Paradise (ON HOLD)

Read to find out ;)


1. Daddy!!!

                                        Sophie's P.O.V

            I was almost there. I was in the cab on my way to finally see my dad again, there was one problem, he would be doing his job. He was a band manager and their bodyguard.When I got to the doors I went to the front desks."Excuse me is there a Paul Higgins?" I asked. "In the stadium." "Thank you!" I said while running off into a random direction. I looked back down at what I was wearing today. I was wearing high top sneakers, grey tights and a black long-sleeve with my messenger bag. I wore comfeterble clothes because my dad wanted me to teach a few people how to dance. When I walked into the stadium i saw my dad standing there. I ran up to him and hugged him."DADDY!!!!!!!" "Pumpkin!" My dad yelled. He put me down and I looked over at the 5 boys aqwardly standing there looking at me and my dad. My dad saw that I was looking over to the boys."Honey this is One Direction." "Hi I'm Niall" said a boy with blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. "I'm Harry." said a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes while he winked at me. "I'm Zayn." He looked really nice. He had tan skin and big brown eyes and hair with a blonde streak in it. "I'm Liam." Said a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. "And I'm Louis."Said a boy with nrown hair and blue eyes. "Nice to meet you all I'm Sophie Higgins."



           Hey I just wanted to ask you how do you like the new story so far? Sorry it was a short chapter. 

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