Paradise (ON HOLD)

Read to find out ;)


2. Job offer

                                             Sophie's P.O.V

                "So Sophia, the reason you are here today is that we the management would like to discuss something with you."My dad said while leading me into what looked like a meeting room. "Honey this is Lilly our stage manager, and Lilly this is my daughter Sophie." "It's nice to meet you Sophie. Your dad always talks about you! But today I have asked your dad to bring you here because there is a great job opportunity for you. Your dad was talking about how well you are at dancing and the boys all need to learn some moves for the stage.We were also thinking about making you our lead break-dancer." "Wow that sounds really fun but I don't really know." "Sophia, me and mom talked and we thought that this could be a great experience for you.You get to dance for all their concerts!" My dad said to me. "Yea I'll take it then!" "Good now Sophie you just need to sign some papers." Lilly said as she handed me a stack of sheets.

         --------------------------------------    One Hour later   ------------------------------------

             "And your all good to go! Now you have to get home and pack, so you better get going!!" Lilly told me as my dad escorted me out. "Dad what does she mean by 'get home and pack'?" "Honey your going to be living in a flat with One Direction from now on." "WHAT?!?!?! I didn't know I would have to live with them!!!" "Honey it won't be that bad.Please! The boys could really get used to behaving and having a lady in the house!!" "Fine! Only because your my dad though!" ''I love you sweety" my dad said as he came and hugged me." Now I asked the boys to take you to your flat and then they are going to be driving you to your new home too okay?" "Yea that's okay daddy.""BOYS!!!" My dad screamed.In a few seconds all of them were in front of us. "Meet your new break-dancer and choreographer." "Wow really? That was fast." I think Liam said." Well then let's go!" Said the blonde i think named Niall   

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