Louis Doesn't Have To Know

Sophie Ayers never intended on meeting Louis, yet she was so thankful that she did. He showed her what it was to love, and how it was to BE loved. He healed her broken heart, and did it with that gorgeous smile on his face. But when Danielle and Liam break up and Sophie goes to comfort him, he tells Sophie it was because Danielle suspected him of having feelings for HER...and that his ex girlfriend wasn't wrong. Sophie soon finds herself caught in an addictive web of lies, schemes, and cheating. She falls in love with BOTH One Direction boys, and is unable to choose one over the other. Liam has an idea though: Louis doesn't have to know...right?
<<<WARNING>>> There are scenes of a sexual nature in this movella.


14. The Beginning of a Long Night

Same day, in Doncaster hotel, 6:49 p.m.:

Liam paced back and forth in his hotel room, checking his watch. He still had ten minutes before he was supposed to "pick up" Sophie from her and Louis' hotel room, just two doors down from his own. He thought about going early, but quickly decided against it. He didn't want to freak out Sophie any more than he figured she already was, nor make Louis think he was overly eager for their "date", which of course he was.

In Liam's mind, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to Sophie that he wasn't some pig who had been distraught over being dumped by his girlfriend and was trying to get some; that he would never do anything to hurt Sophie, and that he just wanted her to be happy. He just wanted to talk to her.

Meanwhile in Sophie's room, she was just putting some finishing touches on her makeup. She'd decided to go overly simple in her choice of dress, not wanting to look too appealing whatsoever to Liam. She was wearing a white dress that was modestly fitted, covering her shoulders, with slight ruffles in the front and a black belt. There was no cleavage whatsoever, and it was just above the knees. She also had on a plain black pair of heels. The only makeup she had on was some foundation, mascara, and lip gloss, and her hair was in a fancy braided updo that Ashton had taught her, with a few of her sandy blonde curls falling on either side of her face. She was going for simple and elegant, not sexy.

She finally finished applying the mascara, and she put it back in her makeup bag so she could sit back and check the finished result. She noticed in the reflection that Louis was laying on his side across the bed, his head propped up on his hand, looking at her in the mirror with admiration. She smiled back at him, then crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, making him laugh. She chuckled too, and turned around in the chair.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before she finally said, "This feels really weird."

Louis furrowed his brow in confusion. "Why is that?"

Sophie shrugged and stood up, flopping on the bed beside him, laying on her back. He scooted closer to her, so his stomach was touching her side.

"I don't know" Sophie mumbled, "It's just strange. Are you sure this is a good idea?" She turned her head to face him, and he reached out his other hand to lightly trace trails on her stomach with his index finger. He ran his finger up to her chest and then back down to her stomach, looking at her body the whole time.

"Yeah, I think it is" he finally responded, never looking away from her or stopping his movements, which she was enjoying. "He needs someone different to talk to, a new perspective."

"Mmm..." was all she could say, staring into his deep blue eyes.

Suddenly Louis grabbed her whole body and pulled her on top of him, rolling onto his back. Sophie laughed, and he smiled widely. She looked down at him, their faces just inches apart. "You're going to wrinkle my dress" she said matter-of-factly. Louis just kept on smiling and sexily replied, "Let the damn thing wrinkle" before pressing his lips against hers.

It was a sweet kiss, slow and lingering. The warmth from his body made her tingle all the way down to her toes and she smiled into his mouth, which he immediately returned. They broke away after a few seconds, resting their foreheads against each other.

"I love you" Sophie said.

"I love you too babe" Louis replied sweetly. Tears threatened to well up in Sophie's eyes as she remembered that she didn't deserve his love whatsoever, but she repressed them quickly.

Just as he began to lean back in to kiss her once again, there was a soft knock at the door. Sophie tensed up her whole body, knowing exactly who was on the other side of the door. Louis didn't notice her tense up, nor that she had paled very suddenly.

"Damn his punctualness" Louis muttered under his breath, and Sophie gently rolled off of him, standing up from the bed to straighten her dress and flatten any flyaways in her hair. Louis sat up as well, but stayed on the edge of the bed, admiring her curvy yet thin physique in the fitted white dress.

Once Sophie felt she had smoothed out her dress sufficiently, she reluctanly moved over to the door and opened it. She knew it was going to be Liam, but she didn't expect him to be looking so good. He had on black slacks and a white polo button up shirt, with a black blazer over top, the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Damn, he looked fit.

Liam was likewise admiring her appearance, so natural and elegant. Her curves filled out the dress perfectly, and her muscly tan legs looked sinfully long with those heels on. He knew he was looking her up and down very obviously, but he didn't care. She was standing in the doorway so that she was blocking him from Louis, who he had briefly seen on the bed when Sophie had first opened the door.

"Hey" she said shyly.

"Hi" he returned softly, his hands shoved in his pants pockets. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, lemme just grab my coat real quick" she suddenly moved away from the door to grab her black dress coat that was draped over a chair beside the bed. Liam stepped into the room as well, giving Louis a greeting nod that was immediately returned. "I'll see you soon babe, love you" Sophie said to Louis, leaning over to him for a quick, but tender kiss on the lips. Liam turned away from the sight, biting his lip and briefly wondering if they could actually hear his heart cracking.

"Love you too" Louis replied after their kiss, as she took a deep breath and turned back to Liam, who was holding the door open for her. She smiled meekly at him and stepped through the door. As Liam went to close it behind them, he looked back at Louis, who was giving him a thumbs up. "Have fun!" he yelled right as the door shut.

For a second, Liam just stood there with his hand on the door handle, looking at Sophie casually put on her dress coat.

Putting on a coat shouldn't be sexy whatsoever, yet watching her do it was one of the single most attractive things he'd ever seen. She was so methodical about it, with a serious facial expression like it was the single most important task at hand. She finally finished putting it on and turned back to him, who was still staring like an idiot.

"What?" she asked bluntly, and he shook his head to focus on her and quickly replied, "Oh nothing, nothing. Erm, shall we?" He took his hand off the handle and gestured towards the elevators.

She nodded and began to walk towards the elevators. He exhaled loudly and followed after her, thinking, This is going to be a long night.

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