Louis Doesn't Have To Know

Sophie Ayers never intended on meeting Louis, yet she was so thankful that she did. He showed her what it was to love, and how it was to BE loved. He healed her broken heart, and did it with that gorgeous smile on his face. But when Danielle and Liam break up and Sophie goes to comfort him, he tells Sophie it was because Danielle suspected him of having feelings for HER...and that his ex girlfriend wasn't wrong. Sophie soon finds herself caught in an addictive web of lies, schemes, and cheating. She falls in love with BOTH One Direction boys, and is unable to choose one over the other. Liam has an idea though: Louis doesn't have to know...right?
<<<WARNING>>> There are scenes of a sexual nature in this movella.


38. Twenty Seconds

Back to 2016, in the ambulance with Louis...

"I need a 20 milligram fluid IV push stat!"

"His oxygen level is at 50% and depleting--"

"Well then get a fucking mask on him!"

The emergency respose team was shouting and moving so quickly, Sophie could hardly keep up. As soon as Liam had heard Louis' heart start beating again, they called 911 right away. The ambulance had arrived within ten minutes, and Sophie and Liam cried together as they loaded him on the stretcher. Louis was so still, and he looked so small as they connected all the wires to his body. Sophie had jumped in the ambulance as soon as he was loaded, and Liam was following dangerously close behind in his car as they made their way to the hospital.

Sophie was sitting on a bench of sorts, holding Louis' limp hand as the trained first responders worked on him. They had put an oxygen mask on him, and had ripped open his shirt to connect sticky pads to his chest in order to measure his faint heart beat. Sophie's eyes were glued to the screen that showed the small up and down "blip" every time Louis' heart managed to beat one more time. She was terrified, afraid that it would stop "blip"ing at any given moment. She pulled Louis' hand up to her lips and prayed with all she had that Louis would make it through this. He had to.

"Come on Louis, come on babe, I need you" she mumbled against his hand, closing her eyes tightly and pressing her lips against his fingertips.

Suddenly there was a deafening beep and the cab went silent for a fraction of a second.

"He's flatlining, get the defibrillator!"

Sophie looked up with wide eyes and began taking very shallow breaths. Louis' heart had stopped beating again, the nurses weren't supposed to let this happen!

"What's going on?!" she shouted hastily.

"Get the fucking defibrillator before we lose him!"

"Lose him?!" Sophie screamed, "What do you mean lose him, you said--"

"Ma'am we need you to clear away from him right now, we--"

"What? No! No, Louis please!"

The larger male responder quickly moved around the stretcher and pulled Sophie away from Louis. She thrashed and screamed and tried to hold onto Louis' hand, but it was of no use, they pulled her away from her husband all the same.

"Everybody clear? Starting at 200 Joules in 3...2..."

Louis' back arched as the electrical current shocked his body in a desperate attempt to restart his heart. Sophie screamed and Louis fell back down onto the stretcher, his head rolling from side to side.


"Bump it up to 250! Clear in 3...2..."

Again, Louis' body jerked violently. Sophie wanted to look away, but she couldn't. The male nurse still held onto her tightly, and now he was basically holding her up like a dead weight.

"Louis please!" she screamed through the tears.

"Son of a...alright bump it up to 300!" The head responder shouted, "Clear in 3...2...."

Louis' body came off the bed and Sophie stopped breathing. His back looked like it might actually break. Everyone got silent and stared at the screen measuring Louis' heartbeat.


"Shit" the head responder muttered in defeat, and ducked his head down.

"No!" Sophie screamed, thrashing and kicking in the male nurse's arms trying to get to Louis.

"Time of death," the responder said sadly as she looked down at her watch, "9:52 a.m."

"No! You're lying!"  Sophie shouted, finally shoving herself out of the man's arms. She leaped over to the stretcher where Louis' lifeless body lay and threw herself on top of him. She put her hands on his face and on his chest, mumbling like a mad person, "No, no, no Louis, you're alive, you have to be. Wake up for me baby, just wake up. Your heart, it's right here. I need your heart to beat Louis, I need you. PLEASE LOUIS, PLEASE! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME, YOU CAN'T LEAVE LILLY!" Two responders grabbed Sophie's shoulders and pulled her off of her just-pronounced-dead husband. She fought them, her blonde hair flying everywhere as she flung her body to and fro. "NO LOUIS COME BACK! I LOVE YOU, PLEASE! LOUIS I LOVE YOU!"

