You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


15. Fear is the Heart of Love

* Dear fans/viewers    Okay so, Lola is now a big part of the story. She is Brooke's best friend and is the devil's, in this chapter she brings up something that most of you haven't thought be prepared for a surprise.

     Lola's P.O.V

   I go into the bathroom and rinse my face off with water. "Did I just see what I think I seen?" I ask myself fixing my hair in the mirror. I open the bathroom door and start my way back to the pub, "Yep it was," I say answering my own question as I watch the curly haired boy slip back into his pants. "Hey guys, done cleaning yourself up?" I ask sitting down on a chair next to them.  "Look, I'm really so-" Brooke starts to say but I hold my hand up stopping her.  "I really don't care. I just wish I didn't have to see it for myself," I say taking a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket, "Do you guys smoke?" I ask them, but they both nod their heads no. "Okay then, more for me," I take a cigarette out and light it and inhale smoke into my mouth. I blow it out, loving the way the smoke slithers up my throat.  "So who is this?" I say pointing to the curly haired boy with my cigarette.

He was pretty cute too. Long curls down that touched his four eye brows and striking green eyes, a slender body and he was tall.  

"I'm Harry," The boys says with a deep British accent and a bright smile.  

"Lola, pleasure," I say with a nod and a wink, "So how do you guys know each other?"  

"He's the fine fellow who I mentioned to you, Harry ," Brooke says with a weird awkward smile.  

"Oh! The boy who you cheated on with his band mate! Crap," I say slapping my knee, "How could I forget?" I say sarcasticly.  

"Really Lola?" Brooke says standing up.

Shit, like I'm going to back down from her.   "What Brooke? What can you really say?" I ask putting out my cigarette, "Yeah you used to talk about Mr. Harry all the time but what about the time when you kissed me?" I yell. Brooke looks down at the floor. She gives me the 'we weren't supposed to tell anyone' look.  "No you wanna know what Brooke? I hate that you can just get away with everything. Flirting with Landon and going on walks with him at night in Central Park, yeah bet you didn't tell him that," I say walking towards the door to the exit. I pick up my purse and get one last look at the curly haired boy one last time. His face was stained with anger. I throw the keys to the place to Harry. " I'm guessing you too have already had sex before, get a pregnancy test just to make sure, and please, would you lock the place up when you guys are done making love stains and what not all over the couch," I say walking out of the pub.      

Brooke's P.O.V  



 Harry waited for the door to close behind Lola when he started to scream at me, " Brooke what the hell? What is this relationship based on lies?" He yells.

I cry while walking over to the pub door, "No of course not, it's not like that at all you know that Harry," I tell him. Gosh, why would Lola ever do this to me. Some friend she was, she was never really a friend to me at all I guess.    

"Well then what? Everything she just said was a lie? Why would she make up such things? She doesn't even know me," Harry yells running his fingers through his hair.

"No, Harry- please it's not like that Harry no, no-" He says trying to leave the Pub. I stand in front of the door.

"LET ME GO!" Harry screams pushing me out of the way, "There is no we anymore," Harry says slamming the door shut behind him. I run into the bathroom to throw up all that was in my body. I washed the cups that Harry and I had used and started on my long walk back home. It felt like forever with out having someone to talk to. I felt so lonely with out someone holding my hand. Now my hands rest in my pockets as my body shakes. I still haven't stopped crying. I just got dumped, and all of my skeletons were out of the closet. I had nothing more to hide, which was kind of a relief but the way they were let out was the damaging part of it all. I wish it hadn't been said in a hateful rage. I fear that Harry will never speak to me again. He is my rock, my everything, Louis will never take me back as a friend, or at least that's what I think. I know I hurt him. Wish I never did, but I cannot take it back. I look at my swollen eyes through the stores reflecting glass. I watch as tears run down my cheeks and get more upset that there isn't someone there to wisp them away for me. I was on my own, and I hated every last second of it.

I get to my floor and I got to my room when I stopped and turned around, I wanted to see Lola and talk to her. I knock on her door and she answers. "What could you possibly want?" She asks slumping on the door frame.

"I wanted to say I was sorry," I say wiping my eyes.

"For what?"

I cocked my arm back and held my hand in a tight fist and socked her right in the face. She fell to on her back into her flat. I start to tread back to my flat. It felt so much better to have punched that bitch in the face, but when I open the door to my flat Louis is sitting at the table. It had almost seemed as if he were waiting for me.


Louis's P.O.V.



