Louis Doesn't Have To Know

Sophie Ayers never intended on meeting Louis, yet she was so thankful that she did. He showed her what it was to love, and how it was to BE loved. He healed her broken heart, and did it with that gorgeous smile on his face. But when Danielle and Liam break up and Sophie goes to comfort him, he tells Sophie it was because Danielle suspected him of having feelings for HER...and that his ex girlfriend wasn't wrong. Sophie soon finds herself caught in an addictive web of lies, schemes, and cheating. She falls in love with BOTH One Direction boys, and is unable to choose one over the other. Liam has an idea though: Louis doesn't have to know...right?
<<<WARNING>>> There are scenes of a sexual nature in this movella.


19. Manager's Office

Four days later, at a London arena for One Direction rehearsals, 2:12 p.m.:

It had been four days since the night in the park, and Liam was going absolutely insane.

After they left the park that night, he had driven her back to the hotel in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was just sad. They both knew what they had done was so wrong, yet it had been so right as well. He pretended not to notice the tears streaming down her face.

As they got to the hotel, he walked her to her and Louis' room. He so badly wanted to say, "Don't go in, please, don't go back in there to him", but he couldn't do it. He knew she loved Louis, no matter how painful it was to admit that to himself. As she placed the key card in the door to let herself in, she froze suddenly.

"You okay?" he asked softly. She turned her head to him and he saw that the tears were threatening to spill over again. He stepped towards her, wanting to comfort her somehow. "Hey, hey, don't cry, it's gonna be ok--"

"Not here," she suddenly interrupted him quickly and quietly, "back in London. Find me alone." He furrowed his brow in confusion, and she leaned forward to quickly peck him on the side of the mouth. The kiss lasted a fraction of a second, and she shoved the key card in and went into her and Louis' room, quickly shutting the door behind her. He went back to his room dazed and confused, realizing that she wanted to see him again, like they'd seen each other tonight. Back in London though, which was three whole days away...

When Sophie had entered Louis' room, he was fast asleep, smiling like always. She crawled in next to him, not even bothering to change clothes or take off her makeup. He was warm, so very warm.

"Mmm, hello love..." he mumbled, just barely waking up and not even opening his eyes, preventing him from seeing the silent tears fall down her face like rain.

Now it was four days later, and One Direction was having rehearsals in a London concert arena. They were going to have a small performance the next day, an invitation only event.

Liam had been doing fairly well pretending that nothing had happened, and Sophie was doing even better, much to his discontent. She had been the exact same with Louis around him and the other boys, if not overly loving to him. She had started talking to Liam again though, even when she was with Louis. He played along though, and only kept his sanity by keeping the park scene in his mind on constant loop.

Now they were on stage doing yet another sound check, and he noticed Sophie sitting in the eighth or ninth row of the arena by herself, a sketchbook in hand. He smiled, pleased with himself that he had seen her there.

She was sketching intently, and Liam sat down on the edge of the stage, watching her. The other boys were trying out a melody with Niall on the guitar, of which Liam had no part in, so they didn't even notice his detachment.

Sophie was biting her lip and sketching away, her brow furrowed in an adorable way. He smiled in spite of himself, she was just so cute. Her hair was up in a messy bun, and she wasn't wearing any makeup. She just had on jeans and a blue hoody, and yet she looked beautiful as always.

She must have finished the sketch, because she set the pencil down, and help the book up in front of her to observe the final product. She smiled proudly and set the book back down in her lap, looking back up to the stage, widening her eyes in surprise when she saw Liam staring at her. He laughed at her and she smiled back shyly, cheeks reddening in embarassment. She raised her head and gave him a little wave, which he immediately returned, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oi!" Louis' voice from behind him startled Liam, and he jumped a bit, lowering his hand and turning to him. "What do you think you're doing waving to my girl like that Payne?"

Louis seemed so serious, and Liam stopped breathing for a split second. Had Louis seen the difference between them? Did he suspect them? Had Sophie said something that--

"I'm just kidding you mate!" Louis said finally, his face breaking from mock seriousness to his signature goofy grin. Liam let out a huge breath of relief, looking down at his lap as Louis clapped his back in a friendly way.

Lou crouched down and sat down next to his friend, hooking an arm around Liam's shoulder.

Liam chuckled and elbowed his mate jokingly.

