You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


30. Charlotte Rose

         I wake up, the English sun shining in my face. She's due any day now...this week my doctor said maybe and I'm so excited but I'm still so alone. I sit up in my bed and look at all the photographs that hang on my walls. There are a lot of me and Louis...but not one of Harry and I...not a single one. What's going to happen when my baby girl gets older and she asks where her dad is. What am I supposed to tell her. "Oh your dad is a superstar and he doesn't have enough time for you?" I couldn't tell her that...It would crush her.. So what was I supposed to do?


            What have I become? How old am I? 15? I didn't even hit 16. I'm going to be a disgrace to my family, even people in public will  look at me weird. Whatever happened to me a couple of months ago. When I was with Louis at his X-Factor audition and nothin mattered but him. Everything was good back then, so much more simpler then things are now. Then Louis introduced me to Harry and my entire world went to shit, not to blame it on him but there was just something about him that made my heat race. Something about his eyes and the way the looked at me. I wanted him and I got him and our was so incridibly great and horrible at the same time and I loved him more than I could ever want to love anyone and he's still not here. He hasn't called once, the day he visited me at the hospital was the last day I seen him.


            And then Louis. The boy that I grew up loving, the boy that when I was a little girl I dreamed with marrying him. That's Louis, and now where is he? I loved him too, and I still do but I hurt him too much. I could never be with him knowing that I hurt him and broke his heart. When he tried to love me all I did was push him away. He doesn't deserve me.



           As I run over all these things in my head Camile bursts through the door with a big smile on her face. "Good morning!" she says.


           "Hey," I say wiping my eyes officially ready to start my day.


            "Sleep well?" she asks coming in my room to sit down with me on my bed.


           "Yeah, I've been up though...just mulling over the last couple of months." I tell her laying down on her chest.


            "Yeah, and what conclusion have you come to?" Camile asks as she sips off her coffee. The smell of it is revolting and I'm already five seconds away from throwing up.


              "Well I've come to the conclusion that...I'm growing up...way too fast. I'm not even sixteen and I'm having a baby," I say feeling tears well in my eyes. She places her coffee down and lays down on the bed with me and pets my hair.


                 "Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you're not because you are. I think you and I both know that you knew you were in trouble when you got involved with Harry. When she's born, you can't take that out on her. She is not a mistake, she is not a bad memory of a wonderful time in your life. She is not a novelty item, she is your daughter and I need you to promise me that you'll love her because everything that's happened to you is not her have to remember that." Camile soothes into my ear. I know she's right. She's always right. But how am I going to be able to look at my daughter and not see Harry in her? How am I going to lie to her when she asks me why am I looking at her like that? What was I supposed to say. I explain this to her and she nods her head and looks at me solemly.


            "She is the best thing that came out of you guys relationship. Be happy that she's here, she should remind you of the good times you guys shared. At least you shared something. Most people have nothing good to remember their ex by." She says.


                "That's true." I say standing up. I put my robe on and Camile makes a comment about how I look like I might pop at any minuet.


                  "I got you something too, it's out in the kitchen when you're ready alongside your breakfast."


                      "Oh God," I say walking out behind her. I walk out into the living room and John sits at the table and watches the news.


                       "Morning Brookelynn," he says and I wave. I follow Camile into the kitchen and I'm faced with my absolute worst fear. He sits there his back turned to me, I couldn't tell what he was doing but I knew who he was. His back was slouched as if he had come back home from a tirering day at work. His black leather trench coat almost touched the floor, the collar pulled up around his neck like a noose. His curls were affixed into a messy pile on his head.


                       "Say hello," Camile urges. He turns around to face me. His eyes a bright peppermint green.


                        I swallow hard feeling a lump form in my throat. "Hi," I say. He stands up pushing his chair in as he starts walking towards me his arms open. I hug him, knowing that I don't bwlong in his arms anymore and I don't welcmome and warm inside of them like the way I used to. He hugs me tight and kisses my fourhead the way he used to and this all feels so wrong. More like friends then mother and father. He pulls away but still holds me close.


