Rumors of secret organisations and conspiracies spread around the globe.
No-one knows these rumors were made up to cover someone's own tracks.

When Nathan stumbles upon a secret base, he is pulled into a world he didn't even know existed. A world that is run by kids. A world where a single mistake can endanger the whole organisation. A world that even the government don't know about.

And Nathan is about to find out why.


1. The Naked Eye

The alleyway Nathan walked down every day to get to and from school wasn't the safest place, but it was quickest. The buildings beside him were a mess of brickwork and faded or crumbling paint. Windows were cracked or shattered, and on windy days, soot circulated through the air, irritating the eyes and throat. Rubble was strewn on the concrete paving, a mess of bricks and wood. Nathan never gave any of the details a second thought; it wasn't going to be repaired anytime soon, and he didn't think anyone would dare making anything inside the buildings, with the risk of the whole structure collapsing.

Nathan walked back from school, his mind racing with things he needed to do when he got back. He ignored everything as usual, and takes a random step on the bricks and wooden planks on the floor, as per his usual routine.

This time, however, something gave way.

What looked like an old floorboard tossed out for whatever reason snapped under Nathan's weight, and he suddenly tripped into the hole it was covering. Nathan felt a rush of panic rise up as suddenly as he had fallen, and landed hard on a concrete slab, slamming his head into the ground. A moment of dizziness rendered him unable to move, but in his blurred vision, he saw the light above him get closed off.

As soon as he felt able to stand, he did so, the thought of what he was going to do when he got home, very quickly replaced by how he was going to get home. He didn't know this place even existed, let alone how to get out of it. As he got to his feet, he tentatively walked around, looking for a passage or a door to get out.

"Stand completely still."

A voice that came from nowhere. He did as the voice told him to, although less out of obedience, more out of sheer dread and fear. The air was deadly cold, a slow drip from an old, leaking pipe adding to the eerie atmosphere of the cave-like room Nathan was trapped inside. The smell of ancient soot was stronger than above, but Nathan hardly noticed, his senses focused his sight and hearing, trying to make out anything that moved, trying to hear footsteps, echoes, anything that could possi-

A hand was around his mouth and a sharp object was pressed against his back in a fraction of a second. He took a sharp intake of breath. He didn't even hear anything, how did he get to him so silently? The person behind him slowly started to move to a wall that turned out to be a sliding door, and Nathan walked with him, not wanting to find out how much damage the object against his back would do if he disobeyed. The person spoke with a very serious tone in his voice, a rich, almost worn-away voice. "There is no going back from this point on. Anything you see here, you do not tell anyone else about. And if you tell anyone anything about us, don't expect to live to tell the tale."

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