Louis Doesn't Have To Know

Sophie Ayers never intended on meeting Louis, yet she was so thankful that she did. He showed her what it was to love, and how it was to BE loved. He healed her broken heart, and did it with that gorgeous smile on his face. But when Danielle and Liam break up and Sophie goes to comfort him, he tells Sophie it was because Danielle suspected him of having feelings for HER...and that his ex girlfriend wasn't wrong. Sophie soon finds herself caught in an addictive web of lies, schemes, and cheating. She falls in love with BOTH One Direction boys, and is unable to choose one over the other. Liam has an idea though: Louis doesn't have to know...right?
<<<WARNING>>> There are scenes of a sexual nature in this movella.


16. Ripples

Back to the living room, Winter 2016, 2:41 a.m.

At some point while Sophie was wallowing in self pity at the miserable memory, she had moved over to the love seat beside the window. The moon was bright, and she looked at its reflection on the lake beside her home. The water was so still, like glass. Suddenly though, a fish leapt out of the water and landed back in with a small splash. She noticed how that miniscule splash caused a ripple effect on almost the entirity of the lake front. The ripple spread out, getting bigger and bigger, new ones following directly behind.

A single tear seeped out of her eye as she realized she was like the lake, telling one lie that eventually escalated, followed by fifty more lies just to cover up the original one. She disrupted the balance, she had destroyed the perfection that was her reality by just one mistake, which had led to another, and another, and another...

Lilly let out a loud cry upstairs, and Sophie jumped in shock. She sighed, relieved to have a disruption from her miserable recollections. She stood up from the love seat and began to tiptoe up the stairs to her daughter's room.

Right before she reached the open door, she realized that Lilly had already stopped crying. Without coming in view she creeped beside the doorway and stood against the wall, listening intently.

"Shh, shh, it's alright" she heard Louis' voice coo lovingly. "It's alright, you don't have to cry. Did you have a nightmare? Mommy has nightmares too, doesn't she? Yeah...sometimes she cries too just like you. She gets scared and Daddy feels like he can't do anything for her...but he never leaves her. Just like I'll never leave you, even when you're scared. I'll always be here for my two favorite girls. Always..."

As Louis leaned forward to kiss his daughter's forehead, not knowing Sophie was listening, Sophie silently sunk down against the walls outside the room. She put her tearful face in her hands, feeling as though she might die of guilt right then and there.

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