Louis Doesn't Have To Know

Sophie Ayers never intended on meeting Louis, yet she was so thankful that she did. He showed her what it was to love, and how it was to BE loved. He healed her broken heart, and did it with that gorgeous smile on his face. But when Danielle and Liam break up and Sophie goes to comfort him, he tells Sophie it was because Danielle suspected him of having feelings for HER...and that his ex girlfriend wasn't wrong. Sophie soon finds herself caught in an addictive web of lies, schemes, and cheating. She falls in love with BOTH One Direction boys, and is unable to choose one over the other. Liam has an idea though: Louis doesn't have to know...right?
<<<WARNING>>> There are scenes of a sexual nature in this movella.


8. If, If, If

Back to the living room, Winter 2016, 1:45 a.m.:

Sophie's silent sobs rocked her on the couch. Just thinking back to that day was so hard for her. If she had just woken up Louis and made him go over to Liam's, or if she'd ignored his text, or if she'd just fucking trusted that the clock was right, or if she'd checked her own phone...everything would have turned out different. She wouldn't feel guilty for having a loving husband and beautiful daughter, she wouldn't want to throw herself off of a cliff when she saw Liam at band functions, she wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night from a recurring nightmare that spurred from residual guilt!

She would just be happy. She wouldn't have to constantly pretend, she wouldn't have to keep track of all the lies, she wouldn't worry herself to death that somebody would find out her dirty little secrets and break her mirage of happiness that was reality.

That was a dream though. She'd made her bed, now she had to lie in it. It wasn't anyone's fault but her own. Sure, Liam had instigated it, but she'd never exactly put forth any real effort to stop it. There was no one to blame but herself. And that was why she hated who she saw in the mirror every morning.

Sophie wanted to punch something. She wanted to kick and scream and have a fit, as if she were a child. Everything had to go haywire, all because she had to be nice and go over to comfort Liam when he was hurting. He was an adult, he was fucking twenty years old at the time, he could have handled the breakup himself!

But no. She'd gone over there, and it was as if she'd lit a match that quickly escalated into a wildfire. She was burning...and the fire still hadn't gone completely out.

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