Paradise (ON HOLD)

Read to find out ;)


3. My new home

                                           Sophie's POV

                    When we were driving to our new flat there was an awkward silence. " So Sophie,where are you from?" Liam asked me. "I'm Aussie, and I'm from Melbourne, Australia but I have been in England for a few years yet I still have my Aussie accent." I told him. "Do you like..... KEVIN?!?" Louis screamed. "Yes in fact I am in love with Kevin!"   "YES FINALLY!!! SOMEONE THAT LIKES KEVIN!''  "Louis get your eyes back on the road now!" Liam yelled at him. "Sorry." Louis whispered.  "Onto more important information, Sophie do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked. "Nope as single as I'll ever be!" I said as I winked at Harry. "I really like her! Are you sure your related to Paul?" Harry asked again. Wow these boys are really interesting! I wonder what it will be like to be living with them from now on. "Sophie are you okay?" Niall asked me. "Yea I'm fine just thinking. That's all."  "Were here." Zayn said as he opened the van's side door. We all hopped out at a fancy looking flat complex. When we walked into the lobby there was a door man there that greeted them all. "And who is this young lassie?" He said with a Scottish accent. "This is Sophie, Paul's daughter and she will be living with us from now on." Zayn said to him. "Oh so you need a pass card then? And my name is Tim if you ever need anything, just ring room service okay?"  "Yea she will need a card and when will it be done?We don't want Paul's princess to get locked out." Harry said suppressing a smirk on his face.   "It will be done approximately around tomorrow afternoon is that okay, Mr.Styles?" " Yep that's fine and thanks Tim."  "My pleasure."  We then walked into the elevator which was surprisingly roomy, for 6 people! When we got to our flat I noticed that we were on the top floor. "Wait is this the penthouse?!" I asked as excitement filled my eyes.I always wanted to be living in a penthouse but I knew that I would never be able to afford it, but now here I was! "Yea but you will have to share a room with one of us before we design your room. Sorry, we weren't told about another person living with us so we never got an extra room ready." Liam said looking sincere. "Oh that's fine I'll just sleep on the couch!" I said. "No we won't let you do that! Just pick one of us! It will be fine!" Niall said. "But it's not fair to you guys!!" "Fine then we will decide for you!" Louis said. "Well can you decide quick I'm getting really tired." Niall said looking as if he were about to sleep on the floor underneath him. "How about this, she takes turns with sleeping with each of us, so its fair!" Zayn shouted. "Nooo! Why can't she just bunk with me?" "Because now its far." "Louis' room first, then mine, Zayn's, Niall's and Harry's last.And  we will keep it in that order until we get her her own room. Got it?" Liam said in a stern voice. "Yes daddy." They all said in unison.      

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