Pain and Perfection

This is the story of Amber Hill. She's your typical eighteen year old girl...except for the fact that she's physically abused by her father, has just lost her mother in a car crash, and that she hates the world. But Amber's in for the shock of a lifetime when she meets the hottest band out there, One Direction. She finds herself falling for the boy who's the least in common with her of all. But will love be enough to bring Amber out of the shadows, or is the pain too much to escape from?
They never said love would be easy.
They just promised that it would be worth it.

*caution, there may be sexual references and even some rated r scenes so be forewarned."


1. Prologue

You aren't living until you actually start you life. And they say all life starts with a change. Well, I was just about to experience the biggest change of all.

My whole life I'd been abused by my father, Bill. I used to endure it with my brother Wilke. He's six years older than me, and was graduating college with a full ride to Oxford when I was twelve years old. But he wouldn't agree to go, because he didn't want to leave me alone.

A few months before Wilke graduated, my father left us and we didn't know where he'd gone. I convinced Wilke to go to Oxford, and he left on one condition: that I call him right away if our father came back.

Wilke had been gone for two months when our dad came back. He was drunk and pissed and he took a belt to my back. The scars still haven't left me because whenever my father's anger goes over the line, he takes a belt to me.

I never called Wilke to let him know. And Wilke, to this day, is still oblivious. When Wilke visited, my father disappeared, and I hid my scars. I've lived in torment because I knew that if Wilke were to ever find out, he'd drop out of college.

I decided to wait until Wilke graduated and came home from the UK to let him know, but he called me on the night of his graduation and told me he was staying in Great Britain, and that he was engaged to his girlfriend of four years.

I am eighteen now. Wilke has been out of school for two years now. He hasn't visited since he graduated, and I've stopped returning his calls.

Tonight was my graduation, but seeing as I'd stopped talking to all my friends, I have no one to celebrate with but my mother and father.

My mother is a beautiful woman, and she tries to run interference between me and my father, but he merely waits until she leaves for work. I know she would have long since divorced him, if it weren't for the fact that he beats her every time she brings it up.

As I return home from my graduation, I get a call from my mother that she's on her way home from work (she couldn't get off for my graduation.) She tells me she's stopping for dinner and asks me to be careful around Bill until she gets home. I promise to do so.

But it seems Bill is just in a bad mood regardless. He's waiting for me when I get home, belt in hand.

"Think you're high and mighty now you've got diploma, huh?" His words are slurred, his grammar terrible. He is drunk.

"I figure I'm just the same," I say unemotionally.

"Smartass." He cracks his belt, scowling.

I flinch at the sound of it, my hands moving behind me to trace the unhealed scars on my back. He enjoys my fear, moving toward me now.

"You crave pain, don'tcha?" he snarls, his lip curling.

I don't respond. This is a mistake.

He grabs my arm, cracking the belt against my back. I whimper but don't scream. He slams me to the ground, mushing my face into the wood. I feel the blood oozing, soaking into my dress as he slaps the belt against the wounds I've had for years.

It lasts for hours, him cackling over me as he whips me slowly. I can't help but wonder where my mother is, why she's taking so long.

The answer comes an hour after Bill has finished punishing me. I've changed out of my bloody clothes and am walking out of my room when there's a knock on the door.

"Answer the damn door!" Bill snaps at me."

Standing on our porch steps is a policeman. Maybe a neighbor has heard the whipping, seen the abuse through the window while walking by. Maybe they're here to take Bill away forever.

No such luck. I know this from the look on the man's face. I recognize him now. He's one of my ex-friend's older brothers. "Amber," he says slowly. "I'm terribly sorry."


He sighs and shakes his head. "Your mother was in a car crash. I'm afraid she didn't make it."

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