You are my Star (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brooke was in love with Louis before One Direction, and when One Direction was still on The X-Factor. But when Brooke meets all the boys for the first time, she has a special connection with Harry that is unlike any other. What happens when Louis has a change of heart and wants to finally be with Brooke but Brooke is in love with Harry? What would you do if two boys from One Direction wanted to be with you?


7. Beautiful

A week has went by. That means I only have two weeks left in the UK. It was sad. Most of my belongings were packed into totes and are now placed in a moving truck. Harry lays beside me in my bed, the only thing left in bed room. "I'm going to miss you," Harry says holding my hand.

"Indeed I am going to miss you too," I say I turn to face him. I wanted to tell him now before I didn't mean it anymore, " Harry I love you," I say looking him in his eyes.

"Not nearly as much as I love you," Harry says pressing his lips to mine. He was right about that. I did love him but I will never love him as much as he loves me. Then I think to how when I move in two weeks how I might not ever be able to be this close to Harry ever again. One Direction (as they were called now) had a pretty big fan base due to The X-Factor. They didn't even win yet and last week when Harry and I went for a stroll in the town we got followed by a small group of girls trying to get Harry's autograph. Last week I went to watch them perform live on The X-Factor with Hannah and I was honestly amazed. It was almost like they were already famous.





"They are good, " Hannah said mostly to herself but I replied.

"Yeah, they are great. I never knew Harry could sing that well," I say actually looking at her.

Hannah looked at me with sad brown eyes, "I'm really sorry Brookelynn," Hannah said.

I nodded my head, "I love Louis more than I have ever loved anyone in my life," I drop my voice to a whisper, "and to be honest, I will never love Harry as much as I do Louis." Hannah looked at me and nodded her head in understanding. "But Louis and I will be no more so I have to move on from him and I have with Harry. Just please, don't hurt Louis. He really loves you," I told Hannah. She places her hand on mine.

"I know how you feel. Louis is my world and is my one a only true love, I don't know what I'd do without him. That's why I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart Brooke, because I know you feel the same I do towards him. And if I were you, I honestly would've banished myself from Louis's life." Hannah said with a chuckle. At least she was being honest.

"Haha," I laugh, "I couldn't do that to you though. Even if you would've done that to me. Louis loves you more than he could ever love me..." The conversation trailed off. Hannah looked up at me with bright brown eyes.

"No, Brookelynn he loves you. More than he will ever love me," Hannah says tears welled up in her eyes, "He talks about you...alot..." Hannah said wiping her eyes.

I held in her in my arms and let her cry in my chest kinda like how I was right now with Harry. Then the boys performance was over and Hannah wiped away all her tears. The boys walked back stage and gave each other high fives. Louis walked over to me and hugs me tight.

"Ew Lou, you stink like must!" I said teasing him.

"I know you like it though," Louis said laughing and lifting his arms showing off his sweat stains.

"How nice," Hannah said walking up to Louis and giving him a hug while looking at me with narrowed eyes. 'The nerve of her' I thought to myself, but what I noticed was the way Louis looked at me while he gave her a hug. He looked upset.




The thought of Louis's face that night makes me want to see him and ask him what was the matter with him that night on The X-Factor. "Um, Harry. I think I want some alone time to myself for a bit,"  I say to him sadly feeling bad for what I was just about to do.

He looks at me sadly which brakes my heart even more and makes me even reconsider if I really wanted to see Louis or not... I was about to change my mind when I remembered the last time Louis and I kissed. "Okay, I'll see you later love," Harry says kissing me on my four head. He leaves my room and my flat. Right away I call Louis on my mobile. He picks up my heart stops when I hear his voice on the other end.

"Louis!" I almost wine. 

"Everything alright? You sound like your in a panic," Louis says concerned. 

"No, I'm fine. I just really want to see you...Like badly," I breath into the phone.

"Okay, that's all you had to say. I'll be over in a few. You actually got me at a good time because I'm at my mums house anyway."

"Okay, cool. See you soon," I say excitedly hanging up the phone running into my bathroom to fix up any fly away hairs. I looked pretty damn well. Once I perfected my face I waited impatiently by the front door to my flat. 

Then I got a knock at my door. I rush up out of the kitchen to answer the door. I turn the door knob to the left and the front door to my flat pops open, and I see Louis. My heart starts to pound in my chest. "Loui!" I say giving him a hug.

He holds me tight in his arms. He still doesn't know that I'm moving to New York next week. Wait till I tell him. I have no idea how he'll act.

"Brooke, hows everything?" Louis says letting me go.

"Um-well I have something to tell you that you won't be to happy to hear..." I tell him. He looks down on me with curious gray eyes.

"Well...what is it?" Louis asks impatiently. 

I held Louis's hands and he furrowed his brows,"Louis, I'm moving next week to New York..." I tell him. He laughs.

"No really, what is it. That's a load of cack," Louis says letting go of my hands.

"Louis, please you have to believe haven't noticed that half my house is now packed?" I say gesturing towards my den and kitchen.

"Why are you going all the way out to New York though?" Louis says frustrated.

"My dad, it's a good business move on our part is what he told me," I tell him. He looks at me with sad eyes.

"That doesn't make any sense, you guys are doing just fine here in Doncaster," Louis says wrapping my up in his arms. I hear his breaths shutter  in my ears. He looks up and looks me in my eyes. He kisses my lips and I hold his body closer to mine, feeling and hearing the beat of his heart. He pushes me back into my room, his lips still never leaving mine. He pushes me down gently on my soft bed. He climbs on top of me kissing me with tongue now. I loved how we were getting so intense so quickly. Louis started to move hands down my body and I let out a moan. Our lips finally come apart from one another. Louis just looks down while he hovers on top of me. I sit up a little but to take my shirt off and he chuckles.

"My God, you are beautiful." And he showed me how beautiful I was. He made sweet sweet love to me. He took it slow and rained kisses over me. We stuck together with our sweat. It was such a beautiful feeling and my open window with the breeze creeping over our damp bodies was a feeling you could only dream of. I hear the front door to my flat open and I was thinking it just my parents, until my bed room door opens wide. I didn't fret though, the blankets were covering us. I look to face who just walked in my bed room. 

It was Harry with a bouquet of flowers in his hands of bright scarlette red roses. His eyes filled with tears as he dropped the roses to the floor. " Just wanted to let you are beautiful."




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