Take Me Home

Crystal has just moved to London with sister Taylor their parents have just passed away so they move in with their uncle Simon. Taylor is so excited cause she is a huge fan of One Direction and she can get 'closer' to them Crystal...not so much.


1. Character Description


Hi my name is Crystal and i'm 18 and i'm from New York City. I have a twin sister named Taylor were like 'two peas in a pod'. Taylor and I are moving to London because our parents died in a car accident. I'm very sad yet happy because i get to see my uncle Simon we never get to see him but there is one problem...he is the manager of One Direction an international boy band who i'm not a fan of but my sister is. Ugh.



Hi my name is Taylor and i'm 18 and i have a twin sister named Crystal are parents used to say were like 'two peas in a pod'. Crystal and I are moving to London we get to move in with our uncle Simon i'm so excited cause he is the manger of One Direction. AHH. But Crystal is not a fan oh well. :)    


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