Time to say I love you

When Harry became friends with zayn he told zayn his biggest crush was Lauren. Even though zayn sat right beside her he didn't know who she was when he found out who she was he had a Big crush on her. Zayn was nervous to say I love you. Will zayn find courage? Or not be Lauren's boyfriend?


3. Niall Horan

When the teacher came in she said "open your books to chapter 8." I didn't have a book yet so I told her "mrs.tatin I don't have a book." She told me "why don't you go share with Niall?" I had a confused look on my face so Harry tapped my shoulder and softly said"back row third seat." I got up and mumbled "thanks." I say down in a absent persons seat. He looked pretty cool. We read 32 pages then the bell rang. At lunch niall came to the table I was sitting at with Harry and asked "can I sit with you guys?" We right away said "yes" Niall Said "I love playing guitar and sing do you guys do anything." I said "I sing and I know this guy Louis who sings too." Harry said "yeah I sing ." Niall then said a bright idea"we'll I know a guy liam I don't know if you've heard of him. But he sings too we should all meet in the music room after school." Me an Harry looked at each other and said "yes." And Harry said another idea"and maybe if we thing we play well together we can try out for the X factor separately and ask Simon to put us in a group?" Niall said "yeah sounds cool." I said "sounds Cool I've heard of this Liam and have wanted to meet him." Niall said."yeah we've been friends for a while he actually sits I'm the seat you sat in today. He's also on the track team." I said" track team?cool is there what the Americans call soccer?" Niall said"don't worry dude Harry Louis Liam and I well in Irish but the rest are British we all call it football though." I said to him "that's so cool. So have you heard about um... Lauren?" Niall quickly said "definitely almost everyone has. Plus like everyone has a crush on her." I told him "really? Well I'm going out with her tonight." Niall said "really? Your very lucky every boy wants to be in your place!" Harry said "guys there's 5 more minutes to eat. I think we should start eating!!" Niall said "yeah" we all eat our lunch. Then the bell rang. We get let out early today so it was the last period. We got up and headed to music. Then liam ran in and said "sorry I'm late I just had a appointment." Mr. Vamous our music teacher said" it's okay liam just come in." Liam came in and we sang paradise by Coldplay and the music teacher asked "anyone want to do a solo?" Niall Liam Harry and Louis raised their hands. Mr.Vamous picked Niall. I've never heard him song so it was axing he has a beautiful voice. Since it was only 1 solo per class at then end of every class the bell rang and we left the music room.
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