Krista xx








This will probably be the last time I see the the L.A city skyline from my apartment. I will miss it, this is and always will be my home, but I can't lie. I am excited to be moving to New York. Some of my friends go to college out there and they love it, the only downside is that It actually gets cold over there, but I've never seen snow, so maybe it won't be so bad. I look over to my left and I see Rachel looking out the window staring at the beautiful skyline.

"Aren't you going to miss this?" she asks flicking her black hair over her shoulder.

"Yeah I will, but not as much as I'll miss you," I say trying to make her feel special. It was the least I could do considering I broke her heart last summer, which she still can't get over. She looks up at me with dark brown eyes. She nods her head and smiles.

"Shut up, I've known you for to long. I know that you won't miss me, or anyone else here," She says with a smile still on her face. What? Why did she know me better than I knew myself. It was honestly kind of scary. I just look at her dumb founded. I shake my head out of this mess that I got myself caught in. I take my guitar from the side of my bed and start to strum random tunes.

"Why don't you play 'Give Me' ?" Rachel asks and I begin to play the song that we wrote together. This time It sounds so much better than any other time we played it together. The lyrics that she sings sound so much more truthful. We get to the end of the original song that we wrote but Rachel keeps singing a verse of her own.

"Give me what you want to, cos baby I am here for you. Through all this pain you put me through. Give me love, give me joy. Give me everything you want to give me boy, I deserve it I deserve you.."

The words she sang were beautiful and they came from her heart, which made them even more special and meaningful. I'll admit, I have never been in love or have loved anybody else but I loved the way she sounded when she sang those words to me, and I think she made me feel the closests to feeling that way about anyone, "That was amazing," I say and she winks.

"I meant every word I said." Rachel says.

"I know you did..." I'm quick on my feet when I change the subject, "I should call everyone up, and we should all get tattoos." I say and she agrees with no hesitation. Good, now I don't have to be confronted anymore on my love for anyone or anything.



Harry's P.O.V



I take the lift down to the lowest level and I go to the park. It was a Sunday, and it was now six. I wonder if Mia remembered. I walk for a bit when I see her curls blowing in the New York wind, "Mia!" I call out and when she turns her head to look in the direction she is happy with my appearance. She gets off the bench and runs over to me jumping into my arms. She fits perfectly snug in my arms. 
"Oh my gosh Harry. You're all better now. Do you remember everything?" Mia asks with a bright smile.

"Mostly, bits and pieces I still don't remember but the most important thing is that I remember you," I tell her and yeah it was cheesy but who cares because she melted like butter and she held on to my hand tight.

"I feel terrible. It was all my fault," Mia says with pleading green eyes. I nod my head,

"No, it wasn't your fault and besides, I was okay. Brooke did a great job at helping me remember everything," I say leaving out all the rest like how we always kissed and even came close to even having sex this one time.

Her smile dissolves, "I don't like her Harry. Please, don't talk about her when your with me," Mia says as we make our way out of the park.

"What do you mean? How can we be together if you can't stand the person I live with?" I ask her and it erupts a volcano inside of her.

"Harry are you serious?" She looks behind her and lowers her voice and she has a sad look on her face, " You guys were once in love, and yeah I get it we're together but the truth of the matter is, is that if you really love someone, the love you shared doesn't just disappear with the snap of a finger. And you guys live with each other, and that makes me really uncomfortable," Mia says with wide eyes.

" Well I can't really do anything about it," I say throwing my hands up, "I just moved to this city and it's only temporarily and I have to stay and live with her, there's no one else I can stay with," I say raising my voice a little higher. She looks upset, so I had to say something to make her feel better, "But Mia, you have nothing to worry about...I don't even love her and I never did, there's nothing going on between us," I say spinning up more lies that I'll have to keep up with.



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