"So you never did tell me how dinner with Soph went the other night when we were in Doncaster" Louis said after a few seconds, and Liam tensed up. "But I'm guessing they went well since you guys are talking and joking around again. She was really worried about you."

Liam relaxed a bit. "Oh yeah?" he asked. Louis nodded and replied, "Yupp. Sometimes I think she might love you more than me sometimes!" his friend had said it jokingly, but Liam paled all the same.

Louis gave him a wink before jumping back up on the stage and shouting, "Harry! Harry, where on earth are you?!"

Liam finally remembered to breathe and dropped his face in his hands. Louis' words were innocent from his perspective, but Liam was filled with guilt.

Suddenly his iPhone vibrated and he pulled it out of his pocket, opening up a text. He was surprised when he saw that it was from Sophie.

Empty manager's office near the bathrooms backstage. two minutes. -S

Liam's heart fluttered and he quickly deleted the message and shoved it back in his pocket. Standing up quickly, he turned to Niall and Zayn, who were the only ones left on stage, both strumming on the guitar. "Boys, I'm going to the toilets, I'll be back in a few."

Niall laughed, "Thanks for letting us know?"

Liam just rolled his eyes and walked off, leaving them laughing and strumming away.

He went backstage and down the narrow hallway towards the bathrooms. He saw a sign that said "Manager's Office" outside a door that had the blinds pulled down, and was dark inside. He looked to his left and then his right, making sure no one was in the corridor with him. He knocked softly and the door immediately opened, a hand reaching out and grabbing his shirt to wrench him inside.

It was dark at first, but then Sophie turned on a lamp in the corner of the room. She quickly walked over and locked the door back before finally turning to him.

Sophie was so beautiful it made his heart hurt. She smiled at him from across the small office, and he smiled back. She seemed shy suddenly, which made his heart swell even more.

"Hi" she managed to squeak out.

"Hey yourself," he said.

She shuffled her feet a little and looked down at the ground. He chuckled, causing her to look back up at him with her head still ducked down. "Well? Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come here?" he asked cheekily, holding his arms open for her.

She exhaled in relief and quickly took the three strides required to step into his arms. They didn't kiss, just held on to each other. She nuzzled her head into the crook of his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her body, enveloping her completely. Her hands when up under his arms and around to his back, marvelling at the strong muscles.

Liam took in a deep breath, breathing in her scent. It was floral, and sweet. He never wanted to forget it. She also took the time to memorize the feel of his body holding hers, revelling in his firmness.

They stayed that way for about a full minute, just enjoying each other's touch. Finally, she mumbled into his shoulder, "I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for love?" he asked her, confused as to what she meant.

He felt a hot tear seep through his shirt as she said, "I'm so sorry that I'm already getting attached. I want to be with you, I really do. But I'm in love with Louis, and I can't leave him. But I also can't stand the thought of you...leaving me...and I..."

"Shh, shh" Liam calmed her gently as he stroked her hair. She hadn't been able to get out the last of that little speech because the sobs had started rocking her whole frame. He wasn't ashamed to admit that a few tears left his eyes as well.

She loved him. Well, maybe not quite loved him, not like she loved Louis...but she was close, he knew it deep down in his gut. He knew if he forced her to choose, she would choose Louis, there was no denying that. But he couldn't imagine the thought of losing her now, with her in his arms the way she was. He couldn't stand the thought of never kissing her again, or never stroking her cheek, or never putting his hands on her slight waist...

He only saw one viable option that left him with Sophie: Don't make her choose.

He took in a deep breath, and rubbed Sophie's back lovingly until the sobs stopped. She pulled her head out of his shoulder and leaned back to look up at him. Her eyes were red and puffy and yet she was still gorgeous. They just looked into each other's eyes for a few moments before she finally said bluntly, "I want to be with you. But I can't break up with Louis."

Then Sophie asked Liam a question with an answer that would change the course of their lives forever. They would start a web of lies together, fear everyday that someone would find out the truth, betray their friends' trust. They would do things that they would have never even considered doing before that point, just to be together. They would learn together that they have to treasure precious moments, because those moments never truly last. They learned that fairy tales are bullshit, and there's no such thing as a happy ending for everyone.

"What do I do?" she asked him.

Liam inhaled deeply and put his hand on the back of Sophie's neck, pulling her face just a breath away from his own, whispering into her mouth just before kissing her:

"Louis doesn't have to know".


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