Time to say I love you

When Harry became friends with zayn he told zayn his biggest crush was Lauren. Even though zayn sat right beside her he didn't know who she was when he found out who she was he had a Big crush on her. Zayn was nervous to say I love you. Will zayn find courage? Or not be Lauren's boyfriend?


4. Music and dates

After school I went to the music room with Niall Liam Harry and Louis. Niall played his guitar and liam started blabbing out random words like. "My foot came over my head." Or "I made my bed." Hanging out with them was great we ended up writing a song called TORN. We decided we should use it on the X Factor niall said "hey zayn. So do you wanna do the X Factor with us?" I smiled a smile I've never smiled before and said "Yes." Very happily we then just hung out for a bit. I rushed home to get ready for my date with Lauren I put on a purple collared shirt. I wore it un-tucked. I wore blue jeans after all it was only pizza galore.
I ran downstairs and hopped in to my car and went straight to Lauren's house that I red in the school directory. 45 kings st. I went up her black cement driveway I rang the classy. Old fashioned doorbell with I ding-dong noise that was loud enough for me to hear.
Lauren came out in a blue shirt and blue skinny jeans with a brown jean jacket. She looked beautiful the way it suits her so well. With her blonde hair and blue eyes. It was amazing. She truly was beautiful.
Lauren's P.O.V
Zayn was just staring at me for a bit. It was kinda weird. But like 4 seconds later he grabbed my hand and took me to his green sports car. His purple shirt had only 5 buttons done up 1 wasn't. But that's okay it made him look sexy. I don't know if he likes me the way I like him but I really do like him a lot. It was a while of a drive. I kinda live far away from pizza galore. But zayn didn't seem to mind. So I asked him "hi zayn do you mind if I ask you your phone number?" Zayn replied smiling." Sure 832-111." I then added him and texted him saying it was me. He took a picture of me and him at a red light for my profile picture. I took a picture of him on the side when he was driving. His quiff was so high it was almost touching the roof of the car.
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