Pain and Perfection

This is the story of Amber Hill. She's your typical eighteen year old girl...except for the fact that she's physically abused by her father, has just lost her mother in a car crash, and that she hates the world. But Amber's in for the shock of a lifetime when she meets the hottest band out there, One Direction. She finds herself falling for the boy who's the least in common with her of all. But will love be enough to bring Amber out of the shadows, or is the pain too much to escape from?
They never said love would be easy.
They just promised that it would be worth it.

*caution, there may be sexual references and even some rated r scenes so be forewarned."


3. The First Encounter

Harry's POV: I was in the park with the guys, hanging by the pond. Ducks swam around and I stood by the edge, trying to get one to come over.

"Hey, Haz," Louis said coming up behind me. "If you want so badly to see one up close, why not go to them?"

I turned  to look at him and said, "Because then I'd have to get..." I was cut off by a hand to the chest, shoving me backwards into the water. "Wet!" I finished, popping up out of the pond and spitting out water.

The others were laughing as I climbed out of the pond.

"You laugh, but that was quite refreshing," I joked, grinning at them.

"I bet it was, mate," Zayn said, chuckling.

"I'm hungry," Niall complained. " And you guys said were getting some Nandos."

"Because you wouldn't get up off your lazy bum," Liam replied. "You should've figured we were joking.

Niall frowned. "You don't joke about Nandos, mate."

I shook my hair out, spraying them with water droplets. "We'll get Nandos on the way back, Niall.  We better get going so I can dry off."

They all agreed and raced towards the cars. I was in the lead when I heard a girl saying, "Hey!" and suddenly I was slamming into someone, and we fell, me on top of her.

"Ugh, you're wet!" she complained.

"Sorry, love," I said, grinning at her. I expected recognition to dawn on her face at any moment, but she merely looked confused as to why I hadn't gotten off of her yet.

She scowled and said, "Would you get up. Your hair is dripping on my face." I stood, surprised and unexpectedly pleased that she didn't know me. It was a refreshing change from all the screaming girls chasing me. I held out my hand to help her up, but she swatted me away and stood up by herself.

"I really am sorry, love," I repeated.

She gave me a look. "I heard you the first time. And stop calling me that."

I smiled at her.

"And stop smiling so much," she grumbled.

I chuckled, "You got something against smiling, love?"

She glared at me and turned away.

"Where you headed, love?" I wondered.

"Stop calling me that," she insisted.

"Alright, well tell me your name, then."

Before she could respond, I heard Zayn calling out, "Oi, Haz! Can't you control your dick?"

The girl's eyebrows shot up as I chuckled. I turned to see the other four watching us from a ways away. "I would, but that takes all the fun away."

They snickered and I saw the girl bite back a grin.

"Name?" I implored.

She cocked an eyebrow. "Why should I tell you. You could be a stalker or a rapist."

I laughed. She had a sharp wit and an attitude she wasn't afraid to use. From her accent, she was clearly American. She had brown, curly hair that flowed halfway down her back and blue eyes that popped in her pale face.

"You're right. I could be. I guess you'll just have to take a chance on me."

She watched me for a moment then finally said, "I'm Amber."

"Harry," I said, flashing a smile.

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