                        "How you doing?" he says, his voice deeper and more raspy then the last time we spoke. He was a whole different person. Someone that I had to get to know all over again. I nodded my head.


                          "I'm good and yourself?" I say. He nods his head and says good.


                         "I'll leave you two alone to eat your breakfast, enjoy guys," Camile says excorting herself from the room. Harry pulls out a chair for me to sit in and pushes me in and takes the seat from across me.


                          "How's everything going with the band?" I ask him as he digs into his pancakes.


                           "Everything is going great. We just started recording our second video that's supposed to play in the US." Harry says his mouth full. "The boys are all back here, they wanted to know if they could see you later." Harry says.


                              "I'd love to see them all again," I say excitedly. I felt my face light up when I thought of Louis. It's been so long. Harry looks up at me and gets sad when he sees the expression on my face his face saddens.


                            "You mean Louis right?" he says. I catch my breath and look at him. I reach my hand to hold his in mine, hoping to rekindle a flame that once used to burn so bright but it felt like I was touching cold metal.


                            "I don't know what happened between us Harry.I used to love you very much but's nothing. You know and always knew...I loved Louis. I still love him...very much. You will to Louis, whether you the father of my child or not." I say. He lets go of my hand excuses himself from the table and leaves the house.


                            It feels like I'm sitting at the table forever until Camile comes back in the room. She takes my full plate of food and Harry's plate where the food was messily played around with. She doesn't say anything. Just comes in and goes out leaving me alone at the round table. I sit there alone my only company was the voice in my head. 'why can't he just handle the truth?' Then someone walks in the room. I don't turn around to see who it is because at this point I don't care if someone wants to confort me or console me either way I'm miserable.


                            "Hey..." they say. I know who it is the moment hey comes out their mouth. I don't turn around to look though. If they want to see me then they can come over to me, I'm done following and chasing after people even if it only means responding to my own name. They repeat themselves and I remain motionless. I listen as their foot steps drag on the hard wood floor and then there he was. Basking in the sun that shined through the blinds, his eyes the brightest sea blue he stares at me scared and I see my own reflection through his eyes. I'm so happy but I don't dare show it, he'd just take my happiness and eat it up when he shouldn't do that because all's I'll ever do is hurt him again and again and again and history will just keep repeating itself. Over and over and over until one of us dies from it. I look at him studying a face that's so familar to me and how it feels to me is second nature. His face his scruffy with facial hair, something I'm not particulary used to and his hair is messy, pieces of his hair kicked down touching his fourhead.


                       "Well aren't you going to say hello?" he asks. And then I feel it. My baby kicks inside of me hard and right as I get up to stand, to let my guard down the kick is even harder this time into my rib cage. I hold my stomach as if it will reduce the pain I'm feeling and then I look at Louis and his face is in udder shock. I look down at the floor and I'm standing in a puddle. Pee? No, wait! Oh shit my water broke.


                        "Louis, go get Camile hurry!" I yelled. I attempt to wipe up the mess I've made but it's no use. The kicks become harder and my entire stomach feels like people are punching me in it and either my baby has twenty pairs of legs or something, I can't even concerntrate. I start screaming at the top of my lungs and all the boys from One Direction storm into the room. I put one arm around Harry and one around Louis. They practically drag me out of the dining room and make me sit in the front seat where Camile takes the wheel. She calls the doctor and tells him that U'm in labor as I scream my head off. Louis tries conforting me he tells me tha everything is going to be alright and Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn share their excitment.







There she was. I've finally woken up from sleep and here she is, the doctor tells me that she's seven pounds five ounces and that she's eightteen inches long. I look at her as she sleeps and I could never imagine my life without her here. Then I see Harry sitting there a big smile on his face. "Hey," I say as my eye lids threaten to drape over my eyes.


"Hey," He stands up and walks over to me and looks at her. "So what are you going to name her?" Harry asks.


"Charlotte Rose Tomlinson."

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