So Harry told me everything that had happened between him and Brooke.  I honestly am shocked because I thought Brooke loved him. Well at least earlier it sounded like they loved each other. Instead of being a dick, I'm gonna try and talk to her. 

"Brooke. I heard what happened, I'm sorry." I say getting up, giving her a hug. I felt her crying on my chest.  "I no Harry screamed and walked away while you were trying to explain, but I think you should go talk it out with him. It's the best thing to do because were going to be here for quite a while and if you don't resolve the problems it's gonna feel even longer.  Trust me on this." I say looking deep into her eyes.  I walked into Harry's room. "Sorry to just bust in but I told Brooke to come and talk to you so listen, you don't have to talk just listen.  Trust me things will be a lot better without problems." I walked Brooke into Harry's room, walked out and shut the door tight.  I wasn't trying to....I don't no how to put this but anyways I tryed to listen to them talk or... Yell. 

All I could hear was Harry saying: "I loved you, we had sex just today. TWICE!. Why didn't you just tell me before!?"   He was yelling but then his voice softened. "Listen Brooke, i'm sorry for yelling at you like that and from before but alls I'm asking is why didn't you just open up and tell me? We trusted eachother on everything.  Then it was Brookes turn:

"Harry. I didn't tell you because I didn't think it'd matter, I mean I'm sure you did your thing in London."   

Brooke came rushing out of Harry's room in tears. Liam rushed up off of the couch. He grabbed Brooke's hand and walked out the door.  Harry came and sat at tthe table with me. 

"Louis I no you were just trying to help but I think that just made it a bit worse. But I just don't no if I'll ever be able to talk to her again because this didn't just happen once and it's hard to just keep forgiving her over and over agian." Harry says looking down at his hands.


"Sorry Harry.  You'r such a good guy and I don't think you deserve one bit of this." I got up and gave him a friendly hug. "I am here for you man if you ever need somebody to talk to."


"Thanks Louis. I'm sure I'll be needing you a lot." He said fake smiling. 


Liam's P.O.V.


I place my hands gently on her shoulders to stand her up steadily. It looks as if she's going to fall over, that's how badly she's shaking, "I can't," she says crying in my chest. I rub her back up and down and she just cries. 

"I know it's heart breaking, but please stop crying so I can actually talk to you," I tell her holding her away from my chest so I can look her in her eyes. Her face was red and her eyes swollen from all the tears she has shed. I felt bad for her. Harry was hating her for having a life while Harry was in England. It wasn't fair because one, they weren't even together, and two Harry was with Emily the whole time Brooke and him were official. And even the boys think she's fucked up. Guess the boys forgot all those nights after Harry came home from a date with Brookelynn and Emily was at home waiting for him. 

She tries to stifle her tears and I look into her eyes, "He's not worth your tears love," I say wiping her tears, "I know we've never really talked but I'm here for you if you need me. I'm always here for you," I tell her meaning every word and not knowing why I feel so close to her. I hold her in my arms and she weeps there with her hands on my back digging into my flesh. She was hurt, broken even and all I wanted to do was make her smile.

"Please will you just smile...for me?" I ask her head still in my chest. She looks up at me with a smile.

"I don't know why but for you, it's easier for me to smile," She says with glassy green eyes.

"We should go out for a stroll in Central Park," I suggest. She nods her head, and I offer her my hand, and she takes mine in hers. She hand was soft and warm. She still was shaking but not as much as she was before. We went to the park where we saw some pretty creepy things. Guys walking hot dog carts dressed as clowns.

"I thought Halloween already passed," Brooke said. She was pretty intelligent and could keep a good conversation. We walked back to the house in tears of laughter from all the jokes we've been making. Maybe I was starting to like this girl. We waited at the door before we went into her flat. Her back against the wall laughing. She was really pretty too.

"Oh my gosh, and the girl with the tutu!" She laughed.

"I know she looked rather rubbish I'd say," I say. Then she looks at me with deep green eyes.

"I forgot to thank you for making me happy," She says walking up to me. She kisses my lips soflty and I feel my heart skip a beat. I pull away shocked. I didn't want this. Yes, granted Brooke was beautiful as well as she was trouble. I mean look what she did to Louis and Harry. What makes me any different from them? I didn't know but something seemed tempting. Maybe I needed someone like her in my life...a little bit of trouble. I kissed her this time with tongue and she wrapped her arms around my neck. This kiss was hungry. We started making out right out side of her apartment. I wanted so much more from her, and it wasn't sex...I wanted her heart and for her to love me...

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