Sophie sunk down to her knees in the back of the ambulance, tears and snot streaming down her face.

"Louis, I'm so s-sorry" she whispered.


Everyone looked up simultaneously.


"There's no fucking way..." said the head responder.


"Louis?" Sophie's small voice, full of hope.


"How the actual fuck does that even--"


"It doesn't matter Jenkins, get the fucking Oxygen back on him stat!"

Blip. Blip. Blip.

The two nurses let go of Sophie and rushed to Louis' body.

Sophie began to laugh and cry happy tears all at the same time. Louis was alive. Louis' heart was beating.


"Louis please!"


"No! No, you're lying!"

Why does everything sound so far away? Why does he feel like he's in and out of his body at the same time? The last thing Louis can remember is punching the mirror, he hated what he saw. But then...he grabbed the knife, and...

"No, no, Louis, you're alive....just wake up..."

Sophie? That's Sophie's voice...why does she sound so sad?

"I need your heart to beat, Louis. I need you."

Louis was so cold. His body felt so heavy. Why couldn't he open his eyes? If Sophie was there, he wanted to see her. His Sophie, his wife, his love. Why did she sound like she was crying?


Leave? What was she talking about? He wasn't going to leave, he would never leave... He had to get back to her. He had to push through the darkness, but it was just so heavy.


'I love you too!' Louis shouted in his mind, pushing through the darkness with every ounce of mental strength he had left. He had to get back to Sophie, he had to get back to Lilly, he had to get back to the boys, back to the fans...

He could feel himself getting closer and closer, but the darkness was still trying to pull him back down. It was so strong, so heavy...

"Louis, I'm so s-sorry"

At those soft, tearful words from the love of his life, Louis felt the darkness disappear. Everything went white.


"Sophie!" Liam shouted as he jumped out of his car and slammed the door shut, running over to where the ambulance had parked. The medical team was pulling the stretcher with Louis out of the back, and Sophie was standing by, watching and crying. When she heard Liam's voice, she turned around quickly.

They made far away eye contact for about two seconds. Then Sophie and Liam, who were about thirty or fourty feet away, both broke into a dead sprint for each other across the parking lot.

Liam was fast, and he reached Sophie in just a few seconds. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tightly. She pressed her face into his chest and tear stains soaked his shirt. She sobbed in his arms and fisted her hands in his tshirt, clawing at him as raw, sad emotion made her body convulse violently.

"H-his heart stopped Liam. For a whole t-twenty seconds, I was s-so scared" she managed to choke out.

Liam just wrapped his arms around her even tighter, holding back tears of his own. Louis had died for twenty seconds? One of his best mates had been...dead?

"Shh, shh," he said soothingly, rubbing her back. "It's going to be alright, they're going to take care of him Soph. Louis is going to be just fine, I promise."

Suddenly Sophie stopped shaking in Liam's arms and leaned back to look up at him. Her eyes were red and puffy, her hair was frizzy and messed up, and tears and snot ran down her face. Yet he still had never seen anyone so beautiful in his entire life.

"You p-promise?" she asked softly. She was so scared, but if Liam promised her everything would be alright, then everything would have to be alright.

Liam put his hand under her chin and looked down intently at her face. "Yes Sophie. I promise."

Then Liam pressed his lips softly against Sophie's.

There was no passion, no sexual tension in the kiss. The kiss was simply a promise. A promise that no matter what, they would get through this together.

They both closed their eyes and held their lips together for about two seconds. Then they broke away, looked in each other's eyes with silent understanding, and then walked into the hospital together.


Sophie gripped Liam's hand tightly when she realized just what hospital they were at. He looked down at her and nodded sympathetically as the memory from three months ago passed through his mind as well...

The day that Sophie gave birth to Lilly.

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